NPR News Now - NPR News: 01-14-2021 12AM ET

NPR News: 01-14-2021 12AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens US House speaker Nancy Pelosi has officially signed the articles of impeachment against outgoing President Trump making him the only u.s. President to be impeached twice and fear is Windsor Johnston reports that the bipartisan rebuke comes less than one week before Trump's term ends. No one including the president is above the law that Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to our country and that once again, we honor that oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. So help us God the house voted to impeach Trump for incitement of insurrection exactly a week after his supporters attacked the US Capitol building 10 Republicans. Join Democrats a sharp contrast to the first impeachment vote when every House Republicans voted against both articles of impeachment the case now,

Head to the senate for a trial Windsor Johnston NPR News Washington and it makes no mention of his role in last week's Insurrection. It does condemned the attacks aimed at violence has no place in his movement. The video was posted on the official White House Twitter account. Most of the outgoing president's personal social media accounts have been silenced. Airbnb says it is canceling old reservations in the Washington DC area for the coming week as NPR's Bobby Allen reports. The Home Sharing company says numerous reservations were made by individuals involved in the riot at the Capitol. Airbnb says it is refunding guests in reimbursing host for cancel bookings during the inauguration week. The company made its decision after finding that people connected to hate groups or the riots on the capital had stays to the platform announcement Airbnb pointed to reports describing how an armed militias and known hate groups are attempting to travel to Washington to disrupt the inauguration of President. Elect, Joe Biden.

officials in Washington told visitors not to come to the area over the next week Airbnb also says that has Band anyone found to be linked to a hate group or the coup attempt on the capital from using its services Bobby Allen NPR News San Francisco Alabama has been chosen as the new headquarters for the US space command had Duggins has two tails from Alabama public radio Alabama computer against New Mexico Colorado Texas and Florida win the US space command Nebraska sweeten its bid last week with 107 million dollars in seed money the US space command is different from President Trump space force it handles military navigation and satellite technology Alabama has a long history with a space program Huntsville tested rocket engines for the Apollo Moon missions in the 1960s and later for the space shuttle the Alabama town is also managing development of NASA's new Super Rocket for trips possibly to the moon or Mars bring PR news at Duggan's in Tuscaloosa Alabama this is NPR news

former Governor Rick Snyder and other former Michigan officials are facing do charges stemming from the water contamination crisis in Flint in 2014 city managers appointed by Snyder decided to use a local river is Flint source of tap water in order to save money the river water was not properly treated causing led to Leech from corroded pipes and into local Taps the movie affected thousands of people and explain for an outbreak of Legionnaires disease which resulted in 12 deaths Japan is extended a state of emergency be on the Tokyo area in a bid to tame a third wave of coronavirus infections as NPR's Anthony Kuhn reports the emergency will be in effect until February 7th the emergency will Now cover 11 of 47 prefecture is which account for more than half of Japan's population and economy the emergency will allow their prefectures to request but not compel residents to stay home and business is to shorten their hours perceptions that prime minister yoshihide Suga has MS

handled the response to the coronavirus is caused his disapproval rating to overtake his approval rating in a recent poll by national broadcaster NHK

Anthony Kuhn reporting the Georgia house is considering a bipartisan resolution to have to replace a statue of a Confederate politician with a monument to Lake congressman and civil rights leader prominent politicians, including Governor, Brian Kemp and Dorsey idea following Lewis's death in July dozens of monuments to pro-slavery Heroes have been removed in the past year is NPR news.

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