NPR News Now - NPR News: 01-12-2021 11PM ET

NPR News: 01-12-2021 11PM ET

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My from NPR news on Shea Stephens. The US House is voting on a resolution calling on vice president. Mike Pence do invoke the 25th Amendment to immediately remove President Trump from Guns of already rejected that idea prompting house Democrats to prepare to move towards impeachment Wyoming congresswoman. Liz Cheney is among three House Republicans who say they will vote to impeach the president and the first member of House Republican leadership to publicly announce her support of impeachment Chaney who chairs the house Republican conference released a statement saying she blames Trump for inciting his supporters to march on the US Capitol on January 6th an event that turned deadly she said quote there has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution two of her GOP colleagues have also said they will vote Yes on impeachment Adam.

Kinzinger of Illinois and John katko of New York Trump is calling efforts to impeach him quote ridiculous Barbara sprunt NPR news threats against the capital before last week's Insurrection and share that intelligence with law enforcement agencies. Michael Sherman is the acting us attorney for Washington DC. He says the minor charges announced against suspects arrested so far are just the beginning FBI working with the US attorney's office is across the country and the Crux of those being in DC we're looking at significantly felony cases tie to sedition and conspiracy FBI Washington field agent Steven deantoine of says more than 70 arrests have been made and hundreds of criminal cases are expected a $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to suspect in the planning of live bombs outside the Washington headquarters of the Republic and Democratic parties.

Female Supreme Court has reinstated a federal health requirement that was suspended because of the pandemic and NPR Sarah McCammon reports. The rule limits access to abortion pills is used to induce abortions early in pregnancy in the US the Food and Drug Administration requires the medication to be dispensed at a facility such as a hospital that rule was suspended after the American civil liberties union suit on the grounds that requiring patients to pick up the pills in person, but them unnecessarily risk of covid-19 several medical groups, including the American College of Obstetricians and gynecologists say the rules are unnecessary and a vast the FDA to lift them. But the Supreme Court decision takes effect immediately Reproductive Rights Advocates are asking the incoming bite and administration to reverse the FDA Rule and make the abortion pill more easily accessible Sarah McCammon NPR news on Wall Street stocks closed slightly higher US futures are higher in after-hours trading. This is NPR news.

Centers for Disease Control and prevention says that all are Travelers entering the United States must provide evidence that they've been tested negative for covid-19 within 3 days of their flight. The order is expected to take effect in 2 weeks government is calling a new report on so-called mother and baby homes a shameful chapter in the nation's history. The report shows that almost 90,000 children died in 18 church-run institutions that were used to house on what Irish mothers and their children for over seven decades families and Society the institutions, which is supported by the government in the Catholic Church engaged in illegal adoptions, the devastated mothers and had quote appalling infant mortality rates. Robert O'Gorman is Ireland's Minister for children is a heroin work and what it makes clear is that the institutions were places of callousness of brutality and of Shame on the report paint.

Portrait of a stifling and oppressive and a deeply misogynistic culture in Ireland prior to the 1970s Catholic churches unreservedly apologize to survivors prime minister me home. Martin is scheduled to follow suit Wednesday Frank langfitt NPR news London slightly higher with the Dow Jones Industrials gaining 60-point the NASDAQ at 36 in the S&P 500 at Shell Point US futures are higher markets, and these are also in positive territory on Stacy Adams. This is NPR news.
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