6 Minute English - How much heat do you lose from your head?

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Hello, this is 6 Minute English from BBC learning English. I'm Rob and I'm freezing cold out. So I make sure you wrap up warm up. When I was growing up. I was told that you lose half your body heat from your head is just a popular myth, you know, something people think is true, which actually isn't like Bulls get angry when they see the color red or goldfish only have a three-second memory agreement over the angel question. Should I wear a hat when it's cold outside in this program will be asking how much body heat we lose from our head and discovering for the simple answer isn't so easy to find but first it's time to my quiz question and let's start by asking someone who knows all about surviving in the cold the US Army according to the cold weather service.

Bible chapter of the US Army Field Guide how much heat is lost in the cold through an uncovered head. Is it a 30 to 35% B-42 45% OC 50 to 55% might say it's just a popular me throw up, but I still think off your body heat is lost from the hat. So I'll say c5255 percent will come back to that later which ever answer is correct the US Army over three things a large percentage of body heat escapes through the head, but that might not be the whole picture. I have of the experiments to measure body temperature in the snowy wastelands of Canada and Alaska. Have you been wildly different results? Mostly because of variations in the methods used, for example, whether the Fallen tear his head was covered or not and whether they would dry or submerged in water, so maybe the

Who is out-of-date and hisses the pricing information that Tim hallford presenter of BBC World Service program more or less found offer a quick search on Google.

the head accounts for about 7% of the body surface area and the heat loss is very proportional to the amount of skin the showing

a human body surface area means the total area of skin on its outer surfaces. That's a head chest or torso plus the arms and legs heat loss. Meaning the total amount of heat transferred away from something through its surface is proportional to body surface area in that case a 50% heat loss from the head which only makes up 7% of the body surface area seems like an overestimation in the 1950s on soldiers wearing arctic wolf at closing the kind of super warm thermal clothes you might wear in Sub-Zero temperatures, but with nothing to cover the head Mike Tipton taking up a story with BBC World Service program more or less.

The question was how important is ahead now to also provide some equipment for some reason. I did not scenario. Of course when you insulation over much for the rest of the body preventing heat loss then obviously the percentage of heat loss from the head. He's going to be high and at -4 degrees Celsius it amounted to about half of the resting heat production of the body. The soldiers bodies were protected with insulation thick material used to stop heat from escaping the heat Escape that way when resting not moving or doing anything active. I'm so lost to the Head slowly became a popular myth or your woolly hats in the pin. That's another consideration to buy remind one that concerns your core temperature. That's the internal temperature inside your body including the blood heart and other

vital organs when the head is allowed to get cold in the body is well-insulated the body's core temperature drops rapidly due to the circulation of blood really is blowing hot and cold now I have no idea how much hate is actually lost from the head why don't you just tell me the answer will up how much heat do you a zombie guide says is lost through the head SC 50 to 55% roughly 1/2 was I right about not right in fact the army field guide says be 40 to 45% but as we staying in this case cold facts are hard to come by pick up Ava Capri then because we're still not sure if wearing a hat to keep warm is just a popular myth

something people believe to be true but which actually is not it seems that heat loss the total heat transferred away from something is linked to the surface area for total area of the bodies out of services when exposed to the cold material used to stop heat from escaping may change the body's resting temperature it's temperature when not moving and at rest also affect your core temperature your body's internal temperature including the heart and blood remind me to wrap up warm for the winter in your pocket just in case see you again soon for more trending topics and vocabulary at 6 Minute English by pnau

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