The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Jan 23: Weekend Update

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Good morning. Everyone. Today is Saturday, January 23rd. 2021. This is the decrypt daily from the Crypt media and my name is Matthew Aaron Welcome to The Weekend Update and getting ready to ask crypto prices Bitcoin at $31,860.63 down 1.8% from yesterday, ethereum, $1,226.43. Exactly the same as yesterday in the past 3 days that they had only seen like Pennies A fluctuation Litecoin 13772 down almost $0.04 from yesterday save me $24 even 11.1% from yesterday, achieving another all-time high and xrp $0.27 even down 1.7% from yesterday total market cap for all of cryptocurrency. We're sitting at nine hundred and twenty-eight billion dollars, which is down about 1.8% with a BTC dominance of 63.8 cents and moving on to the news. Now. This news is a little bit late, but I still need to cover it anyway because it talks about a very important.

Topping in cryptocurrency or digital currencies and that's called a double spend will a double spend is potential for in a digital cash or digital currency system in which you can use the same digital token or the same Bitcoin or ethereum or Litecoin and if we spent more than once so imagine having a u.s. Dollar Sophia dollars paper money and you're able to copy that exact Dollar in use it over and over again same serial number. I mean really the same dollar. Well, you can't do that in real life. I mean you could try to draw it or reprinted reprint the same you no doubt of the same serial number was pretty much impossible to do and with that money. It's pretty much impossible to do because you can look at and go. Well, that's the same dollar that something's wrong there and it's highly highly illegal up with digital currencies are aiding the space that you can copy and paste things that's always been a problem with computers or even our core things that are digital this way with black chain saw him with a lot of different things. You can take a screenshot or you can copy and paste and then you just keep using

Same digital thing over and over and over again what digital currencies how to solve that problem? Because you see the potential huge issue if you can use the same Bitcoin over and over again, if it makes the whole system unusable, obsolete your break the system will break the trust list system that that Bitcoin has well, like I've been saying with Bitcoins all-time highs going to have all kinds of fun come out you've already had SEC but we've already had it fincen Fudd. We've already had to Heather Fudd going to keep getting more and more of this fight, but we had a picnic double spend fun yesterday and is scared of firm into selling 4 million of its Bitcoin next tech sold 130 bitcoins worth roughly around 4 million dollars following this double spend fun because if there is actually don't spend Bitcoin is in big trouble, but there hasn't been well this rumor scared this company from holding their Bitcoin and they sold it they made a profit so $200,000 profit, but this rumor made bitcoin's price drop about 11% yesterday, and this don't spend and I just want repeat this

Never happened now moving away from Bitcoin fud. Bill Miller is a value investor who loves Bitcoin and microstrategy is a company that loves to buy Bitcoin. So what make a strategy has to do to buy more Bitcoin is the cell is securitize dead so they can make more purchases Bill Miller is somebody who's buying their debt in related news micro strategies CEO Michael Saylor just bought another $10 worth at $31,000 a Bitcoin GameStop PS2 video game shop is in the midst of closing hundreds of stores. Well, this pisses redditors off Andres in support of GameStop or being credited in pumping the stock price of GameStop 83% The stock price of GameStop jumps world record of $65, which is an increase of 83% this week it jump so much dislike Bitcoin cryptocurrency gains right here. It jumps so much that they halted trading to figure out what the hell's going on 10 days ago. The price wasn't even 20

In Farleigh coinbase in a newly-released year-end report when bae says that it has more than 90 billion dollars of assets on this platform quickest also details a relationship with my core strategy and help them purchase large amounts of Bitcoin kind of related. This Michael Saylor has announced that he's going to do some kind of workshop and is expecting over a thousand people from Industries in Banks and people managed funds. He's going to be tell how they can buy Bitcoin and diversify and basically the the ins-and-outs of doing that since he's already down the process. He's going to tell that to a thousand four people. His goal is to get people company's funds fund managers to start diversifying their portfolios into Bitcoin to deliver tomorrow this one maybe love you Brenda listen to him buy some Bitcoin, which is going to drive up demand drive up price. It looks like coinbase could be a beneficiary of this as well. But that's just my speculation that you listen to this episode of The Daily Weekend Update. I'll be back tomorrow Happy houghtaling everyone.
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