The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Mar 14: Weekend Update

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Good morning, everyone looking for the weekend update the decrypt daily by the current media. My name is Matthew Aaron that was totally out of order this morning. But who cares we had $60,000 Bitcoin. We had an all-time high of $61,600 Bitcoin yesterday exit depends on where you look at it. The market cap says 61660 1700 doesn't really matter Bitcoin and bitcoin price right now is $60,278 up a half a percent in 24 hours. Are there in the number two spot at $1,877 down a half a percent financing the number three spot at 26995 down 3.4% Taylor takes the number for Spotify Cardinals at number 5 at 108 down 7% and polka dots at the number 6 at 3697. What does collect $37 but it still down 2% total market cap for a 1.8 1 trillion dollars for the BTC dominance of 62.1% and just a reminder that one Bitcoin surges a lot of money comes out of the old so they dip down quite a

And then one Bitcoin Star Stable out, you're going to see the old come back up and you'll see it kind of is equal out. We'll call it an equilibrium getting into the headlines today on Facebook. Listening 80s is very close to signing a sponsorship deal. That would rename the Miami Heat's venue as ft x Arena. That would be actually really cool. I don't have any proof of companies are crypto exchange doing take the lead and renamed stadiums coinbase Arena FPS Arena Finance. U.s. Stadium. We have to wait and see all you say is pretty boys to have their names on building on Stadium all across America. That's definitely getting the word out. Aphex Twin's release a surprise and if he more people getting into ft, if you have a famous face a famous name a famous would ever know a little bit about tech it looks as though you're an empty something to raise some money without having to win is auctioning off a 10ft on Foundation is animation of his face entitled AFX weirdcore with some backslashes afford flashes in there or something whatever so far. The highest bid is already around the 30th or $57,000. They say that they're going to take a portion of their mom.

I'm planting trees that is how much that portion of the money was but they said a portion of it which we have to wait and see you again. How much that fortune is doesn't really matter. They made a nasty you want to go pick it up Barstool Sports El Presidente. Dave Portnoy says I effed up when he Panic sold his crypto. He bought a million-dollar crypto back. When is 11,500, you know hindsight is always 20/20. You're looking back going to that $1000000 in crypto that you bought could have been 5 million dollars today, but he panics old. He has paper hands. He admitted on a livestream on Twitter what he says I lost $25,000. I had paperhand. I didn't know about Ferraris in parabolics in people with glasses and laser eyes. He just didn't know so he stuck with the stocks not sticking with the stones got I'm rich but he was a Bitcoin would have made him about 5 million dollars and Riley Elon Musk uses his star power to come in to say I want those coin on coinbase. I really don't know why he's saying this. I don't know what his problem is. He can just go buy those print somewhere else, but he wants me to come base. He just wants to say hi.

The fees to buy Dogecoin, apparently anyway, so much weed is that you said I saw the report that coinbase was used for the test of BTC purchase a century, by the way. Do you think white bass should enable doze? It would enable many foes to easily access doze Elon Musk replied. Yes. Thank you for waking up with me to listen to these headlines to talk about Bitcoin to refresh your profile Liotta Goldmember up or number down number goes up and never goes down. What's the price of a hundred bucks how simple we are just be entertained by refresh in a black folio and watch the number change. I've been doing that for four years, and I'm still not not entertained as a double negative. Maybe I should learn how to speak better. Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow to show the decrypt Daily Apple podcast like subscribe share and leave us a comment and because of mini mud Matthew Aaron at the Crypt. Co until tomorrow Happy Halloween everyone.
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