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NPR News: 01-18-2021 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Kyle Snyder Lisa Bay two more arrests near security checkpoints in Washington DC as a nation ramps up security before Inauguration Day in Paris. Rachel treatment has for Saturday US Capitol police arrested Linda McGovern of Connecticut who they said falsely claimed to be an officer and a member of the presidential cabinet and try to flee while being questioned at a security checkpoint and just after midnight on Sunday metropolitan police arrested a guy Berry of Virginia who was walking with a handgun visible in a holster officers determined. He was not allowed to carry the firearm in DC and also discovered three high-capacity magazines and 37 rounds of unregistered ammunition. The arrest come as officials have prepared for Wednesday's inauguration with security check road closures. I have a National Guard presents Rachel treisman NPR news.

McCarthy says they're working with the FBI to guard against an Insider Attack official say the wedding has yet to flag any issues that planned our March expected in all 50 state capitals over the weekend and brought out heavy security only true scattered protest around the country a few dozen turned out in Columbus, Ohio as Karen Castle reports.

Henry Lockwood the anti-government right-wing extremist group the Ohio Boogaloo said the event was about Unity included a handful of counter-protesters a few flags and signs and some spirited arguments over bull horns for arms. There was no violence Mark the cabbage with the Anti-Defamation League says lots of security health, but he's worried about you Nadia rationed a & Beyond of violence from violent protests up to isolated acts of possible terrorist plots or incidents per month to come more than 15 Personnel have an activated to help with security needs in Ohio and in Washington DC for NPR news. I'm around the country about whether they planned to get a covid-19 vaccine in Paris on Cielo long reports of Bureau is trying to collect the information for a voluntary survey about how the pandemic is affecting people's daily law if you get a text message,

Email for a Census Bureau survey about the coronavirus you may be asked have you received a cobra 19 vaccine? Do you plan to receive all required doses? It was are some of the newest questions added to the household survey that National online survey has been tracking how the pandemic is affecting people's finances mental health and access to healthcare now, the beer was trying to figure out why you're not as vaccines continues to ramp up results of the survey will be released. Every two weeks starting late this month. I'll do the walk in New York. ER news.

The rest of the Russian opposition activists Alexei navalny is drawing calls for his release from the US and other Western Nations. The only was detained Sunday evening upon his return to Moscow from where he was taken for treatment after he was poisoned in August the legendary and controversial record producer Phil Spector has died. He worked with the greats including Tina Turner The Ronettes on the Beatles Kabir Bhatia member station wksu reports on specters influence on popular music in the 1950s and 60s Spector produced a string of hits using his trademark wall of sound which layer dozens of instruments together with heavy Reverb such as in this 1965 hit by the Righteous Brothers.

Some inspectors biggest hits came in the early 70s when he was hired to salvage The Beatles final album from 01 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989 since 2009. He's been serving a prison sentence for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson who was found dead at is Los Angeles home inspector was 81 for NPR news. I'm Kabir Bhatia check on the major stock markets in Europe. They are slipping among the following Friday benchmarks and Hong Kong and Shanghai close tire at the Chinese government said the economy grew more than 2% to 2020 n p r news
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