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NPR News: 02-01-2021 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly President. Biden is inviting 10 Republican Senators to the White House to discuss their proposal for a scaled-down. Coronavirus relief package. NPR's. Jen Newman says the GOP lawmakers asked for the meeting in a letter to the president a meeting to discuss their smaller 600 billion dollar proposal and spoke with Republican senator Susan Collins of Maine and invited her and the other signers of the letter to meet for a quote for change of used by Dan also spoke with house Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. We're facing party pressure to move forward with a plan with or without Republican support some Republicans have questioned the scale of vitamins, 1.9 trillion dollar Cooper 19 relief package in a statement. The White House Press Secretary said the danger is not doing too much but doing too little genuine NPR news.

Impeachment trial of former President Trump is scheduled to begin next week over the weekend Trump announced an overhaul of his legal team a lawyer from Alabama David Chao and a former Pennsylvania prosecutor Bruce kaster were named to Trump defense team replacing a previous set of attorneys Health officials in New York City say they're seeing significant racial disparities in the distribution of covid-19 vaccines Sydney Pereira with member station WNYC says the mayor is addressing the issue 3 white residents get the shot the new data show. The vaccine is not reaching those most at risk from the virus Mayor Bill de Blasio speaking Sunday at a news conference said part of the concern maybe hesitancy among communities of color to get the vaccine and barriers to access the mayor says the city needs to focus on populations where the danger is the greatest.

Among seniors and black and Latino residents for NPR news. I'm Sydney Pereira in New York Bliss Texas after me a dozen soldiers were poisoned Angela kocherga with member station ktep reports, the 11 soldiers required medical attention after drinking what they thought was an alcoholic beverage at the end of a field training exercise Thursday. It contained ethylene glycol commonly known as antifreeze two of the soldiers were admitted to William Beaumont Army Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit in critical condition. The other nine were in guarded condition all are continuing to recover Fort Bliss has not released details of how the beverage became laced with antifreeze drinking alcohol is not allowed during training. The Army has launched a criminal investigation of the poisonings. I'm Angela kocherga in El Paso.

Me and Mars military seized power today in a coup siding election fraud the military says it's imposed a state of emergency and handed power to the military Chief members of a country's government have been detained including Nobel Laureate on Sons hoochie the Miller military took over the country hours before Parliament was due to meet for the first time since the November 8th general election shortly after that cool began State TV went off the air and phone and internet connections were disrupted Portugal is now banned from traveling abroad because of spikes in new coronavirus infection Allison Roberts has more since mid-January residents from traveling abroad the new coronavirus cases and deaths relative to population and its health system is in crisis in an exceptional move. The government is not permitting the hiring of doctors with foreign qualifications who have not completed the used to be

Equivalence process mean while Germany's military has announced plans to send medical staff and equipment to Portugal to help out to Austria's Chancellor announced on Twitter that patients. Transfers are expected with Luxembourg having already offered to help friend in Lisbon Nintendo earnings. The Japanese video game maker says its profits nearly doubled during the final three quarters of last year has sales of its products. Boom 2 made the coronavirus pandemic sales went up 37% on Dave Mattingly NPR news in Washington.
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