NPR News Now - NPR News: 02-14-2021 11AM ET

NPR News: 02-14-2021 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barbara Klein President Biden has weighed in after the Senate acquitted former President Donald Trump yesterday for inciting violence at the US Capitol late last night Vine issued a statement noting the bipartisan votes supporting conviction and said the substance of the charge is not in dispute. It's the second time Trump has escaped conviction, but yesterday's vote was different is NPR is Nina totenberg reports. The guilty vote was 57 in favour, 243 not guilty a hefty majority, but short of the required 67 votes needed to convict 7 Republicans voted to convict their own president and Republican leader Mitch McConnell delivered a more scorching indictment of trump than any of the house manager so he can see the question was closed McConnell said he voted against conviction only because in his youth the Constitution does not permit the trial of a president once he's left office as for Trump. He promptly issued us.

I meant to crying when he called this witch-hunt and promising his supporters that quote our historic patriotic and beautiful movement has only just begun NPR News Washington. The Russian government is warning citizens not to participate in shows of support for jailed opposition leader. Alexei navalny is Charles Maines reports from Moscow local demonstrations have been organised to coincide with Valentine's Day love is stronger than fear allies in the vale or calling on Russians to hold up cell phone flashlights in their Courtyards for several minutes Sunday evening before posting the scenes to social media the movie scene as a symbolic show of support for navalny was sentenced to nearly three years in prison upon his return to Russia from Germany. It's been months recovering from a near-fatal poisoning. It's also an attempt to avoid direct confrontation with police more than 10,000 people were detained emit a crack down on protesters in recent weeks the criminal justice public events.

Unsanctioned by the state are legal and risk for the spread of the coronavirus Rengar news. I'm Charles Manson Moscow of Guinea is reporting an outbreak of Ebola the first deaths since the world's deadliest Ebola epidemic ended 5 years ago. The BBC's Mary Harper reports. The new cases are in the same region where the previous outbreak started the health authorities say 3 people have died from the disease and five out that if tested positive they will fail with diarrhea vomiting and bleeding after attending a burial Health wackos, and now trying to trace an isolate all those who came in contact with those affected. The WHIO has been asked to supply back scenes with greatly improve survival rate cases of us have been confirmed in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo it 12th outbreak of the disease.

The BBC's Mary Harper, this is NPR.

Japan has officially approved Pfizer's covid-19 vaccine official say inoculations will begin in a few days. It's the first covid-19.

We had Stamped Out Fleer up successfully before and from cases we've seen or the Seas with outbreaks have gotten away is the need to go hide and early writing a population of 5 million from February 28th from Beyond used in Melbourne United Arab Emirates space probe has sent back its first picture of Mars. It shows the planets North Pole and largest volcano. The UAE is the first Arab nation and 5th country to reach Earth's neighbor NASA's rover perseverance is due to land Thursday. I'm Barbara Klein NPR
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