NPR News Now - NPR News: 03-05-2021 11PM ET

NPR News: 03-05-2021 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news underwear Rob Senate Democrats say they've reached a deal to extend weekly Federal Unemployment Benefits through September 6th. NPR is Kelsey Snell reports. The agreement is part of a push to pass the latest round of coronavirus Aid before current unemployment payments run out on March 14th to vote this weekend on a final version of President Biden's 1.9 trillion dollar coronavirus relief package. The latest changes to the unemployment portion of that legislation came after West Virginia Democrat, Joe manchin objected to a plan to extend the payment until the end of September. He also objected to a plan to make the first $10,200 of unemployment received in 2020 tax free Democrats agreed to limit that benefit to households earning $150,000 or less the bulk of the aid package including funding for schools vaccines and new tax benefits for parents is unchanged from the

There's no past the house White House Press Secretary. Jen sake says Biden support the compromise Kelsey Snell NPR News, Washington New York lawmakers voted today to curb Governor Andrew Cuomo power to issue new emergency orders during the pandemic but Democrats who control the legislature left fomo keep the powers already in place and PRS Brian man reports Governor Cuomo faces one Scandal over alleged sexual harassment and a separate Scandal stemming from claims his office misrepresented the true extent of pandemic deaths in New York nursing homes Republican lawmakers, and some Democrats wanted to revoke all of Cuomo's emergency Powers over things like School reopening mask-wearing and restaurant capacity the Democratic assemblywoman Deborah Glick said that would leave New Yorkers without clear leadership immediately eliminate the governor's Powers creates. Chaos.

PR news Arizona is lifting capacity restrictions at Jim's Restaurants and other businesses, which were imposed to curb the spread of covid-19. The State Health director, Dr. Keller chryst says the governor's office believes. This won't mean a spike in coronavirus cases and will likely be permanent. I don't know that we would we would replace the capacity issues back on if we started to see a spike because I think the other thing that we have going on at the same time as we will continue to see an accelerated administration of vaccine social distancing and mass requirements will remain in place California announced today. It's also lifting some covid-19 restrictions fans will be allowed to attend Outdoor sporting events and entertainment venues such as theme parks. This will take effect on April 1st the opening day for baseball. This is NPR news.

American Airlines said today one of its Boeing 737 Max Jets encountered an engine problem on a flight from Miami to Newark New Jersey the plane landed safely in Newark after the pilot shut down the engine official say it appears. The problem was with an engine oil pressure or volume indicator and was not related to the problems that Cause 2 fatal 737 Max crashes in 2018 and 2019 the European Union and the US have agreed to temporarily suspend tariffs in the 17-year dispute over subsidies to airplane manufacturers Terry Schultz reports European commission president Ursula, Von der leyen announce the suspension of billions of dollars in trade penalties after a phone call with President Biden. She says all tariffs imposed as a result of the ongoing battle over government subsidies granted to airplane manufacturers will be dropped for an initial. Of 4 months. This will affect seven and a half billion dollars worth.

Good headed into the us including aircraft cheese and wine and 4 billion dollars worth of American items headed to Europe such as tractors vodka. And tobacco in the long-running dispute European governments have been found to be illegally underwriting Airbus and the US the same for Boeing for NPR news on Terry Schultz in Brussels. Pope Francis is visiting her to do so, he says his main purpose is to encourage that country's dwindling Christian population. Your rock has deployed thousands of security Personnel to protect him during the visit which comes after several rocket and suicide bomb attacks underwear Rob NPR news.
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