NPR News Now - NPR News: 02-23-2021 9PM ET

NPR News: 02-23-2021 9PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer President. Biden says the government will take steps to get more Americans wearing masks in an effort to combat the spread of the coronavirus mprc cherasco reports by did not offer any other details about the plan during a virtual meeting with black essential workers by the said that many lives could have been saved if more people wore masks. We're probably going to be sending out an awful lot of masks around the country are very shortly. I'm millions of them while the former Administration officially promoted wearing face coverings former President Donald Trump decline to wear them on a regular basis since taking office fighting has mandated mask-wearing on federal property and urged Americans to wear masks in public for his first 100 days Ayesha Rascoe NPR news.

County lost more than 2,400 covid-19 doses The spoilage partially related to last week's winter weather is like former member station wpln reports. The state is calling for more support from federal authorities. The Shelby County Health Department allowed more than 2,400 doses to expire on several different occasions. This month and state officials have also found the county had more than twice the amount of vaccine on hand that it should have had. Dr. Lisa piercey. Tennessee's Health commissioner expects. There will be a federal inquiry people of Shelby County.

Efficient and effective access to this back State while weather wasn't entirely to blame for the inefficiencies state across the South or now lagging in vaccinations after more than a week of crippling ice and snow bring PR news on Blake farmer in Nashville today what they've learned about the so-called solarwinds Hack That breach government and private company computer networks NPR's Greg myre report stay Express grudging admiration on the size and skill of the attack the tech Executives said the hackers believed to be from Russian intelligence develop sophisticated malware that had never been seen before Microsoft president Brad Smith told the Senate intelligence committee. It was a massive operation. We ask ourselves how many Engineers should we believe had worked on this Collective effort and the answer we came to us at least a thousand the hackers carried out a successful dry run that lasted month before unleashing the actual breach in March of last year. They quietly search through

Emails and documents before they were uncovered in December and the hack may still be ongoing Greg myre NPR News Washington agriculture secretary the former, Iowa governor spent eight years leading Department under former President Barack Obama, you're listening to NPR.

Atlanta-based Home Depot is reporting a surge in 4th quarter earnings in a big overall 20/20 remember station WABE Alex how much reports it's among the companies thriving during the pandemic people stuck at home during the pandemic and tackling DIY projects have been a boon to Home Depot the Home Improvement giant Limited hours early on but remain open during lockdown the results sales for the company last fiscal year were 132 billion dollars up 20% from 2019. The company said it grew its overall business by nearly 22 billion dollars last year. But in a statement Home Depot spokeswoman said the big 20/20 numbers cannot be used as a foundation for future growth and earnings, especially as more people get vaccinated and more places start to reopen NPR news on my lights only in Atlanta is pushing back against the idea that looser monetary policy is automatically triggering heightened in

Play Shannon Financial wrist pal Singh. The central bank will keep his attention focused on getting Americans back to work as a vaccine related economic recovery for seeds. I'll testify today before the Senate Banking Committee telling lawmakers while there is a possibility growth could take off. He said millions still remain unemployed as a result of the pandemic. I'll also said interest rates will stay low in the federal continue with its 120 billion dollar a month bond-buying if it was substantially more progress is made IMAX close on Wall Street today. The Dow was up 15 points. The NASDAQ fell 67 points the S&P drop Four Points. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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