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NPR News: 01-27-2021 8PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer and a White House news conference today former Secretary of State John Kerry now divides administration's climate envoi defend the decision to rollback new oil and gas leases on federal lands, very saying oil gas and co-workers have quote been fed a false narrative that somehow dealing with climate change is coming at their expense. What's happening is due to Market forces already in place and brought her National issues today in the order that he will sign that Gene has described to you he makes

Climate Central to foreign policy planning to diplomacy and to National Security preparedness including Nations offshore wind energy use an increase in government use of electric powered vehicles by the members of his administration of Promise millions of good paying union jobs working on green energy projects and restoring mine scarred lands in industrial sites. President. Biden is assuring the NATO chief of the US commitment to the alliance NPR's Franco Ordonez reports are released today of reproduce video reflects a new approach to sharing news of the president's work with foreign leaders when the president speaks to the contents of a call or typically released in a short statement, but after president spoke with secretary-general the White House released a video

Build-A-Bear alliances starting with NATO rain relationship. The United States had with NATO during the Trump years Franco Ordonez. NPR news study finds mortality was 13 times higher in pregnant mothers with Cobra. Then people of the same age were not pregnant or willstone the study followed 240 women between March and June in Washington state its findings published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology even came as a surprise to the study's author. Dr. Christina Adams Waldorf of the University of Washington School of Medicine. This was a shockingly high rate.

Of mortality for pregnant patients in Washington state who weren't expecting you to study also found the chance of hospitalization was 3 1/2 times higher in covet fashion who were pregnant. Although the author's point out that most patients had mild or asymptomatic cases in many places pregnant women are not part of the high priority group to receive a coronavirus vaccine for NPR news. I'm will Stone losses on Wall Street today. The Dow is down 633 points the NASDAQ fell 355. This is NPR.

Hank Aaron was remembered today in Atlanta for the records. He shattered on the baseball field in the Gracie showed while doing it as meal Moffitt remember station WABE reports the baseball Legend service feature tributes from former presidents members of Aaron's family.

Former Atlanta mayor and civil rights leader. Andrew Young said a key moment in the city's history was when the Milwaukee Braves in their star Slugger Hank, Aaron South in the mid-1960s.

Boy, hit a hit change. This city was in Atlanta where Aaron broke Babe Ruth's all-time home run record in 1974 amid an onslaught of races death threats on Wednesday. Aaron was remembered as one of the best in baseball history by former President Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

No one was this consistently great for as long as Aaron died of natural causes. He was 86 for NPR news. I'm of the Omaha fit in Atlanta's Oklahoma cuz it wants to return to million dollars worth of a malaria drug touted by former President Trump as a possible treatment for the coronavirus spokesman for the State Attorney General's office confirming the desired Orchard 1.2 million doses of the bills required after research with Sean the drug has little or no effect on severe cases of covid-19 President of 1.2 adding the benefits of the drug hydroxychloroquine crude oil Futures prices some of their games, but still closed slightly higher of 24 cents per barrel today. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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