6 Minute English - Working for yourself

Rob and Georgina talk about the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing.

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Hello, this is 6 Minute English from BBC learning English Angel Gina. Very creative with lots of variety with regular income and a pension but have you ever been freelance by that? I mean working for yourself and selling new skills and services to different businesses, but not really. It's a risky way to earn income to survive and that's what we're talking about in this program. But let's start with a question for you rope. This is about Job titles back in the 19th century. What kind of job was a drama where they say someone who played the

Be a traveling salesman OC a music publicist to Drums up meaning in carriages support for a band if that's my kind of joke. Okay. Well, we'll find out if that's why at the end of the program but let's talk more about what now long gone are the days of a job for life where you spent your adult life. What can you weigh out the career ladder at the same company? We work in many different ways now because the needs a business is change frequently and it needs to be agile changing the size and type of Workforce in order to me tomorrow and you need to adopt and some cheese to go out for themselves offering their skills to different businesses as and when they don't need it, but it can also be a lifestyle Choice as we're about to find out some people have chosen to become self-employed working for themselves. But also because of the recent coronavirus pandemic some people

Full Steam to the situation let's hear from Carla Barker who set up her own business after giving up her regular job. She told the BBC Radio 4 with program you and yours how she felt good at the idea of giving out fake solid permanent full-time page comfortable if it petrified. It is FIFA scary because you didn't have that say, oh my goodness. Can we do this creeping in the enough to do this all people going to take me on as a business?

So, I decided to go it alone and informal way of saying what for herself she described giving up a full-time job as petrifying so frightening. You can't speak or move if she may have been exaggerating slightly, but she also said it was super scary. I guess working for yourself must be scary that you are solely responsible for your own success. It's no surprise, I had feelings of self-sabotage having doubts and fears that stopped to achieving something and many other people who have become self-employed Alfredo have overcome the fear and discovered the benefits who's the author of a book called ditch the 925 and Be Your Own Boss.

She also spoke to the BBC's you and you was program and explains why she gave out the 925 the regular full-time staff job and how it helped her some creative settlement from a job compared to the job that was on before which is better customer base and working face-to-face and. Palestine flexibility to accommodate my symptoms. And I also wanted to Financial Freedom to be able to overtime increase my income with just having to wait on being promoted or getting up here eyes and National Employment.

So what do for herself case you're not a good feeling that she achieved something. She wanted to do it gave her creative fulfillment. It also meant she could work more flexibly and that helped her with her mental health because she didn't have to follow a fixed. We're two of tasks Freedom meaning the money. She earned was not controlled by someone else and you didn't have to wait for someone else to give her a pay Rise Of course that could be risky to a drama used to do back in the nineteenth century and obviously a drama plays the drums used to be a way of describing a traveling salesperson because that job was to drum up business for a company meaning they try to increase sales. I would rather be a freelance drummer in a rock band.

This is one of the words we've mentioned today to frenos means to work for yourself selling your skills or services to different businesses frightening to come speak or move and starting out on your road and can lead to self-sabotage having doubts and fears that stop you achieving something, but I can achieve in something for yourself having Financial Freedom means being able to control how you own unusual money to enjoy on all websites at BBC learning English. Calm and check us out on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Bye for now on BBC learning English.
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