NPR News Now - NPR News: 01-09-2021 5AM ET

NPR News: 01-09-2021 5AM ET

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Live from NPR Tucson Giles Snyder. No president has ever been impeached by the house twice, but that's what President Trump is facing house Democrats expected to introduce articles of impeachment on Monday following the assault on the capital by pro-trump extremists Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell has laid out of potential timetable for a trial but he noted that all 100 Senators would have to agree in order for the Senate to convene sooner than January 19th a day before President. Do you like fighting is to be inaugurated President? Trump is not planning to attend is impairs Tamara Keith reports May well be his final president braking active an unprecedented presidency in a tweet Trump rights to all of those who have asked I will not be going to the inauguration on January 20th, unquote No matter how painful or emotionally fraught there is a tradition in America the symbol of a peaceful transfer of power for the outgoing president to attend the inauguration.

The Man Who Would succeed him Trump is choosing to break with that and it says vice president Pence and the second lady haven't decided yet whether they will attend in a video released Thursday night Trump call for Unity and acknowledge a new president would be inaugurated but wouldn't go so far as to say Joe Biden's name Tamara Keith NPR news the White House Black Woman was attacked at a pro Trump rally near City Hall Belinda Nebo says she was walking past the rally held on the same day that pro-trump extremist or in the US Capitol by members of the crowd surrounded her yelled racial slurs and pepper sprayed her away from her. She opens the flag and blocked me in LA Police Department is investigating it as possible hate crime and a spokesman says the department is also investigating evos complaints of inaction find nearby Police Department of Health and Human Service.

This is rushing to finalize a flurry of rules and regulations before the bite in the ministration takes over NPR Salinas him and stuff and reports. It will take time for the incoming Administration to unto these rules Friday morning. The agency finalized a rule that requires it to review old regulations within a certain timeframe. The goal is good governance, but it also creates a mountain of do paperwork another rule finalized late Thursday gift HHS the ability to give grants out to organizations for instance to foster care agencies, even if they discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity before either will goes into a fat the vitamin ministration could roll them back, but it would take time and require public comment by Trump Administration official said, he had not communicated with the bidens team about Friday's finalized rule Selena Simmons Duffin NPR news.

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President Trump says he will move to another social media platform to build at Warfield out his own after Twitter last night permanently cut him off but one possibility is facing trouble parlor. Where is popular with the president's supporters, but Google has suspended farther from its App Store and apple is giving a 24 hours to comply with content moderation requirements several hundred people gathered in Toronto late, Friday a year after Ukrainian passenger jet was shot down by the Iranian military Dan Carpenter reports more than 100 of the victims had ties to Canada. The memorial Services were held mainly in silence is the mourners wore masks with the word justice written on them. Then he carried signs that boy faces of some of those who died similar Services were held in Montreal in Edmonton a year later. The relatives are still looking for answers 176 people died fifty five of them in Canadian citizens prime minister. Justin Trudeau was called on a run to provide transparency accountability and justice for the families around has offered one.

Hundred and $50,000 to each of the victims families, but many relatives say they only want answers Canada special adviser looking into the incident has rejected. The offer is saying Taylor on does not have the right to offer compensation unilaterally for NPR news. I'm down carpet shark in Toronto in Spain official say Madrid's airports will remain closed today heavy snowfall causing travel chaos across the country Spanish soldiers had to rescue trap drivers on their vehicles today. They've been stranded for an hours are roads around Madrid Madrid in four other regions remain on Red Alert is more heavy snow in the forecast on trial Snyder NPR news.
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