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NPR News: 01-31-2021 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barbara Klein a group of 10 Republican Senators is asking for a White House meeting to discuss details of an alternative covid-19 package to President Biden's 1.9 trillion dollar proposal Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana tells Fox News, the plan could win bipartisan support very targeted. He says the plan matches Biden's funding for vaccinations, but sharply decreases funding to help students return to schools Chicago public school officials want to restart in person learning tomorrow, but Sarah karpas member station WBEZ reports their plan will be derailed. If the district can't make a deal with its teachers union teachers and staff for refusing to work in person into an agreement is reached and if they're black from teaching remotely they're threatening to strike at a virtual rally yesterday American Federation of teachers president.

Randi Weingarten told them to keep fighting are with you every step of the way that demands from the sea to you or what science says we need to do it's the pathway to safety. And so we are going to fight like, you know, what the school district in the union announced yesterday that they had agreement on for issues including ventilation and safety protocols for NPR news. I'm Sarah karp in Chicago to lawyers have left former President Trump's impeachment defense teams with no explanation. It's not clear who will present a pre-trial filing that's due. This week demonstrators have turned out across Russia many in Sub-Zero temperatures for a second weekend demanding the release of jailed opposition leader Alexei navalny from Moscow NPR's Lucy and Kim reports some activist groups say about 4,000 people are being detained in dozen.

Russian cities in downtown Moscow protesters were met by Riot police individuals off the street and bundled them into police trucks one protester Alina with no choice, but to show up in Russia is depressed. And anyone who has an opinion difference from a very narrow point of view are we came here to show that we are not alone to tell many of us before today's rally authorities rounded up Alexei navalny Shades worn protesters. They could be prosecuted on mass rioting charges which carry up to 15 years Lucy and Kim NPR news Moscow major snow storm is hitting the East Coast. It's expected to tell them heavy snow in and around Washington DC Philadelphia New York City and Boston More Than 1,600 snow plows are standing by in the New York City area. This is NPR.

U.s. Epidemiologist are keeping a close eye on infections by coronavirus variance, Maryland and South Carolina are confirming cases of a variant from South Africa. That could be more resistant to current vaccines and is thought to be more contagious the CDC says of the nearly 50 million covid-19 doses distributed so far not quite Thirty million have been administered and the US Census Bureau estimates that fewer that one in 10 adults in the US have received vaccine NPR's on Philo one reports. The estimates are based on a periodic National survey about whether household plan to get vaccinated this month after receiving a text message or email from the Census Bureau adults who said they're not sure about getting a covid-19 vaccine their top reasons are concerns about possible side effects and wanting to wait and see if it

Vaccines are safe among racial and ethnic groups Asian Americans who have not been vaccinated you had reported the strongest interest in getting a shot only about 30% of black people who are unvaccinated said they will definitely get one when they can adults without health insurance were less likely to say they would get back to needed house you the wrong MPR news Newark the Dodger Stadium vaccination side in Los Angeles, which is one of the nation's largest is due to be back open today. It was briefly shut down yesterday after anti-vaccine protesters block the entrance out of what authorities call in abundance of caution. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.
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