The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Jan 13: New SEC Chair, $800K NFT, Luxury Goods on Blockchain

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Largest NFT purchase

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Co-founder of Arianee NFT luxury goods SEC gets a new chair, how does that affect crypto Max kaiser —————————————————————— Hester Peir

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From different media. This is the decrypt daily. My name is Matthew Aaron today on the show the largest entity purchase today luxury goods on the blockchain and the SEC gets a new chair. How will it affect crypto coming up today on the decrypt Haley?

What's everybody? Welcome to the show today is Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 before I started doing the show today. I was watching Max Keiser full on the clickbait. Got me get the title of something like mac Kaiser closest to predicting the end of 2020 bitcoin price. What is he safe for 20 21, so I clicked it. I want to see what he's had to say and then he started speaking. Okay, he knows about Bitcoin, of course, you know about Bitcoin, but he started talking and then he said some keywords the interviewer asked him. How did you come up with this price? The price was $220,000 by the end of 2021. He said I can't tell you that its proprietary and I was just like what kind of crap is that? Somebody can tell you've been going to go to $220,000. We won't tell you how and he said the normals crap like, oh the having the miners a hashrate blah blah blah blah. I want to say that look he could be right you could be wrong. Nobody. Nobody knows the future Nobody Knows. The price is Bitcoin at the end of 2021.

$3,000 we don't know all I can say is when you're looking at these people and they don't have transparency or it's behind a paywall you can go on YouTube and search beginner's guide to stock the flow and how to read these charts and then you can see not only his data and how he ran is data but people confirming his data or challenging is data you see people riding at Plan B all the time talking about his price prediction and the stock to flow model but Max Keiser has it behind a paywall when Bitcoin goes crazy we have a lot of people coming out of the Woodworks that have just dropped off we're getting paid to show Bitcoin come out and just put stuff down and pay walls people send you emails or newsletters come look at my portfolio see what I'm holding all kinds of crap like that even yesterday Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan comes out with a Twitter video or some kind of video saying Bitcoin to a hundred thousand ethereum to 10,000 who the hell is Lindsay Lohan in this

And why the hell should we care about what she has to say about bitcoin price. Anyway, I want to bring this up because I've been saying this for the past couple months when we head into a Bitcoin bull. The Bottom Feeders are going to start coming out in frightened to take your money trying to scam you trying to tell you they have special proprietary knowledge. They're going to hire these movie stars or was movie stars to come out and chill bitcoin price or maybe some exchange or trading platform or coarse or newsletter don't fall for it. Don't fall for it people who wants you to get into Bitcoin has their information out there open-sourced and free Jameson lopp Plan B. And so many more has the information for you. My crypto Taylor Monaghan look you want information. You want to go down the rabbit hole. There's plenty plenty of free fact check open source information out there. That isn't behind a paywall all you have to do.

Is luck and don't fall for it now getting to look at the prices.

Here Wego money talk at 11:03 Eastern Standard Time to send that $34,664.64 up 1.2% from yesterday. Aetherium 1067 93 up 1.25% from yesterday Litecoin 13861 up 28% chain link 1516 up 5.1% and xrp $0.30 even up 4% from yesterday for the market cap for Oliver cryptocurrency is 943.4 billion dollars up 2.8% with a BTC dominance of 60.4 cents top 10 coins Bitcoin, ethereum. Tether. Xrp Litecoin. Cardano Bitcoin cash poke it out at number eight stellar, and then she only had number 10.

I have a couple interviews for you today then our first interview where to talk to Craig Rousseau the co-founder and Lead aphelion games you can talk about the largest and ft purchase to date what was it going to tell you right now is it going to date was with your company I want to know about this because when we talked about large purchases in this environment in this crypto environment that we can we talk big money and talk to me man yeah yeah so I'm the co-founder apollyon games it's really the first fully functional decentralized ecosystem focused on blockchain gaming and entities and Innovations around and he's related to decentralize finance so we're really building the infrastructure necessary for bringing liquidity in access to the NFC asset class and you know we're very very bullish on blockchain gaming and you know our bullishness is best represented by our recent purchase the largest of all time

Citadel of the Sun and if he from Bella games for their upcoming mirandus MMORPG game now, you said a lot of a lot of acronyms what what what is that mean? Yes, so essentially it's a large open world game that's looping in a lot of blockchain a decentralized finance Apple applications into the game Lair and Sao Paulo It games actually with this purchase is becoming a financial layer for a decentralized game. And so we really see this as the future of of gaming as a relates to other crypto economy. And so we're very excited about that. You said the largest purchase of nft to date how much was the purchase for and what was purchased for $800,000 was paid in usdc on Open Sea. Wow. Yes. And so what we purchase was essentially a plot of land within this upcoming world that

Gives us access in rights to the banking system essentially with in the game. And so, you know when you're playing traditional games, you can't really tie in a lot of blockchain into the actual game experience because it's just not scalable, but we essentially are going to be functioning both inside of the game as an entity, you know, it was traditional game as well as the bridge with the traditional crypto World leverage in the infrastructure that we have in our ecosystem. And so we have like a decentralized exchange for in-game currencies and adjacent fungible tokens to end a peek economies and a lot of unique defy applications like an upcoming bolt system for staking mfts, and in other Awards, and so we're going to be intertwining that with a leading game really for the first time the system was this, so I just wanted to break this down into traditional terms. You paid $800,000 for some digital real estate Assessor.

Etsy digital digital real estate and the concession to BBB Financial layer of this world, which you know, the big Ella games team is led by a co-founder of Zynga and has a substantial developers behind it that have created AAA games before so we're very bullish on their ability to bring in mainstream users to watching gaming and I'm really excited support them on the keto cannot extend and crypto side effects open world games. I mean more time with buying and selling things on their we're talkin about you're probably going to say nfte like shield and dress wear and you know different tokens and you know buying and selling within their the whole like the digital economy and my crack with us, there's a lot of presidents that in traditional games in game items purchases are a very commonplace and so the surge of and if the NFC economy a really allows for that true player ownership of their assets and that really unlocks a lot of uni,

Economic Paradigm that we really aim to facilitate from a decentralized finance respect. And so you can really see like, you know the work you put in The Sweat Equity you put into a game and you you gain items you're able to blend bring that to us and lovers those items in a decentralized finance system, whether it's through sneaking through trade in them on a Marketplace, you know or simply holding on to them for future use cases with in the game. And so this is really the on The Cutting Edge of blockchain game Eden and what we hope to establish years. Is that crosstalk between the gaming world and the crypto world. This is a far cry from Pac-Man Greg Russo lead aphelion games. Thank you for coming on the show and talking about

Next we have Lupus show that co-founder of Ariana. And Ariana is a company that is putting luxury goods on the blockchain. What does that mean? How does it work? And why are they doing that that's coming up right now. Thank you very much for having me. Look. I think that the blockchain has so many different leaves places that we don't talk enough about. I mean, it's about Moon Lambos games or are you a currency's but we also don't talk about like the use of a ledger Ledger that is immutable that Stressless and you have a company that does something very unique with that ledger tells about it. So, I mean, we really enjoyed your web 3.0 and and using the boxing for more than just like reading a digital currencies. So it really would ariany does is created digital certificates for a luxury products. So really it's hers as both of you yet before with intensity ownership, but also it's a touch point for an anonymous touchpoint for the

Friends that are releasing this week if he gets its really useful because a lot of loves you bring that you do not have a direct contact with their customers because it's held Yeah Yeah Yeahs retailers. And why were using blocks in here is because a blockchain certificate using is something that is truly owned by the owner and is really transferable and also shareable to a white public. So it really places the paper certificates today that luxury watches or or luxury products to give today and we we really think that it's showing by I buy their the brands that use digital certificates. I'm actually replace exactly the the papers tificate that he had today. So why is it important? I guess I guess somebody who doesn't buy a lot of luxury goods. Maybe we can afford luxury goods doesn't understand the importance of this. So it's Richard Nixon. So we're starting with luxury goods used to go down there at the value chain that overtime but there's a luxury goods is actually a really good first application.

Because every luxury watch that we work today with with branched with Brands like a Breitling but we have enough to gain the end of the Consortium as well. So really high-end watches in all those watches come with a e-certificate within the physical either piece of paper historically and now it is your card that are that is a a proof of a boat ownership and identity also usually comes with a little passports are dead that enables you to write when you've updated your when you service your watch and all this information is too many important for resale value, but also to get insurance in are in and we hope in the future to actually do a bunch of other things you can imagine no partial ownership of a of a luxury good when she saw you something has been explored by other brands, but here it would be back by the fact that the brand it actually went issuing at 6 to get a digital passport for the product.

How to fix making I mean counterfeit Rolex the guy at on the streets of New York City with the watches in his his trench coat opens up the siding Jose. He want a Rolex help with that or is that another issue to a certain extent mean the guy on the street that sell you know, if you're buying a Rolex up the street for thirty bucks, you know, it's a fake so that's not going to change anything except the fact that you know, when you put into your friends and your friends ask you hey, show me show me that's a real one for me to pick it on your phone. Then that will be reduced to be counterfeiting but counterfeiting is is a much wider issue than just being able to prove that a product is Atlantic know where it will help his is on the resale Market them. So we're talking with several resale Marketplace in for them. It's a first, you know, it's the first filter if you want to sell your watch on what's finder Kona venkat War the youngin taste like vintage or even stockx in the future. If you have the certificate, it's all your first proof for them that you actually

Own a true product doesn't mean that the product that you send when you're when you're selling it is real but it does show that the owner of your products. Do you still need all those platforms to physically verified that the product is real but it is the first additional layer in the counterfeiting the core when we're doing a really interested in the fact that when you can prove that you only real for product you can facilitate a bunch of other services around the product Insurance recommendations in really quick. I I know that there's some recent good news about your company and working with the watch manufacturer Breitling. Can you tell us about that? Absolutely so rarely is one of the first watch makers who actually is going Distributing a certificate of authenticity from where your passport with every single one of their products and it was announced a couple months ago. But since January 1st, you can actually see it on chain. They've started the generating those cities do passports and you'll be doing it on the entire production this year. That's wonderful.

You have another follow-up question to that is you said on chain? What channel are you using is ethereum, or is it a private boxing? And then we also use a a layer 2 or scaling blockchain called a POA network is being sent all of this is actually you can find all the technical documentation and I'll do the different links on R&D. Org where you'll find it at check documentation. And in other information about the members of the Consortium, you have more Brands and red thing that are part of the Consortium and search him and that's where you want to listen to Loser a co-founder of Ariana. Thank you for coming on the show and tell us about what you're doing with the blasting.

and in other news light into a point Obama era vet Kinsler at SEC chairman Gary Gensler served as the cftc commodity Futures Trading commission chair from 2009 to 2014 now president-elect by the report Levi's Gensler rules driven approach for the SEC who is this Gary Gensler he's a professor of the practice of global economics and management at MIT Sloan School of Management is also the senior advisor to the director of MIT media lab and co-director MIT spintech lab Hester Peirce says under the bite in presidency the SEC can take a fresh look at crypto interesting enough now I'm not too sure about the time and it was before or after this report about Gensler coming on as the SEC chair but the SEC enforcer behind a 1.3 billion dollar Ripple lawsuit is stepping down mark p Burger is the acting director at the division of enforcement at the US Securities and Exchange Commission or at the SEC

Play a major role in the SEC enforcement against Ripple Labs. Like I said, he's leaving this month the reasons not too sure. But let people suing crypto projects is probably a good thing. He seems Pro crypto did he seems very strong and regulations in the show notes. I have a conversation of him and has her peers talking at MIT. So students about crypto regulations about ico's but all kinds of different topics. You can see that he is one very knowledgeable. But he's also very cautious and wants regulation. Remember he was working for the Obama era because of the housing crisis so he knows when regulations go bad the Bitcoin maximalist and the Libertarians don't seem quite too happy with this pic because of the regulations, but in my opinion if he's broke do if he understands crypto, that means he's not going to try to ban crippled or crazy regulations, but it's in front of folding to our current Financial system and our current economy, so it might not be everything.

Bitcoin maximalist or a Libertarian might want but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Business article is actually a very good at thought experiment defies Paving. The road for self-driving Binks is OCC. Chief brand books was a former detective coinbase. Now the u.s. Controller of the currency has written the upside defy for the financial times. According to Brooks. Define protocols can function without human moderation and opposes new wrist from regulatory standpoint. He equates to self driving cars. He says this for people driving cars, you know, there's laws for say speed limits getting signals drunk driving and they've all been designed to protect against dangerous drivers not dangerous cars at Thomas Vehicles brought you risk that Lexie rules never considered and that's because one of the thought experiment is who programs the car to act in certain ways if they have a choice between the passenger or Killing season, and there's no other option what course of action does the car choose and who put that into the car's code to make that decision now, we're just going to stop this analogy right here because we can go down the rabbit hole really really far.

Into this Valley Stream it but we can just impose that into a self-driving Banks same thing in a self-driving who holds the ultimate responsibility.

And finally Bitcoin startup ramp expands the US and Canada u.s. And Canada to buy Bitcoin ethereum USD C&I for Fiat money like US Dollars other blacks in projects can use rampant Decay to help users top of their curtain valances more easily over the past couple months, He saw a 400% increase for demand for Bitcoin and ethereum.

Thank you for listening to this episode of the decrypt daily. My name is Matthew Aaron. Don't forget to go over to Apple podcasts like subscribe share and leave us a comment that helps us a lot. I'll see you tomorrow in Happy Hollow.
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