NPR News Now - NPR News: 02-20-2021 10PM ET

NPR News: 02-20-2021 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Jeanine Herbst warmer temperatures are bringing some relief to the South which was slammed with a winter storm snow ice and water and power outages this week. They're more than 30,000 customers still without power and the water has been restored to some officials are still warning people to boil it first President Biden today approved a major disaster declaration for the Lone Star State, Texas. Congresswoman. Sheila Jackson Lee says many of the most vulnerable residents need a Lifeline. We were children adult children whose parents live in older homes left behind that were trying to get them out of the freezing conditions because they thought they might die during the night.

That was unacceptable and unnecessary Haydn says he hopes to travel to Texas next week mean while the storm that brought much of the South to a standstill also hampered coronavirus testing and vaccination efforts, but it's like farmer of never station wpln and Nashville reports Public Health officials are hoping so many people being snowbound may also slow the pandemic in the short run for a week people from Texas to Tennessee have been pretty well stuck at home and public health officials here in Nashville predicted in a week or two. The new coronavirus cases will show that isolation helped but dr. William Schaffner and infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center says, he still more concerned about strolling momentum in vaccinations mission of the virus temporarily is nice, but we need to get out vaccination program back in gear as quickly as possible. The White House is as vaccinations sites to try.

And make up the time with extended hours for NPR news on Blake farmer in Nashville. Secretary Lloyd. Austin is trying to tackle domestic extremism in the military has the armed forces are not afraid of self-examination. And here's Tom Bowman has more still waiting for the services to provide any details including those charged or kicked out for a stream is behavior Austin expect the numbers to be small, but he said larger than most of us guess the Marine Corps says in the past three years 16 cases of extreme. His behavior has been detected mostly through postings on social media. There's no immediate information and how those cases were resolved. The defense secretary ordered a one-day stand down across the military. So commanders can talk with troops about extremism that stand down came after the January 6th Riot on Capitol Hill revealed that some 15% of those charged or military veterans Tom Bowman NPR news the Pentagon.

others were injured after a gunman opened fire in a gun store in a suburb of New Orleans the Jefferson Parish Sheriff says customers and staff at the store then open fire on the shooter who died and where did Automotive this is NPR

The Federal Aviation Administration says no one was injured after a United Airlines jet made an emergency landing at the Denver International Airport today because of engine problems. But debris from the plane fell on the neighborhood. There's no word yet on the cause of Russian court has rejected an appeal in the sentencing of opposition leader Alexei navalny clearing the way for the Kremlin critic to spend more than two and a half years in jail for Moscow Charles Maines reports Accord short in the vale prison time by 6 weeks, but upheld an earlier decision that found the volume had violated his parole from a suspended sentence dating back to 2014 money is long argued that initial conviction was issued to disqualify him from public office. He also noted the alleged parole violations occurred while he was in Germany recuperating from a near-fatal poisoning attack. He blames on the Russian government. Meanwhile in a separate trial held later in the day of only was found guilty of slander and issue Define for insulting a World War II veteran who participated in a

Oak rum and promotional video of all the argues the case was fabricated to smear his name in the court of public opinion or reverence for the Soviet war effort against Nazi Germany runs deep Frontier news. I'm Charles Manson Moscow

President Biden paid a visit today to former Senator Bob Dole days after the 97 year-old Republican World War II veteran announced TV host with stage 4 lung cancer fighting served in the Senate with the old for more than two decades. The White House has do is a close friend of the president Dole says he plans to start treatment on Monday. I'm Jeanine Herbst NPR news.
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