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NPR News: 03-07-2021 10PM ET

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Fly from NPR news. I'm Janine Herbst jury selection for the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin starts tomorrow. He's charged with murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd of impress his knee for almost nine minutes on Floyd's neck, even though he said he couldn't breathe the death of the black man Sparks, sometimes violent protests and riots in Minneapolis and around the country and well businesses spend the weekend preparing for possible unrest protests are already underway in the city at a rally in Downtown Minneapolis in front of the Hennepin County Courthouse protest retama race is the only Justice For The Floyds in the community would be to find cioban guilty. And so I'm here to show that support and two more in the death of George Floyd officials at 425 public buildings and line streets with fencing and barbed wire.

The CDC says nearly 60 million people in the US have gotten at least one shot of a covid-19 vaccine and Estates get more of the vaccine summer lifting pandemic restrictions of Public Health experts say not so fast in Pierce. NE held reports Nations ramp-up Kobe cases and deaths are down and yet Meet the Press threatening. The son of your outlook is the more contagious b117 UK variant now comprising up to 40% of cases and some communities here just as several States left pandemic restrictions in Arkansas The Mask mandate expires at the end of the month Governor ASA Hutchinson spoke to Fox News Sunday on living Americans that say will do the right thing list of these mandate.

South Korea are downsizing joint military exercises this month. And here's Anthony Kuhn reports it sank in part at making room for diplomacy with North Korea have said in the statement that the upcoming drills or plan for 9 days starting Monday. They'll be limited to computerize simulations without any exercises in the field. The exercises will be scaled back the statement said both do the pandemic and the goals of achieving peace and a nuclearization on the Korean Peninsula major joint exercises between the u.s. And South Korean military have been on hold Since U S North Korean Summit RI began during the Trump Administration in 2018, but nuclear negotiations have been stalled since the second Summit in Vietnam collapsed in February of 2019 Anthony Kuhn NPR news, Seoul Asian market trading in mixed territory at this hour the Nikkei the main Market in Japan stuff about two-tenths of a percent the Hang sang in Hong Kong down one point.

Percent you're listening to NPR news.

Is Zimbabwe the high court has provided temporary respite for some 12,000 residents that the government wants this place to make way for grass growing project for a dairy operation is Rafa Endicott has more from Harare.

The Court's ruling is a small victory for the villagers. According to 4. I'm a Google the spokesperson for the center for natural resource governance who along with a group of The Villages Charlie's the eviction order the Court ruled the government did not follow the procedure to carry out the evictions such an ex. Only be executed after delivery. 30 is a quiet in order from the courts, which they did not have to give the government which claimed the villages agreed to be moved until March 31st to show why the temporary order stopping the eviction of The Villages should not be a permanent judgment for NPR news. I am is muffled equal in in Equatorial Guinea at least 17 people are dead hundreds injured in a series of explosions at a military Barracks according to State media the president of the oil-rich central after

A nation does the explosion was due to quote negligent handling of dynamite and the buildings across the city were impacted by the blast contractor trading in mixed territory at this hour the Dow futures contract up one tenth of a percent. The NASDAQ futures are down about a tenth of a percent or oil Futures are trading up 2.4% on Jeanine Herbst NPR news.
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