NPR News Now - NPR News: 02-02-2021 8AM ET

NPR News: 02-02-2021 8AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman a published report today suggests. The russian-made covid-19 vaccine is more than 90% effective at preventing disease and peers. Joe palca has more Russian vaccine is called the Sputnik V. Although it was originally approved by Rush and Regulators in August last year only now are the results of hearing in a peer-reviewed journal nearly 20,000 volunteers participated in the vaccine study three-quarters of the volunteers received the vaccine 1/4 of pussy bow in the study vaccine efficacy was 91.6% B is what's known as a viral Vector vaccine a different kind of vaccine from the ones made by Pfizer and moderna but similar to ones made by AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, it's given us two doses face 21 days apart the results appear in the British medical journal the Lancet Joe palca NPR news President Biden expected to sign a fresh round of executive actions today. These will Target

Immigration one free at the task force that will examine how to reunite migrant children separated from their parents at the US border. Another exam is the Trump Administration policy requiring would be migrated to the US to remain in Mexico. The police officer killed during the attack on the US Capitol Building last month will be honored today and pears Windsor Johnson reports. He will lie in honor under the capitol rotunda members of the Capitol Police will hold a viewing ceremony for officer Brian siknic members of Congress will have a viewing. On Wednesday morning followed by a congressional tribute. The forty-two-year-old officer died from a head injury after he was violently attacked by a mob of pro Trump rioters at the Capitol complex on January 6th to other police officers later died by suicide in the city of Rochester New York has suspended the police officers who handcuffed and pepper spray the nine year old girl last Friday and Tiaras Bryan

Man reports police body cameras recorded much of the incident. It's not yet clear. How many officers have been suspended while the investigation is underway in a statement Rochester mayor lovely Warren describe the officer's decision to pepper spray at nine year old black girl on Friday while responding to a domestic incident as horrible war and also called a New York state lawmakers to tighten laws governing police misconduct video recording show officers trying to force the screaming handcuff child into the backseat of a police cruiser at one point and officer chastises her for acting like a child the girl responds. I am a child and said she wants to see your father at least one officer later sprayed the girl that the chemical irritant the police officers Union in Rochester has defended the action saying the girl wasn't physically injured by the pepper spray Brian Mann NPR news, and you're listening to NPR news.

A powerful winter storm is pummeling the Northeast and New England. The National Weather Service says there are near blizzard conditions in some areas and a foot of snow or more has fallen from parts of Pennsylvania to me for more than 2 months. India's government allowed peaceful protest by tens of thousands of Indian Farmers on the outskirts of the capital, but I'm here for and fire reports. The government is now mobilizing against the farmer's truck poured cement 4 to 5 barricade blind with razor wire police of evicted some Farmers from protest camps on the outskirts of Delhi and arrested journalists reporting on the farmer rallies last night Twitter temporarily suspended 250 accounts, including media ngos, and an actor who voiced support for the farmers Twitter says it was acting on a request from the government to the accounts are now back up Farmers have been rallying against new agriculture laws. They say will hurt their bottom line, but

Weekly clashed with police and prime minister Narendra Modi has accused them of insulting the country Lauren Frayer NPR news Mumbai of British national who was convicted of murdering American journalist, Daniel Pearl and Pakistan has been removed from Death Row a lawyer for Omar Sheikh says he has now been moved to detention in a safe house last week Pakistan Supreme Court upheld a lower-court ruling that overturned his conviction. Shake was convicted of kidnapping and then be heading Daniel Pearl 19 years ago on Korva Coleman NPR news.
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