The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Feb 21: Weekend Update: Miami Mayor Suarez, Meltem Demirors’ Epic Tweet

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Good morning, everyone. Welcome to the show. Today is Sunday, February 21st 2021. This The Weekend Update. My name is Matthew Aaron and this is the decrypt a Lie by the current media for crypto prices from now on. I'm going to try something new. I'm going to give you the top five points plus the market cap change as well and see if that works is having a lot of movement in the crypto space a lot of shuffling around and I want everybody to still know the prices don't know the top coins. But sometimes I think some of the coins that were looking at are pretty practical look at anymore. So I'm just going to the top five coins and the biggest movers and the market cap. It's 10 a.m. Pick when it's in that $57,416 up 2.15% from yesterday. Aetherium is $1,966 down 3% binance coin 30409 up 6% in 24 hours polka. Is that number for at 39506 even from yesterday and cardano? I don't know when this happened but it broke the $1 Mark is at $1.12 it down a little bit in 24 hours.

Sitting at the number five spot the total market cap were sitting at 1.736 trillion dollars down 1.4% from yesterday. BTC dominance is 61.3% in crypto. Twitter melted mirror put out a 5-point tweet that I want to read for you at that was pretty good. Here. It is. She says number one what grinds my gears Boomer Baker St. Bitcoin is a fat because my teenage son / cab driver slice housekeeper was talking about it. Like it's 1929. It's 2021. We will have supercomputers in our pockets. The high quality research is freely and readily available number to anyone with smartphones a little bit of cash into checking account and the desire to learn to start investing I can get exposure to a wide range of asset classes. They don't get a dude in a suit to do it. They don't need a 60/40 portfolio number three people are watching the dollar get obliterated and their portfolios get rekt. They're tired of getting .1% in

Criswell subsidizing the lifestyles of people who laugh in their faces while robbing them. They're taking charge of the pro folio to get out of the rat race number for do people make bad decisions. Absolutely, but you can't really sit here and say they're better off doing nothing absolutely not instead of judging people for wine to invest in and she Financial Security. Let's educate and provide accessible easy-to-understand resources and number 5, respectively your cabbie buying Bitcoin is not the sign of the top of the market. It's a sign that your time has come to an end a new era of personal finance and investing is beginning and no suits will be needed. Thank you very much her tweet and all the comments are linked in the show notes and it's worth a read.

Animal be in the headlines. Chipolina sat down with the mayor of Miami Mr. Francis Suarez where he said on the record that he will personally buy Bitcoin on both sides right now. So I think that's part of their Suarez then went on to say how he's trying to transform Miami into a blockchain hub allowing workers get paid in Bitcoin pay taxes in Bitcoin and much more information and it did it. It allowed us to go out there and find a third party which will allow us but appear employees in Bitcoin.

Amir allowed us to go out and find a third party which would put us into the same third-party. That's what allows to accept and then it asked the manager to explore the possibility of being able to hold Bitcoin as an acid in our treasure Reserve things. Phil reporting and I personally think that this is really bullish.

As we all should know by now Tesla but 1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin and when they disclosed it, they jump the price run 8.5% Well, you know what? You never slow down never look back 12 days later it broke the $57,000. That was Tesla at a billion dollars profit from his Bitcoin investment compared that to the 721 million dollars in profit from selling cars. Could it be that test was better at investing the making cars? I don't know. I'm still by my Tesla.

And we also know if you're going to have a product a company or a service in 2021. You also need a good domain name will take him a while to just got purchased by crypto Venture firm future fun and was purchased for the decentralized finest project Sushi swap. The Beasley firm said that it acquired the domain to greatly increase internet traffic and exposure to the sushi brand for the forthcoming new projects. Keep an eye on See how that turns out and see the new projects that are to be launched.

And finally, I want to go back to February 18th episode where I talked about the Canadian ETF if you guys remember that episode, I was late to that interview. I was like Justin. I'm so sorry. I'm late. I thought was a different time. You think it's cool. It's cool because I took the time waiting for you to go buy some of this ETF, but he wasn't the only one because since its launch on Thursday. I'm just found out a couple days ago the North America's first Bitcoin ETF or exchange-traded fund already amassed 421 million dollars in assets.

Thank you very much for listening to this episode of the crypt daily. Don't forget Apple podcasts like subscribe share and leave a comment that helps us stay visible. It helps to know how I'm doing and also it gives people confidence to click on the show. If you want. You can send me an email as well. If you are inadequate. I'll see you I'll see you tomorrow until then Happy houghtaling everyone and happy Sunday.
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