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NPR News: 01-23-2021 10PM ET

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Support for NPR in the following message come from Random House publisher of George Saunders of swim in a pond in the rain in which four Russians give a masterclass on writing reading and life available wherever books and audiobooks are sold.

Live from NPR news on Janine Herbst covid-19 hospitalizations appear to have peaked in Texas after a massive surge sparked by holiday Gatherings Shreveport hospitals are still experiencing a spike in patients in intensive care units around the state more than at any time during the summer to Surge while new cases and hospitalizations appear to be sending down. The virus is still spreading rapidly the state continues to report thousands of new cases everyday Hospital capacity remains in issue, especially in intensive care units Federal figures show more than 50. I see use in the state report. No available staffed beds deaths are also on the rise daily death count stop 420 for three days this past week.

I'm Dominic Anthony Walsh in San Antonio where than 416000 people have died from covid-19 around the US and there have been nearly twenty-five million confirmed cases of the coronavirus sense of pandemic again, according to data from Johns Hopkins University 11 million residents in the Chinese city of went into lockdown for the next 76 days. They are shut inside their homes to contains the pandemic do they tryna is still discovering dozens of new coronavirus cases each day, but Wuhan has gone months without reporting in cases and life has mostly gone back to normal in Paris. Emily Fang has more from Wuhan last year. It was a ghost town. There were no people on the streets when people did venture outside many still decided to wear full hazmat suits, but the last few days I was back in the behind the commercial areas were full again. Traffic was back people eating out of restaurants. Of course, there are still restrictions. You have to wear face masks and you cannot gather and numbers of more than a day.

Ampere is Emily feeling reporting sports. The White House is ordering the US intelligence Community to launch an investigation following the violent attack on the US Capitol building. The administration says it will compile a comprehensive threat assessment coordinated with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security on domestic violent extremism White House Press Secretary, Jen sake says the administration will develop policies and strategies that are based on facts and objective analysis the January 6th assault on the capital and the tragic deaths and destruction that occurred underscored what we have long known the rise of domestic violence extremism is a serious and growing national security threat Federal authorities continue to monitor threats of potential violence from extremist groups after thousands of pro Trump rioters breached.

Earlier this month you're listening to NPR news.

More than 2,000 people have been arrested and a wave of protests that swept across Russia with demonstrators demanding the release of opposition leader Alexei navalny, he was arrested last Sunday after returning home from Germany where he was recovering from a nerve poisoning. He blames on the Kremlin official say his stay in Germany violated terms of a suspended sentence and Tiaras Lucy and Kim has more for Moscow thousands of Russians demonstrated in cities large and small across the vastness of Russia in Moscow protesters, like lawyer Maria, nechayeva, defied a heavy police presence.

Everybody in jail, there are many people and I don't think that we have enough to support everyone in their their reports of hundreds of arrests Nationwide including the brief Detention of navalny wife. Yulia. Navalny's International stature has grown since his poisoning this summer, but the kremlin's decision to jail navalny when he returned has helped cement his position as a national leader for those opposed to President Vladimir Putin's rule Lucy and Kim NPR news Moscow.

The world's most famous sled dog race has lost another major. Sponsor ExxonMobil a sponsor since 1978 says it will end its relationship with the event after this year's shortened race people for the ethical treatment of animals has lobbied ExxonMobil for years to drop its sponsorship of the race in Alaska is important pieces are not going to stop until the dogs are no longer forced to quote race until their dad. This is NPR.
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