The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Feb 14: ❤️ Weekend Update ❤️

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Good morning, everyone from the Crypt media. This is it a good daily. And my name is Matthew Aaron. Today is Sunday, February 14th. 2021 Valentine's Day and I hope that you woke up next to somebody special and reached over and grabbed your phone open your black folio swipe your finger down and refreshed.

And then you saw $49,002 Bitcoin up 4.2% from yesterday, aetherium $1,814.53 up 28% from yesterday, like going to 1990 up 4% from yesterday chain link 3362 up almost 10% from yesterday and xrp 58.5 cents down 2.5% from yesterday. Total market cap is almost hitting 1.5 trillion dollars. It's sitting at 1.493 trillion dollars up 1.78% from yesterday BTC dominance 61% Now tell me the truth. Have you heard anything sexier than $49,000 Bitcoin on Valentine's Day? I don't think so.

Getting into some headlines Mark Cuban predicts blockchain is the new internet the billionaire the TV personality and Dallas Mavericks owner waiting on crypto. He's a huge defy fan and he loves himself some smart contracts all yeah.

However, Mark Cuban doesn't believe that could be accepted as currencies by store of value and smart contracts. He's going all in.

And if you focus start-up Dapper Labs is Raising 250 million dollars in new funding and it's pushing is NFC project. NBA Top Shot is raising the money because it saw so much growth with it NBA Top Shot in a few product that they're going to go all in and finally more mainstream validation for Bitcoin at 3% of all BTC in circulation is held by institutions. That means companies hold more than 460,000 Bitcoin. That's all we have today. Please do me a favor though. Do not keep refreshing your portfolio today. Put it down for a couple hours and spend some time with your loved one. And if your loved one is Bitcoin, make sure that you take out the Satoshi white paper and give it a read. I'll see you tomorrow until then Happy Halloween everyone.
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