The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Mar 2: Mark Cuban w/ Decrypt’s EIC Dan Roberts

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From the group media. This is the current daily in my name is Matthew Aaron today on the show special show editor-in-chief of the crib Daniel Roberts interviews, Mark Cuban and Mark talks about Elon Musk Tesla. He talks about athyrium Roll-Ups sharting have to point out. He talks about entities. And of course he talks about the Dallas Mavericks that's coming up today on to the crib daily.

Good morning, everyone. Welcome to the show. Today is Tuesday, March 2nd 2021. And the time is 11:30 a.m. Eastern standard time. We're not going to go into much of an intro today and we're not going to have other news because I want to give you this interview with Mark Cuban in its entirety. He's interviewed by editor-in-chief Dan Roberts. So this not lollygag getting into this. Let me get you those crypto prices.

Here Wego money talk at $48,571.84 up just a smidge from this time yesterday at the number to at $1,560 up about 1.2% from yesterday cardano's down 2% at $1.25. But in the number three spot follow closely by binance at number 4 at 24530 down 3.4% That is of course number 5 and number six with polka dot at 3713 up 5.5% Total market cap were at 1.5 trillion dollars pretty much even at one point five trillion with a BTC dominance of 60.5% And like I said, I do want to drag my heels. I want to listen to the interview with Mark Cuban. I'll see you at the show.

Thanks for happy Dan. Thanks for joining. Let's start with kind of a few years back clearly at some point. You bought an amount of Bitcoin. You just revealed that recently now the time maybe you didn't make a lot of noise about it. Now clearly. I feel like more recently you are out there you are talking about crypto you are all in and I guess I'd ask you what is change. What is what is changed about the space? Nothing really, you know the big battle I've always had with people who are into a Bitcoin in particular was whether or not it was a currency and remember for the longest time. It was yes going to be a currency. We just need lightning then we'll be able to do a bunch of transactions, you know, everybody's going to realize that and it'll be you know, it'll take over Fiat and I was like this just no way. There's just too many things working against it, you know, the block size everything right from a technological perspective in lightning was everything then you got the battles in 2017. I think it was and you had the forks and all that kind of stuff. There was just too much stuff going on for it to really gets that.

Point and I really don't think that ever changes and I always said Bitcoin was worth with somebody will pay for it and so ill as long as there's people coming in it's okay, you know, as long as the demand exceeds the supply it's okay and I've always compared it to gold and and always said that it was better than gold, you know, when people say gold has intrinsic value that's ridiculous the idea that you know a sign we like gold color jewelry or gold original jewelry and that's intrinsic value is ridiculous. And so I think for a lot of reasons than we fast forward to the last the summer really and you start to see the value of smart contracts in defy in particular and governance and now you realize weather is Bitcoin or etherium even maybe some other choices when somebody owns that they become their own personal banker and when somebody has that at you can start creating other applications with smart contracts and you get a lot of Leverage and there's that's really change the game for me and that's what got me excited.

What is a few things there? I mean, let's talk more about the idea of is it a currency? Is it a commodity is it digital gold and you know, the original white paper did say an electronic peer-to-peer Cash System and so in some ways this got to stay. Well, it's not used his cash. They're not wrong that originally was called Cash. But of course technology has he called you use cases. He called and you're right right now all the big believers. They say it's a store value. It's digital gold. I guess I'd ask you though, is that as exciting and interesting if it's not something in addition if it's just an asset that you're buying to hold and we stuck separately about you know, the theory and applications but just for Bitcoin if it's just digital gold. What does that really match up with the original promise? I didn't read the white paper. I couldn't tell you all the details of the original promise and I don't really care what I know is what I know right now in your existing environment you could use it as collateral.

And when you can use it as collateral and you can swap it and we're depending on where you swap and you can do it efficiently and effectively then your options expand and so because it's it's got a liquid Marketplace you can assign a value to it not just as a store value but the act as collateral for other transactions and what's happening is with defy, you know, doing Financial transactions. The friction is far less than it is in traditional centralized analog Finance.

Let's talk about some of the narratives because it's such a narrative driven space so mean as we're discussing it is sort of evolved its digital gold number of other use cases that are exciting especially will get into the but it's not even I remember a few years back. It was blockchain not Bitcoin Banks coming out seeing what we love blockchain crypto. What did you make of all that it and now what agree with it with it a lot of applications for decentralized or distributed databases, you know, and that we would do deal with replication we would do with all kinds of stuff right? And so I always thought that the value in blockchain that was always the same argument I had the challenge was with watching you had to make a complete commitment in and right around it and then and in terms of a Bitcoin environment and then when a theory and came out with smart contracts all got simplify dramatically so that brought so that blockchain took on a complete completely different perspective and set of applications and now

There's another set of issues right with ethereum in terms of transactions per second. And so it is actually they followed the same curve and the difference is Bitcoin is kind of stuck with a store of value even though there is a blockchain there that's more just for confirming transactions that take place, you know with with Bitcoin buying and selling now with the theory and was smart contracts. I'm teaching myself to let it be right now. It's not hard if you've done any programming languages is pretty straightforward and easy. And so now you can start to see and I started to see the Simplot the Simplicity of creating smart contracts. There are then stored in full in the blockchain which are then immutable right? And now you can start seeing okay what other things can happen with this and now that we're starting sea level to three or four enhancements. There's there's a lot of narratives out there that are bullshit right? But at the same time fundamentally there's a lot lot of strong components to it.

When you talk about the different levels now course you're talking about tech levels, but of course, there's also different levels of understanding and you know, you also exists you and your Tech guy, but you're in this mainstream business world, you know, you're on Shark Tank and you got a nice on ABC by the way, surely you have friends right now or. You are asking you about this stuff and their understanding level. Is that a zero, they probably should I pick when they be now. They've also heard about us. At most how do you even begin to tell them we'll we'll here's what I love about it or here's what you need to understand because there were people don't just too crazy like back in 95, but we're starting audien at the streaming industry. We literally we called it internet broadcasting streaming wasn't even the term is that point and when you tried to explain it to people they be like dude, I'll just turn on my radio while turn on my TV. What the hell do I need the Internet for any back then you had to have a 56k modem you had to download a TCP IP client you had to download a media player and then

Had to find it on the website and it had these little batch files. And so there was a lot of complexity there that made it difficult for people found a way back then too. I mean, we have millions of users, you know from 95 to 2010. So people found a way because the application allow them to do things. They otherwise I could otherwise come too if you were sitting in your office with a PC on your desk, you didn't ever radio you didn't have the TV, right. The only way to get media was through and streaming now fast-forward, you know, 25 26 years and it's analogous for crypto. If you want to write yourself alone right in 30 seconds or less you're not going to a bank but you'll find a way with crypto if you want to take advantage of hopefully appreciation not always appreciation and you know, keep it locked up and and that makes a financial transactions again defy if you want to really get into it and be super geeky about it and learn about yield farming and bullying and staking you can make more than you would

In you know, you're at your savings account so they are driving applications. And that's what I talked about. It's the driving applications that are better Solutions. You know, what really got me excited about any of these was the smart contracts that let you earn royalties on recessed.

That changed the way things were done. I couldn't take my old MP3 collection that I had, you know from whatever and resell it. The way things are now and the artist in the Publishers couldn't make any money from it sandwich arts. And we did the same for same with your business stuff. If I give a speech that I think is valuable, you know where I'm at a conference and something is discussed. Now I can talk and ice it and sell it may not get any money for it. But at least I have that option and so you're creating value in ways that you never could create before so when you say, you know at what point might they start to understand or of course for a while people say will you don't understand how you know where she'd understand how the internet works you don't know smttpa HTTP it works. And so people might get to a point where blockchain is involved in their lives are using it but they don't need to understand it. That's all interesting and yet there's also still quite a lot of friction, you know.

Well, you just have to buy some East then put it in a transfer to your bloody. Great. You don't need a wallet. There is no cryptocurrency involved right? You just put your credit card in there and buy your moments like you buy anything else, right? They created a Marketplace which is no different than eBay or Amazon or Ebay which is just an open market place for anything only because it's digital. It's in near real-time and you just pay a transaction fee and you don't have all the hassles of receiving or sending like you do with you by yourself a mouse, you know, and so it's a simplification and a reduction of the friction and things we otherwise already do and that's going to bring people to the platform. I think that's your point right that when you simplify it you're going to bring a lot of neophytes the platform that are going to get excited about it. And that's what we're seeing. What type shots

Yeah, I mean, I think that's why coinbase is done. So well, for example because even regular people Joe Main Street who they hear about Bitcoin and maybe they decided I'm willing to buy a little bit of crypto, but it can't be three four steps. You know, I can definitely promise is reducing that friction. You better make it really easy for them to get into this face exactly. Right, especially with the know-your-customer laws and everything. You've got to be able to deal with smaller investor. The speculators are Traders whatever and just pop in the credit card has done a great job. So if you do the rewards programs with, you know, I'm one of those people who have done you no, give me give me some of this or get me some of that I'll take my 3 minutes and answer the questions and watch the video sure. I mean, they've been really really smart and simplification of marketing.

And of course, you know, it's not just coinbase now, no surprise some of those non-pure play crypto companies consumer-facing and Robin Hood PayPal Square, they've added funnel and I guess I I do not and say we can talk about the applications of this Tech. But if we look at the price surge in the recent Bitcoin bull run, it seems to me it's very much part of the sort of retail investor Revolution, you know, it's not unrelated to the pandemic this stuff all accelerated, you know in 2020 and the GameStop stuff was related. I mean, yes, it was GameStop, but it's Reddit fuelled is social media fueled and I'd ask your take on that. I mean how is crypto involved with that? How is all that stuff good for crypto an option as well empty cetera. They want to govern themselves. They don't want to be dictated to by anybody else. And so, you know Wall Street bets has its own foreign of governance and voting, you know, they're all staking in their own little way. Sometimes you may stay

Great information, you know a research report you wrote and you let it ride and see what kind of returns you can get. What would you have all these validators effectively who have staked if you know they bought gme or AMC that's their steak in right in there and maybe I'm getting all the terminology wrong cuz I'm just learning some of it but they're they're staking it and then they're about becoming validators. Right and that validation is been buying the stock and you're just repeating it as much as possible and getting Diamond hands and houghtaling, you know, which however you want to call it and you know that that decentralisation and that's the whole underpinning of blockchain and crypto. Do you know, let's take control of Our Own Destiny and not a hundred percent right? Because some applications are centralized and some players Pretender decentralized and they're not yada yada and that goes back to your narrative lot of people crave vs narrative, but in reality when it all comes down to it and it is analogous simple.

Because that it's decentralized and it's giving power to validators and that's what this that's the market need it and don't forget to mention the Wall Street bets. Let's talk a little bit about the big figures and you're one of them about crypto. What do you think of Elon Musk tweets that I mean all the Dogecoin stuff. And now as we do this interview just today it appears. Maybe he might get into some legal trouble again for those tweets. Yeah. I did see I don't know about the legal side of it. But you know, he likes he likes to raise hell and he's got the platform to do it, you know, if you could be at 10 followers, it wouldn't matter but you don't work for me for that matter either but you know when you have that platform and people know that you went. I used to go to CNBC all the time, right and I used to tell my friends. Here's the stock that I have that I'm going to talk about.

Just tell me your record it so I can see what happens to the price of the stock when I talked about it and it happens all the time did to this day people go on CNBC and we'll just paint the stock out right and then you talk about narrative. What is buy-and-hold buy-and-hold of the narrative to help stock prices go up. What's price aren't real. What's a cyclical stocks vs us consumers. Those are just narrative in order to get people to do something. Right? Well Apple used to be a cyclical stock. And so the PE was under V was under the the S&P you do PE of 16. It was only twelve so we converted it to occur to a growth stock because it's growth rate is above this and now you can pee tphp right nothing has changed and so the business of creating narratives is as old as the stock market, but it's just it's just different now because it's new

And in some ways that true about Bitcoin, I mean Bitcoin hasn't changed. It's just that some more big serious Wall Street names have now decided I believe in it. I'm going to invest some small portion of my portfolio in it scarcity right ends. Once you start buying into that and the fact, you know, and I think most of the big treasuries, you know, their biggest fear is getting hacked and Quantum Computing, but you could also make the argument that they're not going to go after Bitcoin first cuz it's probably awful hard given the circumstances will go after some Bigbang cuz that's where the money is put yasso has been around a long time. But I think like anything else the internet, you know, we talked about it like 1995 was the start of the internet it wasn't it started, you know years decades before that, you know, DARPA and BBN will be Rebecca Newman. And so there was a history there. So all Technologies go through this confidence and Trust curve in Bitcoin and crypto is no different.

And all just like the early days of their the commercial end of the consumer internet, you know, there's going to be a lot of BS a lot of fluff a lot of nonsense lot of narrative and they're going to be some great companies that evolved in Sumter. I look at the risk factors does boilerplate legal language, but then there's always some kind of interesting wrinkles and I noticed in coinbase is saying that you know, negative social media discussion around certain coins could hurt us negative Perceptions in media coverage of crypto. And I I guess I'd ask, you know, even as so many new use cases come around and more serious people have bought in you still have a lot of people out there who they have some sort of vague Association of Bitcoin with cybercrime. They all are bitcoins used by criminals refuse 4 hacks. What do you think it would take for that to change and go wet time the cash is used by criminals.

Yeah, it's just 33 bearer bonds, right? You know that all the old movies, right? They go into steel the bearer bonds because there was good as cash who cares right? Here's what it comes down to either the applications are going to be there to make life better and to make business more productive efficient and profitable or they're not and that is everything right there. And so if it's easier to transmit value from point A to point B using Bitcoin or using ethereum were using somebody else. All right, that's what we're going to do because the waist with to set up right now for international transfers is ridiculous. And you know, like Elan Mutt and Jeff Bezos. Your margin is my opportunity. It's the same here, you know, the banking's margin the banks margin is Bitcoin and crypto opportunity but usually for finance and it's done.

It's going to impact it, you know, I keep on telling people they don't fully understand it would defy that when you own crypto. You become your own personal banker you get to borrow against your your Bitcoin or etherium faster quicker better than any way you've ever been able to borrow before I am out of money in the bank. Right and I have to go to my banker and sign forms now, it seems you're not with DocuSign and get their permission to borrow against my money at an over collateralized bases. So when I want the mortgage for my mortgage when you have qualified digital tradable assets because they can be traded in real time. They're very easy to Collateral. And when you get when they're easy to Claddagh lies and price, then it's really easy to lend against

So now you're seeing a battle for liquidity and there's a lot of BS in there now with tokens in this and that as people try to overqualified CEOs and you overpay to get liquidity, but that will work itself out cuz that's not a real business long-term. You know, you're not going to you're not going to have 10 zillion different tokens created over the next 20 years that I'll pay in their own token to try to get more liquidity, right? It's just there's no there's nothing valued there. It's just in your early days of anything. It's just easy to try to do that to make some money but longer-term Free banking. I had a conversation with somebody today and I truly think that you're going to see retail stores in malls and you're going to say influencers and college campuses and what they're going to do. Is there going to go around and sign people up and get them crypto wallets and walk them through the whole know-your-customer take a picture of your driver's license get you all set up and all by the way,

Here's $5 in ethereum who is $5 in Bitcoin? Cuz it's cheaper than other marketing cost. Now. You're set up. Here's what you can do. And oh, by the way, once you get up to $1,000 and whatever crypto you want to have or whatever token if it's one of the liquid names that eats to talk to that guy over there cuz you can borrow it and real time for Bitcoin at less than 1% and you can turn it into USB C or whatever and here's a credit card that you can use against it or debit card better. Right and now all the sudden you can spend money. So if you need to spend if you know, you're you're getting you got $1,000 worth of crypto your washing machine broke, you're getting paid in two weeks. You need to borrow $200 to fix it, you know, you can put on your credit card, but it's you know, if you can't pay it off in X number of days, right? You're if you're going to get hit with 19% here's 1% flat and if you pay it off in 30 days, he always got you 1% and that's it.

And there's no end has no fees write your your credit card fees and your debit card fees and all that shit. Right? And there's no overdrafts and yeah, you can get called in but that's just like if you don't pay your credit card deal in 30 days, your interest rates are 19 to 29% So you get hit just as bad there. So just the efficiency of it, you know, it's so I really think you're going to see retail Presence Mercy College kids get paid to sign people up and get them hooked in and that's going to help escalated to the next level billion. Where's the Bitcoin? But it also disclosed it eventually wants to accept crypto as payment PayPal going to let people pay in crypto. Now the irony there is that for now. Most people don't want to spend the crypto right unless you want to spend do you want to hold on to it? And you're not you still have to convert at the Fiat right? And so as long as you have to convert you're not really spending and you're not really spending in crypto any

Right, right like the Mavs at we started we took our first Bitcoin five six years ago only. Nobody spend anything. Any other reason I did it was to prove a point that no one's going to buy anything and then we did it again a couple years ago. We sold $314 worth at whatever Bitcoin was at the time again. Sammy was just trying to prove a point that that they would buy something. I was trying to prove a point that not many people would and it is what it is. But again, it's a store of value that's liquid easily priceable and when you have anything like that particular that's digital because you can trade in real-time almost right in milliseconds, then it's really easy to value and let you have a debit card against that which allows you to go out there and it's almost like if you go to a foreign country and you spent put it on your America's best, they just hit you for whatever the currency exchange rate is that they have

It's so different you mention when the Mavs start accepting it and of course you got the team got your hands in so many different businesses did this stuff the crypto in the defy World excite you right now more than anything else you're involved with never excite me where the Mavs that's that's a given but it it's exciting because like your early days of the Internet it's disruptive and it went from okay blockchain and you build all your layers on top of it to the Bitcoin blockchain ubill at 2 a. M with smart contracts which are really easy to do to okay. Now, let's tokenize and people started making readily available the tokenization be as a smart contracts and that all of a sudden is what really enabled almost all of this, right? The simplification is smart contracts and the almost Ubiquiti within the industry of smart contracts. That was that the change that's what gets me excited because now all these companies all this ass cuz all these different companies I can see just disrupt

The fuck out of them, right? I mean, it's just like I imagined accounting system that you have trained accountants that you pay as accountants and there's you know, 30-40 validators around the world that are evaluating and when I say pay your payment in tokens or whatever right there just validator where they invest money and become validators, you know, and they look at a general ledger entry and they all have to have consensus on the general ledger entry and they don't know each other there be no and runs right? You wouldn't have the level of fraud that you have now. Imagine in the healthcare system that you have a you have a claim with the insurance company and they wanted to know yet because the insurance company corticoide Valley day for the claims adjusters. They want to deny it. When do you know they're just messing with you right. Now. Imagine if you had a bunch of validator to steak and said, you know what we're going to get paid for validating and I'm going to get my return but I'll be a validator for the

Types of insurance claims cuz I'm qualified now all of a sudden that they all independently have to verify that block in that transaction you've changed the game and you got to the hospital and you know, you're going to be judged fairly as opposed to the insurance company looking at you know, that that drug that you need and say no, thank you. Thank you. Thank you know we're talking about it. So for tickety tickety for blockchain, right so it completely changes the resale market and if you would tie it to an individual that has this to say the social security number and it's been validated by you do multiple sources along the you know, the hell kitchen, whatever it maybe then boom, you're good. You're good to go in and write in the blockchain depending on what you use you could just put a little picture in there and it is it there's your picture and it's a beautiful and it's there forever.

Yeah, I feel feel free to break some news here mark on now. What The Master about to do with latching know we're trying to figure it all out, right the blockchain going all all all the way up for the layers and making sure the application works that save people are confident in and then there's a market place to exchange it because that allows us to get to keep on making money on every resale something we don't do now clearly what excites you most or more right now are these applications and the NFP than a lot of that is aetherium base to Theory and built now, I've heard you say elsewhere that you still own more Bitcoin, but it sounds like you are in the camp of the ethereum blockchain will be the one that's really the end-all-be-all or at least the evolution of Piqua read through and the roll-up switch. You know, that's basically just batch processing and that that can work at some level and it work easily. Actually just depending on the scale is harder to get really really

And then you have sharting that has its pluses and minuses and then are you at the multiple gpus that you can bond together and that allows you the greatest opportunity to grow fast and grow until let you know we've seen out with AWS and Azure and all the rest in AI That's exactly what they're trying to do to scale processing. And so there's three ways to solve the problem. It's just it's just a race, right? There's the race the 2.0 if and when that happens is the race of the higher layers to see if and where that works and if the application start testing them and it works and then there's the competitors that say, you know, why you wasting your time my you know, my blockchain does 40,000 TPS. Why are you even in our charge you 1/100 of a penny for every transaction? Why are you even dealing with that?

And so, you know, that's that's what makes a market. That's what makes competition and and that's the nature of a business and so, you know, may the best the best solution win.

Let's talk specifically about nfc's non fungible tokens at his what that is. Why his caught your attention most recently and you're out there sharing these Collectibles and Chris are different examples. Is it happening now in music, it's happening with sports in sports highlights. And you know, I asked you at the beginning of the interview how you explain this stuff writ large two newbies boy and a Caesar even further down the rabbit hole. I mean you try to tell someone well, you know, it's a digital collectible and in some cases it's a video of a highlight and they might say I can see a sports highlight on Twitter.

My favorite basketball card from when I was a kid John brisket right now if I wanted to sell this I have to get it valued right and that's very subjective. Then I have to wrap it up into you know, some of you do some way to to deal with it to send it. Then I have to package it, you know, and I probably for the good stuff. I already have a package and then I have to try then I have to ship it then it has to be received that it has to be validated that I get my money and you hope everybody is Happy along the way and not everybody always is yet. And it's not like I look at my John brisker card, and I know nobody else knows who John brisker his butt me Huey play be played in the NBA. And the reason I love this guy. He played for the Pittsburgh and what I love about him. He quit basketball to become a mercenary and Africa and that's what he was until he was killed as a mercenary.

That's all I know of it, but I wish I was cool when I was a kid and so you have to put the real beauty of owning a job risk. Your card is just the joy of ownership. I don't take it out and look at it all the time the picture, right?

John brisker again, you can find that online somewhere and you know, it's there's nothing unique and it's not like the pictures artwork and is nothing special about the stats in the comment or in the back all that's available online. If it's the ownership that comes with it and buy physically having if that's your only proof of ownership now fast-forward to top shots and entities you get all the benefit of the joy of ownership without any of the hassles.

Supposedly right now if you can argue right with with with Dapper and with top shots, you can't get your money out, you know, you can't you don't have access to everything yeti-yeti-yeti on it. So there's no it's all new and it's all just growing so I will cut him some slack but you know generically within 10 ft all the same Joy of ownership all that the value creation or loss for that matter that the friction free trading and transacting the ability to pay royalties to the original creator after every sale, which is enormous and really enables more creativity to come to the marketplace. Whoever designed good old John brisker and took his picture is not getting any value whatsoever. And the next baseball cards the same thing and you know, you every resale or tickets for that matter whatever the end of tea is you're not you're not getting any ongoing value and that that's a significant Game Changer and so once you get over that that perception that I have to physically be able to touch it and realize that's more hats

But the joy of ownership is really what matters then the game changes dramatically for everybody. You're starting to see that with top shots and you're starting to see that with our to seeing it was Crystal Palms or seeing it would be seen on open. See you're seeing on all these platforms because you still on it and you get the tractor if you get the tractor value every minute of every day as opposed to sit there with my son and putting the card into maybe one or two programs are on eBay to see what it's worth.

Now one funny aspect of this or wrinkled and we talked a little bit about all the different country auctions are sometimes our with an aries a lot of people what they love about this whole Space is a private see it and we're privacy and yet you know, when you share something like your arable address, I mean we can then click through it and click to see the wallet address on etherscan that's over like you probably might be masking it somewhere you have multiple wallet, but you got a lot of wall. It's a lot of wallet. I can see you all the dress on you can't I can see well this particular one has $38,000 worth of assets in it and I can see all the coins and you don't want to watch someone like Lindsay Lohan. I don't know how much you know, she's doing in this face. I don't know if celebrities realize how miserable the holding down. It's not as private as people think and that's the whole point of the blockchain right that is 100% public it because it's all verifiable. And once that address is associated with an individual or company, whatever it is.

But of course I could just take it all out and put in another wallet and it all be empty. Right? So it just depends on you know, why or what in for me is 99% of what I'm doing right now is just learning learning our pricing mechanisms work work working out learning how to train it that the technology Works learning how to MIT learning how to post learning all this stuff is If part of a learning curve need to get simpler and it does need to be easier so that you know celebra not anybody can do it.

Yeah, you talk about learning it and I was intending to ask you whether you are hearing from more of your players about this stuff because we're talk about how they see there's value there and where there's value they know they can get paid and what they know they get paid their interested just like anybody right on your keyboard and it showed up on Top Shot and it was selling for $600 or $6,000 you like.

I got to get paid right until that's what that's what we're saying. It's great for art and it makes a lot of sense. I think a fun way to wrap this up would be a little bit of a lightning round. It doesn't have to be just one word. But your rapid-reaction sauce on some of these things in the crypto World. Okay? Okay defy bananas Elon Musk bananas.

Heather banana, I'll give you a real test questions.

China coin

I don't know. I don't know don't know enough Libra Libra against it binance.

depends which part

mining in the environment

challenge for Bitcoin and ethereum

Dogecoin doggie coin but better than a lottery ticket to learn and bananas bananas bananas ever since I said that every time I do something on Twitter somebody post banana this or banana that it just cracks me up. Why is that the most common troll? So one day I did it interview and it was one of those rapid fire type things, right? And so I was talking about blockchain vs. Bitcoin and the fact that neither gold or Bitcoin Bitcoin had immediate utility right because you can't hold it. You can't do anything with it. Right? It's just a store of value. And so I said in terms of utility I'd rather have a banana has been bad. I just got rushed and I loved it right I mess with people over it and have had fun with it. But yeah, it's always bananas.

How to test if you can wish for anything right now, what would it be and Kelly said a million dollars and hub says I was just wish for a peanut butter jelly sandwich and some milk and Calvin for 3 boxes cuz that's not stupid. That's so stupid. Why would I want a million dollars? And then the final panel is there in the house and Hobbes is Hedon sandwiches says I got my wish you don't ask us and we hope to have you back on decrypt soon. Keep in touch with a lot of fun. Thanks for having me.

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