The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Feb 17: Representation Matters in Blockchain, #BTC 51k! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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From the Crypt media this is referred daily in my name is Matthew Aaron today on the show. We're talking $51,400 Bitcoin and we're also talking to the founder and host of women in blockchain talks Lavinia Osborne. That's today on the decrypt daily.

Good morning, everyone. What a day. What a day. Today is Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 before we get started. I want to give a shout out to my brother. Happy birthday, man. You're 36 37 38. I don't even know how old you are. We getting old. It doesn't even matter. You're still alive. And it's your birthday. I love you man. I hope you're having and I hope you're listening to the show. He actually told me he doesn't listen to the show that breaks my heart. But hey, he hasn't been in crypto for about three years because he got all depressed at the beer market. So he never came back in he lost too much money trading me off and Neo gas, you know the other day I put out an NFC episode and we did kind of a breakdown a101 on what are entities and there's a lot of people coming into the space right now because of the hype about Bitcoin Z talk about big when it's in mainstream news. A lot of big companies are hedging into Bitcoin. And so I want to make sure that everybody has the knowledge that they want to navigate to space. So if you would send me an email Matthew Aaron at the crib. Co and I would love to hear your ideas.

101 Zoar breakdown episodes or ideas for topics that we should go in Deep dive into to give everybody the education the base knowledge to understand the blank space and understand the tech & Innovation. So send me the email you some suggestions Matthew Aaron. What do you want to learn about right now? I just want to hear about those crypto prices.

Yurito money talk equipment at 10:50 Eastern Standard Time Bitcoin is $51,138.92 4.2% from yesterday, please remember yesterday. I said the CEO of micro strategy Michael Saylor is selling $600 worth of convertible senior notes to buy more Bitcoin. Well, I spoke too soon. I'm wrong. He's not selling $600 worth of convertible senior notes. He's selling nine hundred million dollars worth of convertible senior notes to buy Bitcoin it remember microstrategy already owns around 71015 pengra 1.145 billion dollars list as well today that Dash is worth 3.5 billion dollars, so you can't blame me for trying to get some more.

Aetherium is sitting at $1,809.92 up 1.8% from yesterday, like going to 2682 up 7.9% from yesterday chain-link 3161 down .4% and xrp 53.9% up 1.3% from yesterday told him that 1.53 trillion dollars almost 3% from yesterday with BTC dominance of 61.8% And like I said in the intro conversation today, we're talkin to Lavinia Osborne the founder and host of women in blockchain talks and we're talking about why representation matters in the boxing space enjoy the conversation and I'll see you after it for headlines.

Hi Matthew, thank you for having me you are the founder and host of women in blockchain talks and I want to know first of all, what is it looks is a platform. Is promoting an open up access to the proteins compared to everybody and everybody meaning women and just people who don't fit the norm of what blockchain is perceived to be particularly hearing you repeatedly hear in the UK London. What is the normal that picture for me? What what what do you think these status quo of of the blockchain? Look at I want to bring that in a little bit because I was just talking to Isaiah Jackson the author of the queen of Black America and when we were talking about a Wall Street bets in the washing pants logo, their logo is a white guy with blonde hair and a business suit and sunglasses on and that was the stereotypical image of what Wall Street would

Why can we that means Ally trading power business? What do you see that stereotypical image look like for boxing student looking in the bedrooms on the perfumes of society working on the technology cooking something cutbacks different not people look down on a man older people questioned its viability and then to the Other Extreme. You have the city guys who look like most read guys or white. Maybe y'all Tech innovators generally like Traders white guys in suits and talk about money and talk about how much they making and not talking about the social impact of blockchain because watching isn't just about cryptocurrencies know just about how much money you making is about the social impacts of bloat treatment for many women. These are subjects.

Many people but you will find a majority or I have found majority of women are pushing for this promoting less talkin about this but what you said for me to have it's just thought about the money and the man who are in suits making money and taking notes which organ that most people just don't understand so they feel alienated me taking it in and of itself can be alienating too many people and then now you talk blockchain and cryptocurrency. It just seems like a different world different level. This is a podcast of people can see u u a r a black British woman. I am a bi-racial American man. What do you feel that? It should look like we said that what you what is stereotypical but if you were going to give it a new logo a new icon a new image, like you said wallstreetbets, what was that look like what representation my sister's so it has to look like a woman like me. It has to look like men in suits because we do need the money suit a part of the UK.

Listen to call the ecosystem. So it's not about me dating then it's just about the space representing others who don't look like them. So yeah, it would look like you would look like young people would look like older people. I mean, you have to look at the different aspects of blockchain as well. Because if you're just focusing on cryptocurrency, then it's across the board Financial inclusion Financial well-being is important and what blockchain does it gives people an equal playing field to create wealth. It looks like a housewife. It looks like a it looks like a professional woman. That looks like me looks like you so just Multicultural is what I'm talking about. I just to say I'm British Jamaican richest part of the awesome. Thank you very very much for clarifying that I've never actually tried to put a label on a British Jamaican or British Caribbean person. So I learned something today you said representation matters.

How do you create create multinational multi-ethnicity multi Financial background education background representation in a space when it comes to the Forefront logo. The Forefront image. The Forefront idea wasn't created about it was a creative with the intention of staying with in the box is about to centralization. It's about disruption. So for me, the image doesn't have to be off one person. It could be a group of people and that is the image and that group is representative of many brothers and just one boss you around the number number going up price Finance getting rich, right and there's a lot of social impact that's going to happen with blockchain. How do you take the number go up a narrative out and

Why would you want to do that? I mean part of the adoption of blockchain and Bitcoin is that it is going to be a digital gold. We want to see the number go up whenever go up means that it's becoming more accepted of the by institutions accepted by financial institutions of people in general that is a big part of The Narrative of digital gold and is also the social aspects. How do you create that balance? That's what I'm asking. I don't I'm quite happy for digital currencies to go out. I think it's amazing and it just shows the viability and the possibilities of what you can do with the stitches will come and save digital currencies decentralised digital currencies is about creating a for white people can learn about equally as I do not know about blockchain and the different aspects it across the border and give you the power back to the people.

Are the people is everyone not just one set of people and then also looking at how you can leverage cryptocurrency which is of course impossible all blockchain to increase your wealth does not take away from the social impact of where you are always ition what you want to create and well I want to go back to women in blockchain. Look the people that I have contact with everyday in Black enticing 80% are women the most of the women that I see people I follow on Twitter are women the most of the advice that I take from Twitter are women of the people that I most respect in space are women and the people that I interact with daily to do this job are women. Where is the Divide for me and my day-to-day life 80% of black teen is women. Where are they? Not at that? We need to see more women or minorities and different demographics in boxing.

micro Arenas, I'm not free world and most of the people that I engagement within the blockchain arena or women approaching hasn't been adopted by the whole world is only been adopted by Skillet minority even and so outside of that you just don't see and I speak to women every day and they told me they live in you when will the women and so when you take Queen tell girls top 100 notable people in blockchain, they were excited to space that 24% of their top 50 women, but when you look at it from 100% to 50% and Amy were part of that top 20, you also have grown to take to research and they took local research state is a list of the top most influential blockchain as important 3 or 20 20

There were no women the FaceTime not face of someone looking in wanting to just find out about the industry in and find out about this ecosystem this industry. I want to send patients there is not much and fast forward we have to do what we can to just open it up so that everyone can take advantage of this amazing opportunity. We quit so I don't know that's just as well with the pandemic many jobs has gone. So women particularly have been hit was just looking at different ways to transfer that skills. What is the industry? What is the arena that is growing is it not blockchain with people don't know about you don't understand that account Seabrook scentations themselves in it. Then that's going to delay them from coming into the spice and that's what I don't want and that is the mission of women abducted into it's not about it's just inviting everybody into space and May

Equal playing field in Reservoir. Where is the wall that there is only two of the top 20 most influential people in blockchain are women. Where is the wall that is not allowing women to access this dialogue this space.

Say to you Matthew people don't know what they don't know. I so women you have to come back many years. If you look at STEM Science technology engineering my these industries are on male lead in it's nothing wrong with that at the same time the numbers speak for themselves. Why is it that women feel like they this is not a space for that. Why is it that the numbers of the way that they are there is that what is that the case is it that the case that they don't feel that this is a space for them. So they don't answer it said it is a conditioning of agendas of what roles individuals go for which gender is girl for an evil within the blockchain space. I seen many women what women I've seen as business developers Market has PR rather than operations. Ciccio's CFOs. Don't get me wrong. I've seen them.

And this is my space. So I noticed them when I was working as an employee in this space and going to event, you know, that was many articles and discussions about the marketing goals, you know in front suspension boost to attract the people with the Deep Pockets and guess what sex the people with the Deep Pockets what so you know that in itself was just perpetrating the roles of men and female within blood channel for me that was wrong because that's not what blockchain is about. Yes business is business people would use such and ideologies to spell and to attract and so, you know to to raise funds But ultimately to make for me I want to change that and I want to empower individuals. I want an essay individual so it's not just within its everyone but women on my phone cast to come in this space share thy voice and state their position in blockchain.

What's the solution and how do we help? How does people like me or anybody else is listening to this help you with that goal is 10,000 women into blockchains into the blockchain spiced rum price at to a million in assets, a time of the year 2023 on so I think it's just really important. You you said it yourself you are Mel Advocate and there are many more in this paint what it's about education. It's always about education is about networking about mentorship. It's about creating rolls. Just speak to both sexes and not just one. So in recruiting of individuals and it's about creating communities as supporting those communities giving someone like me a voice to share the mission of making this space more equal. That's what you can do.

And that's what you were doing. You are an example. Thank you. Thank you. I was born founder and host of women in blockchain talks on ahead. Thank you very much for coming on the show, and thank you.

And in other news I hope you has been paying attention to nfts. I've been saying out of these entities if you're an artist make sure you check out how to put your art on the blockchain because I want you to sell it. I want to make a lot of money. I want you to make the amount of money that this crypto Punk was just sold for wait for it. It was sold for 78 F100 and $36,000 for a pixelated dude with glasses and a beanie this artist prank C and of tea has been selling these pixelated art works all over the place earlier this year. He saw one called punk number 2890 sell for over 605f or $760,000 in his cheapest punks are selling for about 9.5 asked for $17,000. Now, let's prank see is actually Banksy in Disguise. I don't know why these are being price so high what I can say is I want you to

Get paid like this person is getting paid. So if you are an artist think about putting some of your art on the blockchain put it on one of these exchanges and please try to get paid and tell him I sent you it when you make that big office lights, please.

This German cannabis company bets on bitcoin instead of the Euro as we all know every country is printing money making that money printer making their fed their Central Bank scope and a lot of people are trying to be corn in order to hedge against inflation of their fiat currency and probably smoking some weed one night had this great idea of why don't we do the same and they are putting money into Bitcoin to hedge against inflation of the Euro the decrypt article which is linked in the show notes. By the way. Did I State how much to be added as he is going to invest in Bitcoin? However, it's not the first German publicly traded company to invest into Bitcoin. So can we say that microstrategy and Michael Saylor their ideas of hedging into Bitcoin is catching on. My personal opinion about this is my two cents. I always have to give it you guys know me by now. They takes a certain CEO to put money into Bitcoin if it's Michael Saylor or Jack Dorsey tourism Musk.

This is something about them that gives you that the vibe that says yeah, I can see them doing something like that. Somebody like Tim Cook. That's a little bit more. Like if Tim Cook bought Bitcoin for apple or we use Apple to buy Bitcoin you be like now that is crazy. And so would have cannabis company does it it's almost like the same I guess five is an Elon Musk the Jack Dorsey on Michael Saylor. Someone is already thinking outside the box, It's a little bit extreme a non-typical CEO so I can see a lot more people like them coming on and buying Bitcoin buy what I really want to see. I want to see the Tim Cook's buy Bitcoin.

And finally in some very interesting news, even though Bitcoin breaks a new all-time high a survey by the consultant Garner came out today so that only 60% of Finance Executives would hold Bitcoin sometime in the future. However, only 5% of 9% So they'll hold it around 2024. So it only 1% said they'll hold it sometime between 2022 and 2023. Nobody's really in a rush to get Bitcoin at least Finance executives are in a rush. But are they right now? We know the site was a Bitcoin we know that is the having cycle. This is the having cycle we're bowling right now, but we bear it will be our bottom and we might have to wait until 2024 for the next Bowl but when we pull up then will be the top only time will tell but let's see if he's Finance Executives or on the right side of History.

Thank you for listening to this episode of the decrypt daily. My name is Matthew Aaron. Don't forget to go to Apple podcasts like subscribe share and the most important part of the comment. It helps us a visible Dells people have the confidence to click on this is spending time with us daily, and it gives me feedback and I love hearing from you. I'll see you tomorrow. Happy houghtaling everybody.
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