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NPR News: 02-09-2021 9PM ET

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live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer former President Donald Trump's second historic impeachment trial began with fiery arguments from both sides, including a powerful 13 minute video showing in graphic detail violence carried out by his followers last month at the US Capitol to send it then going 55 to 44th and it has jurisdiction and can proceed with the case as we're Trump's defense NPR's Tamara Keith Sweat it Harkens back to the first impeachment trial. This is the arguments that they have been making it in some ways. It's not even that different than the argument that was made in President Trump's first impeachment, which was simply that these Democrats have Trump derangement syndrome and they are trying to get rid of him remove him from public life. Anyway possible that is essentially the argument the Trump's legal team is making this time and made last time too.

Coronavirus vaccine rise next week to 11 million. That's up by 2 million weekly do so since President Biden took office, but many states still not enough. There's a pair of Eric Westervelt in California the vaccination if it is still very much a work in progress with Stadium sites across the nation's most populous state either vaccinating well under capacity or not yet up and running at the opening Tuesday of the newest site Santa Clara county is Levi Stadium Governor, Gavin Newsom said Supply continues to be the challenge. That's the constraint Sony asked me. What are we doing to vaccinate this group that group? It's an issue now scarcity. It's an issue of Supply the need to give each person two doses a few weeks apart is complicating matters in LA county. For example official safe for the rest of this week several major vaccination sites will only be administering second dose has Eric Westervelt NPR News Messenger say the pilot of the helicopter that killed basket.

All Star Kobe Bryant has daughter and six other passengers last year became disoriented after flying in the clouds form. NPR is Russell Lewis.

The national Transportation safety board says the highly experienced pilot continue to press on his weather deteriorated during the flight in the Los Angeles area investigators spent the past year trying to understand why he flew into clouds and lost control all things. His training should have prevented said NTSB vice-chairman Bruce Landsberg an accident is something that is unforeseen unpredictable if you will, unfortunately, this wasn't the problem 20 helicopter crash is similar to this one in the past decade the NTSB made several new non-binding safety recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration Russell Lewis NPR news. This is NPR.

Mary Wilson, one of the founding members of The Supremes died last night. She was 76 years old her publicist Jay Schwartz in a statement said she died suddenly in her home in Nevada. No cause was given as NPR's Andrew limbang reports.

Mary Wilson Florence Ballard and Diana Ross were just teenagers with Big Ideas when they started singing together as the primettes as Wilson told NPR in 2006, you know, we did Dare To Dream at a time when it was almost an Impossible Dream for us to want to be Stars.


The Supremes became Motown icon sets Courts phone number one singles on the Billboard charts after the group broke up Mara Wilson continued performing as a solo artist, you're still pursuing fresh ideas just a few days ago. She posted on her YouTube channel about working with universal to put out new music Andrew lembang and Pyrenees council members scheduled to hear arguments from their attorney and whether the town can Bartram from living there Trump's lawyer told the town in 1993 Trump would be prohibited from live in the air if the city allowed him to open the club the members from the deal was not specifically included in the written agreement Trump is an employee of the corporation that owns Mar-A-Lago and under Town rule the club can provide on-site housing to its employees on Wall Street a mix close. The Dow is down nine points today to close a 31,000 375 the NASDAQ roast 20 points. The S&P was up four points. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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