The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Jan 17: Weekend Update

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Good morning, everyone. Welcome to the show. Today is Sunday, January 17th. 2021. This is the decrypt a lien in my name is Matthew Aaron before we get into the show. I want to say good luck to the Cleveland Browns are playing today at 3 Eastern Standard Time against the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs first time in the playoffs. I think it's 18 years. We beat the Steelers last week that makes us really happy if we can pull this off your AC Northeast Ohio explode. So good luck to the Cleveland Browns and let's take a look these crypto prices before I get to the crypto prices if everyone's wondering I put the crypto prices on my own Excel sheet like it's Google Sheets and I calculate the difference in price from the last reported it and I'm just now pulling the price of a coin market cap and look at the 24 hour difference. I'm actually doing the work myself, but because it's in that $35,423.84 down 5.2% from yesterday.

$2.12 down a percent from yesterday like when 14215 down 3.9% from yesterday chain link 2039 down 6.5% and xrp 27.7 cents down 3.8% Total market cap slipping below the one trillion dollar Mark at 988.1 billion dollars a slip of Four Points 6% and a BTC dominance of 66.2% top 10 coins are pretty much the same as yesterday. What I do want to point out is that the alts are holding their price. So you seen the Bitcoin dominance go down to looks like a lot of the Bitcoin money is going into the alts OR maintaining the old because you're not a theory. I'm sitting there at over 1,200 like when is still over 140 polka dots at 17 chain links at 20. + so everything is kind of pretty much stable right now knock on wood, but it seems as though that's what's happening and we

Headlines presidential candidate for Ecuador proposes National cryptocurrency, this candidate wants to merge the gold standard with black jeans technology and I just wanted me to think about this really quick because I have a real don't bone to pick with national cryptocurrencies not saying that you couldn't Foster a new economy. I just want everybody to understand that when you say cryptocurrency and blockchain Technology. I don't have completed with like big coins ethos. When you put your National currency for a CBC of Central Bank digital currency what the government is really saying is that they are able to monitor Trace every transaction that happens with their currency and the only thing that they can Implement with this imagine a smart contract that every time you make a transaction if it's producing Goods sales tax for v a t if it's Cashing Out say stock or a bond or something that you're invested in capital gains tax long-term or short-term just initiated right there that every transaction will be monitored and could be just text. I sent you a dollar for good next. You know, you get $0.80.

Tech 20% nothing I want to bring up is if a government hasn't acknowledged you put their currency, which is National Security their currency is National Security on a blockchain or digitally they have the ability to give U digital votes latest whenever they realize that you don't just say I'm going to put all my national security for my currency in the way that we were in our economy on a black thing or digitally and then say but we don't have the technology. So everybody can vote safely digitally from your phone. It doesn't work like that.

The IMF gives Global government a clear message spend the international monetary fund managing director. Kristalina, georgieva says and quote spend as much as you can and then spend a little bit more and financial quietly conducts a digital u n test in Shanghai via hourly paying now going back to cbc's member China wants to put the UN digitally Alibaba payment affiliate has quietly debuted a small scale test of the digital un via its mobile app hourly pay. This is the first known instance in which the digital you hadn't was tested on mobile. Wallet, Bella Pine and state entity. However, the tested and draw much attention and honestly, I doubt it will after the Moonshine up for 13 years. Everything is done on your phone. I had a Leep a I had WeChat pay and everything was on your phone for pay for taxis propane from McDonalds to paying it restaurant to paying in a bar. Everything was done being your phone and who cares about the rails. I'm still using my cell phone for everything.

And finally optimism has monster Slayer to scalar Solutions the optimistic virtual machine or ovm and the lair too optimistic as the remaining Cynthia ticks, and they announced that Friday synthetics. That's a hard one since its synthesis synthetics synthetics in the first trial run is with decentralized exchange protocol send a text, which is not live on the optimistic f300e Maine that are holders Canal State their protocols made of token s and X according to the announcement 08 is the first skin Solutions with full Crossley reporting capabilities for smart contracts without rewriting them. Meaning to text would not have to change the code to get it smart contracts on to ovm the public test 9 is set to be released March 15th, and thank you everyone for listening to today's Weekend Update. I'll see you tomorrow go Browns. Happy Halloween.
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