NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-23-2020 10PM ET

NPR News: 07-23-2020 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer sending concerns about the spread of the coronavirus in the South especially in Florida President Donald Trump today pull the plug on next month's schedule GOP National Convention events in Jacksonville, Florida speaking at the White House Trump saying he doesn't think a large in person event is a good idea. I'll still do a convention speech in a different form, but we won't do a big crowded convention for say it's just not the right time for that. I care deeply about the people of Florida and everywhere else frankly in this country and even in the world,

Who would be coming into the state and I don't want to do anything to upset it comes at some of us will still be held in North Carolina the original location of for this year's GOP convention Trump. Also again call to the reopening of the nation's schools president said he believed some schools can reopen safely siding the need for parents to get back to work including to Milwaukee the side of the Democratic National Convention. Next month is Marty Michaelson with member station wuwm reports. The agents are coming despite the objections of Wisconsin's Governor. Charles didn't say when Federal Personnel would arrive in Milwaukee by protesters are expected when the mostly virtual Democratic National Convention begins there August 17th, Democratic. Governor. Tony Evers says, he sent a letter to the president this week urging him not to deploy the agents. He says the Wisconsin National Guard and other law enforcement agencies can handle protests and I'll bring up

Federal price of presents will I believe I create more turmoil recited Portland where protesters have been clashing with federal agents for many nights. But the White House in cities are not adequately addressing violent crime for NPR news. I'm already Michaelson in Milwaukee has to stand up to the Asian Powerhouse NPR's Jackie Northam reports. The speech comes as relations between the US and China or at the worst. They've been at for decades Nixon Presidential Library and Museum Pompeo warned about the dangers of a rising China accusing Beijing of exploiting a free and open Society in the US and sending propagandist to American Research centers college campuses and even pumping says to PTA meetings. He says the Trump Administration will no longer ignore Beijing to sort of Ness and called on All Nations to do the same.

Freedom's from the Chinese Communist party is the mission of our time in America is perfectly positioned to lead to push for change from Jackie, Northam. NPR news. This is NPR.

U.s. And Britain are accusing Russia of threading the piece of outer space following the launch of a projectile from a satellite. You are space command referring to what it calls is a non-destructive test of the any satellite weapon early this month by Russia private and Alyssa us concerns to appear Justified who actually intended use of that system is not clear. It must go to the country's defense Ministry describe the launch as involving a small space vehicle was used to inspect a national satellite using special up close equipment. The French government says it's fears are bound of the virus is bound out-of-control NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports president Manuel macromol me with his advisers Friday to study the situation in the possibility of new restrictions there.

There are new clusters in several regions including Britney on the coast and the Alps where many people are on holiday. France made face masks mandatory inside public buildings this week. The head of France is scientific Council says things are at a critical point and could tip either way the situation just be on France's borders is also worrying cases went up 90% in the last week in Belgium and face masks are now mandatory there indoors and out. Spain is reimposing lockdowns in areas like Catalonia Micron warned his nation that the crisis is not yet behind us Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris even got to start organizing sit-ins against segregation in Peoria, Illinois in the 40s. He was 95 this is end.
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