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NPR News: 01-23-2021 5AM ET

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Support for this NPR Podcast and the following message come from Better Health Online counseling by licensed professional counselors specializing in isolation depression stress and anxiety. Visit news to learn more and get 10% off. Your first month is on Giles Snyder Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has agreed to delay a former President Trump's impeachment trial opening arguments are to begin the week of February 8th. And a trial Schumer says is crucial even though Trump is no longer in office January 6th Insurrection at the Capitol Guided by Donald J Trump with a day. None of us will ever forget

We all want to put this awful chapter in our nation's history behind us.

But healing and unity will only come if there is truth and accountability rumor says a delay gives both sides X prepare while the Senate works on cabinet nominations and the coronavirus relief bill. The house is still due to formally deliver the impeachment charge to the Senate on Monday there continues to be a major golf between how many covid-19 vaccine doses have gone to states of the number of people to actually get vaccinated the CDC reports only about 50% of the available shots have been given so far as willstone reports.

It's a confusing National picture with governors in some states like West Virginia Georgia a New York clamoring for more supplies and many Who oversee vaccine distribution say they still don't know week-to-week exactly what they'll be getting meanwhile more than half of states have now opened up vaccine eligibility to people over 65 Jennifer Nazo is at Johns Hopkins University heart away from this sort of slow stepwise work of trying to schedule high-priority individuals to more of a mess vaccination approach a recent National survey finds more than half of Americans do know exactly when or where they'll get vaccinated for NPR news. I'm will Stone today's the anniversary of the world's first coronavirus lockdown in the Chinese city of Wuhan send send more than 2 million people have died worldwide more than four hundred fourteen thousand in the United States alone.

Go by the full Senate is expected. Monday has already led the Federal Reserve answer to the top White House Economist in the Clinton Administration while Republicans on the finance committee express some differences with her policy positions. No one questioned her qualifications. If confirmed by the full Senate Janet Yellen will be the 78th treasury secretary and the first woman to leave the department. She's already matched the first Secretary Alexander Hamilton in scoring her own hip hop musical tribute artist Dessa as Secretary of service the administration's Point person in addressing the economic Fallout from the coronavirus pandemic got to work the NPR News Washington and this is NPR news.

Canada's considering more coronavirus travel restrictions Dan Carpenter reports at Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau says his government May impose a two-week Hotel quarantine for returning traveler to do use his strongest language yet after it was revealed at 1 million Canadians travel overnight during the Christmas holiday season. He said he knows it's been tough but urge them to hang on for another few months Health experts have called for copper travel restrictions police enforcement of quarantine restrictions would come on top of the recent Ruled The Travelers must have a negative covid-19 test 72 hours before boarding a flight to Canada call icon Hank. Aaron is being remembered as one of the greatest and most powerful hitters in baseball history are indicted Atlanta Friday morning at the age of 86 M. Which included the breaking of Babe Ruth's home-run record from 1954 to 76 Hank. Aaron was a dominant and consistent presence in Major League Baseball seasons were spent with them.

Chucky and then Atlanta Braves, he was most valuable player in 1957, but truly became a national figure on an April night in 1974.

With that home run Aaron broke the all-time record held by the legendary Babe Ruth in the lead up to that moment Aaron and African-American had endured thousands of racist letters and taunt. He wants said they only made him more determined Hank. Aaron is being remembered today. Not just for his on-field skills, but also his humility and decency on Giles Snyder NPR news.
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