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NPR News: 02-03-2021 10PM ET

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Line from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer. I made signs that hospitalizations for covid-19 appear to be coming down in the u.s. Health experts are continuing the war in American to remain Vigilant CDC director. Dr. Rochelle walensky saying people should refrain from attending Super Bowl parties this weekend a nation's top infectious disease expert. Dr. Anthony fauci also urge people to follow social distancing guidelines, and he said there's no harm if people want to double mask for Extra Protection. So he says the Sciences in there yet show up in myself with two masked. Can we make a general recommendation that doesn't have scientific basis yet know but when the science comes along and tells us that it is better or not. Then you will see your recommendation be made by the CDC in 50000 Americans now done from covid-19 Franklin County Grand Jury has indicted.

Black man during an early morning service call in December Nick Evans from Columbus member station w o s u s the story for felonious assault in dereliction of Duty investigation during a press conference announcing the charges used to emphasize. The importance of accountability is the best friend of justice and the grand jury here found the truth.

Andre Hill should not be dead shooting rattled the community because I failed to turn on his body camera and no officers on the scene offered first aid to Hell you'll says he agrees with the grantor's determination in his office will quote vigorously prosecute the case for NPR news in Columbus, Ohio guessing the bite Administration extend the May 1st deadline for troop withdrawal NPR's Michelle kelman reports on last year that included a timeline for us withdrawal State Department. Spokesperson Ned price has the new Administration is reviewing that no decisions have been made we are committed as I said sporting the Diplomatic process and we're committed to ensuring that Afghanistan never again provides a base or terrorist attacks created by Congress argues that the US should make any further Cuts in troop levels contingent on the piste.

Between the Taliban and the Afghan government and conditions on the ground Michele. Kelemen NPR News, Washington leadership NPR confirming to vote by secret ballot was 145 to 61 some Chinese College were pushed into outer / vote to impeach former President Trump on Wall Street. The Dow was up 36 points today the NASDAQ fell two points. This is NPR.

The far-right all-male group The Proud boys is being designated a terrorist entity by the government of Canada Canadian government, noting group played what it called a pivotal role in the Insurrection at the US Capitol glass. My group is known for engaging in violent clashes at political rallies and space to heightened scrutiny since January 6th Us justice department announced the rest of us a member of the group for his role in the capital. Ryan crews are still working to recover the bodies of three Backcountry skiers in rural Colorado work on an Avalanche Monday, Colorado radio is seeing a seed reports the men were well known in the community access possum Andy Jackson and Adam Palmer lived in the small Western, Colorado Town of Eagle and all worked in city or county government. They were skiing through remote Mountain outside the tiny community of Silverton in the Avalanche hit their Group of Seven skiers completely burying for people the group was only able to uncover ones gear who escaped with

Minor injuries. This is the states deadliest Avalanche since 2013 when the slide killed five snowboarders dangerous Avalanche conditions are in the forecast for many of Colorado Mountains from here news. I'm stina sieg in Grand Junction that's going to The Institute for Supply management. The group says it service sector index jumped a full percentage point from the previous month to 58.7 any reading over 50 indicates the service sector that's expanding while reading below that level two notes contraction. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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