6 Minute English - What makes a good story?

Hear about storytelling and how it helps us to connect and communicate.

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Hello, this is 6 Minute English from BBC learning English on nail. Let me tell you a story to look into the mirror at midnight. It was something strange about that Mara. She said how childish to believe City Stories later that night. I heard a noise. I woke up. Going to loan a clock chime to midnight the floorboards with creaking as I walk towards the mirror. I looked into my face reflected in the glass when suddenly my eye wink.

Carry Me Carrie Jo J. Okay. Let's try another story once upon a time. There was a beautiful servant girl who lived with her wicked stepmother and to Jenna stepsisters. It's not supposed to kneel and I know the story Cinderella more romantic I'm much less scary to connect and communicate with people and the topic of this program has helped us make sense of the world which is why we've been telling them to each other for Millennia. I want some of the earliest flight tells stories that parents have told I'm tossed onto that children. I've been many years. I'll still being told today according to the continued stories. They include Rags to Riches plots like Cinderella like Dracula

Question is this which of the following well-known folktales is a defeating the monster story. Is it a bad wolf the Beauty and the Beast or see Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Well, they all have bass bass or wolves in the title. So I'll guess the Beauty and the Beast it's interesting to ask how we can explain the last thing a pail of these classic toplines. Someone who might know is Anthropologist and rice a professor Jamie too runny if you can spot his own sir.

Often the reason why we feel so motivated upon some stories. He's because the stories do type in to Sutton Universal human fantasies and fears the will often transcends the concerns of particular times and places. We are intensely moralistic most of the time the bad guys have unhappy endings on the good guys have Happy Endings. We know that in the real world. It doesn't actually work like that. So there's another bunch of wish-fulfillment, but somehow satisfies moral appetite.

Stories from very different cultures often have plots with similar fantasies in Phase. These human emotions are universal meaning they exist everywhere and relate to everyone in the world stories. What because I tap into basic human emotions, they understand and express what it means to be human. I'm like in the real world a sense of morality evil stepmothers get punished Cinderella Mary's have Prince and everyone lives happily ever after in this way. They create wish-fulfillment the achievement of what we really want and desire lines nail, but that still doesn't explain House toys have the power to catch and hold our attention how not to write a novel and book of every 200 common mistakes the Wi-Fi absolute. Number one storytelling world is comprehensive elati people need to understand you store.

There are some people who actually are so unfortunately bad at communicating that even when they tell a story to another person it becomes in comprehensible and gradually as they stop making sense and ramble and digress and don't know where they're going. You see everybody not only lose interest but become hostile people become very frustrated when someone is not getting to the point according to Sandra, the biggest mistake is in comprehensibility on not understanding the plot because the Storyteller is rambling soaking in a confused way getting off the subject on not making sense that time and attention. They want the story tell it to get to the point. So I told me about the most important and relevant information about to cut a long story short Georgina. It's time to return to the quiz question. Remember I asked you which famous folktale had a defeating the monster plot. What did you say?

Be Beauty and the Beast lights. In fact about the bad wolf. You just eats dragons and paste to every story as the saying goes. So let's recap the recovery. We've learned starting with folk tales popular stories that have been told I'm passed down over Generations Universal ideas ideas, which exists everywhere in every age and culture stories tap into these ideas meaningful. I understand connect to an Express them. That means the achievement or realization of things you really want and desire play awesome getting off the subject or not making much sense and instead will get to the point start talkin about what is most important and relevant.

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