NPR News Now - NPR News: 02-28-2021 7PM ET

NPR News: 02-28-2021 7PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Janine Herbst the Centers for Disease Control and prevention today indoors Johnson & Johnson's one shot vaccine a day after the FDA authorized it for emergency use vaccines made by Pfizer and Madrona require two doses. Dr. Anthony fauci says people shouldn't get hung up on which vaccine to take. This is a good vaccine. I think we need to pull away from this comparing and parsing numbers until you compare them head-to-head just be really grateful that we have three really applications vaccines speaking their on ABC's this week Johnson & Johnson says, it's already started shipping the 4 million doses. It had ready to go with 100 million doses expected by the end of June. The justice department is appealing a judge's ruling last week that declared halting evictions during the pandemic is illegal. If there's any hail reports, the doj says renters need protection to prevent the spread of the coronavirus Federal prosecutors have filed a notice of appeal.

Eastern District Court of Texas that's where judge ruled last week that the CDC had overstepped its Authority by issuing an eviction moratorium last year the CDC ordered landlords to temporarily stop taking out certain tenants behind on the rent saying it was a public health measure to slow the spread of covid-19 group of Texas Property Owners sued and a federal judge sided with them saying the moratorium was unconstitutional justice department lawyers argue, pausing evictions keeps people off the streets and out of crowded shelters in the pandemic and that the judge's decision does not apply beyond the plaintiffs in the Texas case Amy held NPR news, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment. He issued an apology tonight saying he didn't mean to offend her harm and he says he tease people about their personal lives and now understands that may have been insensitive. He says he wants an outside independent review of the allegations. It's the fourth statement Cuomo has issued today on the allegations.

Former President Donald Trump made his first speech since leaving the White House. He's smoking Orlando at the conservative political action conference or CPAC. Domenico. Montanaro has more freaky with past former President Trump took on the man who beat him in the 2020 presidential election just a month after leaving office. He reserved much of his scorn for President Biden's immigration policy something that is always been an animating issue for Trump and his base the former president kept up his false election fraud claim maintaining wrongly that he'd won the election. He blasted the Supreme Court for not siding with him and said the justices should be ashamed Trump calls for Unity in the Republican party, but called out Republicans who crossed him. He pees that he could run again in 2020 for and vowed to stay active with his political action committee effectively freezing for now the GOP Presidential field Domenico montanaro NPR News, Washington.

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Police in Hong Kong today say they have charged nearly all of the pro-democracy protesters who were arrested last month the 47 activist include almost all of the remaining contingent of the pro-democracy lawmakers. They were all arrested for conspiracy to commit to the version that's under the National Security Law and will appear in court this week. It's the biggest move against Hong Kong's democracy movement since Beijing and post that National Security Law. Last June the Golden Globes Will Be awarded tonight to movies and television shows that have been pressed the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. What is NPR's Neda ulaby reports? The ceremony that likes to call itself Hollywood's best party is expected to be somewhat subdued this year. The awards will be headed out under shadow of Scandal the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was recently shown by the LA Times investigation to accept expensive perks room Studios for its members who do not include anyone who is Black this year. The gloves did not nominate black filmmaker.

Best picture or any actresses of color on television shows that you're homeless is that true the new movie Nomad Land by director. Chloe Zhao is up for for Golden Globes in a Year with much at stake. The Academy Awards have been pushed back to April tonight's Golden Globe winners will be announced just a few days before Oscar voters get their pallets living NPR news Asian markets are trading higher at this hour. The Asia Dow is up just over 1% You was Futures Contract. Also trading higher Dow futures contract up more than a half percent. I'm Janine Herbst and you're listening to NPR news.
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