NPR News Now - NPR News: 01-24-2021 8PM ET

NPR News: 01-24-2021 8PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Janine Herbst. The US has surpassed 25 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus since the pandemic began with more than 400 18019 does according to data from Johns Hopkins University. This is also has the vaccine distribution around the country hits and number of snags white house chief of staff. Ron klain says, there was no distribution plan in place from the Trump Administration as the virus raged around the Country Lane says that will change under President Biden. What are the first orders the present side was using his legal authority of the defense production act to mandate the production of more syringes that can extract more doses out of the existing vaccine vials to show signs of slowing recently. The US still leads the world 19th and accounts for roughly one of every 4 cases reported worldwide and one of them every five.

India has recorded the second most cases with more than 10 million infections under the people protested in the Netherlands against the government's latest coronavirus restrictions implemented their first evening curfew since the pandemic began police used water cannons and shot tear gas at protesters who been forbidden from Gathering and Amsterdam and 9th open.

Demonstrators can be seen throwing fireworks at police were dressed in riot gear in Eindhoven shops were plundered and rail traffic is stopped on Saturday anti lock down protesters Burn it Down by coronavirus testing facility in the coastal city of Burke Authority same Nationwide. They issued finds two more than 3,600 people for breaking the new curfew that goes from 9 p.m. To 4:30 a.m. For NPR news on Terry Schultz. Three more Texans have been charged for their involvement in the attack on the US Capitol this month including a man accused of making online threats against congresswoman Alexandria ocasio-cortez, Texas public radio and has more Department of Justice 34 year-old. Garrett Miller of Richardson was arrested last week and is now facing charges in US District Court. He appeared before a judge Friday Miller posted several images and videos of himself inside the Capitol Building during The Siege investigators also found he called for the execution of Representative.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez on Twitter hearing scheduled for Miller on Monday. He's one of about 120 people so far who been charged in connection with the Insurrection at the US Capitol Building? I'm Jerry Clayton in San Antonio are going to the Super Bowl after beating Green Bay today 3126. They will play the winner of tonight's game between defending Super Bowl champs the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills the score at last check 21:9 Chiefs in the second Super Bowl 55 will be played in Tampa Bay you listening to NPR news.

In Chicago the teachers union voted to defy the school districts to man that they report to school buildings tomorrow ahead of planned in person school for grades K through 8 that would start on February 1st countries third biggest school districts as it's a green to a demand from the teachers union to push back teacher prep time in the buildings to Wednesday to allow those talks to continue teachers are upset over a lack of vaccines and a lack of supplies to keep the school safe in the pandemic prison. China have rescued 11 miners trapped in a collapsed gold mine for 2 weeks many accidents have decreased in recent years, but occasional accident still kill dozens of minors every year and he was Emily Fang has more from Beijing the state of 11 miners trapped underground in China's Northern Shandong Province have been uncertain for 2 weeks on January 10th explosion Berry 22 miners in the Gold Mine Mine managers and failed to report the incident for a full 24 hours and are now in detention rescue workers managed to reach 11 of the miners.

Keep them alive for two weeks before they were lifted to the surface. They were not able to reach the other 11 minors who are presumed dead family Fang NPR news Beijing just say a thirty-four-year-old grizzly bear captured in the southwestern part of the state is the oldest dog on record in the Yellowstone region. The bear was captured last summer after praying on cattle and was euthanized official say the bear had lost hundreds of pounds and would continue to pray on cattle as a reason for the euthanization.

Ya ya Asian markets are trading higher this hour than you can Japan is up to tenths of a percent. I'm Jeanine Herbst NPR news.
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