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NPR News: 01-21-2021 3AM ET

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My from NPR news on Shea Stephens president volume quickly signed several executive orders after taking the oath of office on Wednesday Biden took initial steps to change the government's response to the pandemic by imposing mask-wearing and social distancing requirements for federal workers and property the president reversed his predecessors policies on immigration and let sit a travel ban on predominantly Muslim nations fine also revoked permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline White House Press Secretary Jen stocky says that bind hopes to have his cabinet in place as quickly as possible desire to get his cabinet in place and get to his team confirmed is front-and-center for the president. He it is an issue a topic. He discussed with members of Congress from both the Republican and Democratic party today during the course of the day in the course of events. One of the president's nominees has received Senate confirmation. Avril Haines one.

Translate Wednesday to become Director of National Intelligence. The vote was 84 to 10 people in Kansas are celebrating the first woman of color to become Vice President of the United States from WKBW. Kmuw Wichita. Carla eckels has the story Anderson operate in honor of Harris representing with pearls because this was vice president for Harris love pearls. She says black women have come a long way last weekend band Patty celebrated here sis Indian roots, and it's such a role model and so many hopes and also said that don't give up portraits of Harrison President Biden. We're also neatly cut into fields in Lawrence, Kansas for NPR news on Carla eckels in Wichita.

Record highs on his inauguration day more from NPR Scott Horsley theme to welcome the incoming Administration all the major stock indexes continue their remarkable comeback from pandemic Lowe's last spring the Dow Rose 8/10 represent the S&P 500 Index jumped 1.4% And the tech-heavy NASDAQ was up nearly 2% President. Biden is not likely to focus as much attention on the markets day today performance as his predecessor who often traded stocks is kind of personal scorecard. Both of you guys Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO offered pray for the new president. The chamber applauded Biden's first day moves on immigration and the Paris climate Accord do it opposed his decision to revoke the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline Scott Horsley NPR News, Washington and pre-market trading US futures are higher on Asian market shares are mixed lower in Hong Kong. This is NPR news.

The number of states are reporting vaccine shortages while tens of thousands of people are seeing their appointments were the first dose is up with drugs canceled New York official state the supply of vaccines. There will dry up in a couple of days more than a 175,000 new covid-19 cases were recorded in the US on Wednesday more than four hundred six thousand Americans have so far. I from the disease according to Johns Hopkins University. I have a storm is called severe flooding displacing tens of thousands of people in Northwest Syria that homsi has more from Beirut children's has more than 40,000 Siri and sought Shelter From The Storm in mosques in schools or were forced to sleep in the open air in Sub-Zero temperatures a 6 year old child died and many people lost their only possessions which were Swept Away in the flood.

It is a weather catastrophe that occurs. Every winter those most affected are syrians already displaced because of Syria's nearly decade-long Civil War many live in tent encampments save the children estimate at least 62 displacement camps were damaged or destroyed in the storm for NPR news another home see in Beirut beer in the next round of talks on revising that country's Constitution will be held next Monday Gary Patterson who's been overseeing the talks as this time for serious constitutional committee to ensure that the meetings are better organized and focused the US and several Western allies have accused serious president of delaying the drafting of a new constitution in order to buy time until elections are held this is NPR news.

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