NPR News Now - NPR News: 03-28-2021 10PM ET

NPR News: 03-28-2021 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Janine Herbst in Minneapolis.

Protesters place today amid tight security ahead of opening statements tomorrow in the trial of former police officer Derek show been charged in the killing of George Floyd video of chauvin's neon Floyd's next that are protests worldwide last met her during a national conversation on race in the US Senate members of the Floyd family and others gathered at the greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis Attorney Ben Crump. George floor with achieve something rare that most black families never achieve in America and that is for gesture trial is expected to last for weeks and will be streamed online President. Biden will lay out the next part of his economic agenda this week with infrastructure taking centre-stage isn't here is Barbara's front reports. This comes weeks after the nearly 2 trillion dollar covid relief legislation was passed without Republican support.

White House Press Secretary Jen sake told Fox News Sunday that the Administration has two upcoming proposals the first to boost infrastructure funding a cause that could draw Republicans support. I don't think Republicans in this country think we should be 13th in the world as it relates to infrastructure roads Railways rebuilding them. That's not a partisan issue a second part of the plan, which sake said will be detailed in April will focus on childcare and the cost of healthcare. She emphasized that the two proposals are separate but that the administration will work with the Senate and House on how they should move forward Barbara sprung NPR News Washington members of the Congressional Asian Pacific American caucus travel to Georgia this weekend to visit Three Asian owned Spas for eight people were shot to death earlier this month 6 of them Asian American women Lily Oppenheimer from every station WABE has more several lawmakers outside of Georgia truck to Atlanta and pay their respects on Sunday. The caucus is calling for the killings to be prosecuted.

I hate crime California representative Judy Chu talks about the experience of retracing the shooter steps and driving 30 minutes between both locations to says she believes the shooter was targeting the Asian Community. This was a deliberate Journey. He could have gone anywhere if it was a sex addiction or just a bad day for suspect Robert Aaron long faces several murder charges and has yet to appear before a judge in either Cherokee or Fulton Counties for NPR news. I'm the Oppenheimer in Atlanta fire at this hour the Nikkei the main Market in Japan of about 1/10 of a percent the Hang sang and Hong Kong is up a fraction US futures contracts are trading lower your listening to NPR news.

California Supreme Court has ruled that defendants awaiting trial can be held in jail just because they can't afford to post bail under the ruling low-income defendants can only be held before trial is deemed a threat to Public Safety or if they're likely to skip out on their court date Alex elmslie for member station. KQED has more stops short of completely eliminating cash bail, California legislation recently tried and failed to do state Senator Robert. Hertzberg says the Supreme Court's decision makes clear that defendants have a constitutional right to Freedom before trial hertzberg says a new bill will detail how trial court should implement the ruling each person before that judge in the eye looking at their fax and make me determination instead of somebody being subject to a price list for their Liberty California is one of several States attempting to end the practice of requiring cash bail to secure pretrial freedom for NPR news. Imallexx Elmsley in San Francisco.

Tomorrow is workers at Amazon warehouse in Alabama consider whether to unionize thousands of in casting their votes by mail over the past month and federal labor officials will start telling the results on Tuesday is the first union vote for the tax on retail Giant and Amazon is fighting hard against it mean while in Germany a trade Union is calling on workers at 6 Amazon sites in that country to go on a four-day strike in solidarity with the American union vote.

US futures contracts are trading lower oil Futures contracts down about three tenths of a percent at $60.76 a barrel on Jeanine Herbst NPR news.
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