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NPR News: 02-07-2021 2AM ET

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live from NPR news on Nora raum the Wyoming Republican party has voted overwhelmingly to Century Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney for her vote to impeach warm President Donald Trump Wyoming public radio is Bob Beck has more Party official say they're particularly upset that she need voted to impeach Trump without a hearing only eight of the 74 State GOP Central Committee members opposed Accenture which will lead to Cheney losing financial support from the party they also called for her to resign from Congress Jenny was invited to address the meeting but didn't Kent State Senator Anthony Bouchard is helping to defeat chinian 2022 tweeted an empty seat with her name on it it says that it shows she's out of touch with Wyoming statement that she remains honored to represent the state Mo always fight for issues important Wyoming she's the third ranking Republican member in the US House for NPR news

Inmates in St. Louis jail smashed Windows Saturday and let small fires during an uprising St. Louis Public Radio is Ryan Delaney reports. It's the latest protests over conditions at the facility. This was the third Uprising at the city-owned jail, since December inmates have been protesting over health conditions and delayed Court hearings caused by the pandemic this disturbance started at around 3 a.m. When officials say an inmate overpowered and injured a guard during the disruption other inmates were able to Jimmy the locks on their selves more than a hundred prisoners eventually got out and smashed fourth floor when they let items on fire band through chairs down to the street for 6 hours before guards regained control public safety director. Jimmy Edwards says the weaknesses and the sell locks is a long known problem and the prison is working to upgrade them brand PR news on Ryan Delaney in St. Louis Chicago public school officials are negotiating this weekend with the teachers union to try to make a deal over resuming in person.

If they can't agree on a strike is possible Sarah card from Member station WBEZ has more except for Monday between Chicago's mayor and the teachers union as a negotiated deal over reopening schools. If nothing materializes before then a striped becomes greater possibility, but both the mayor and the union have insisted that they want to avoid a strike which would cancel classes for 280000 students Eric Carr from Member station WBEZ in California. Governor, Gavin Newsom has issued revised guidelines for churches during the pandemic on Friday night the Supreme Court struck down to State ban on indoor church services as a violation of religious liberty, the ruling will allow California to limit attendance to 25% of a building's capacity and restrict singing and chanting. The virus is more easily transmitted indoor is singing and chanting release his breath. Let's get thin spread infection. This is NPR.

voters in Ecuador go to the polls Sunday to select a new president more than a dozen candidates have entered the race meaning of runoff election in April is likely a major issue is a deepening economic crisis made worse by the pandemic if you want chicken wings for the Super Bowl and have an order them yet you might want to get on that as Stephanie calling beanie with members station wusf reports the pandemic has created a shortage John Pasadena owns McDivot's Wings & Raw Bar in Tampa the Super Bowl host City he's got four list for chicken wing orders number two number three of you probably guarantee number for I don't know but if you call the day of good luck Pasadena says he wanted to sell 6t case is the Super Bowl or about 15,000 wings but he's only got a little more than half of that in stock so far and says his provider is sending what it can in small increments the national chicken Council

What does Americans eat more wings during the pandemic likely because they relied on takeout Pasadena says that's driven up to man to head of the big game for NPR news. I'm Stephanie colombini in Tampa. The Super Bowl is Sunday night between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs kickoff is 6:30 p.m. Eastern time. It will be a different sort of Super Bowl because of the pandemic with far fewer people in attendance about 25,000 many of them will be vaccinated health care workers or getting in free. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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