NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-24-2020 5AM ET

NPR News: 07-24-2020 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly is ordering the Trump Administration to close the American Consulate in Chengdu. The move by Beijing is in response to China being ordered to shut down its Consulate in Houston, Texas amid spying allegations Beijing has until today to vacate that venue. It denies any involvement with Espionage in Texas the back and forth between the US and China send Asian stock markets lower today. President Trump is backing away from his push for all of the nation's public schools to fully reopen for in class learning this fall as NPR's Anya kamenetz reports. The President says in-person instruction should be delayed in coronavirus hotspots in dark red splotches for the many regions of the country with virus spikes Trump acknowledge that in those places. We need to delay reopening for a few weeks. He said

White House was recommending that 105 billion dollars in the forthcoming coronavirus relief package only go to schools if they are opening in person and place is worse coolest a remote. He said money should go directly to parents to pay for private or home schooling as of July 23rd, according to education week most of the largest public school districts in the country plan to start the year remote only on the cabinets and PR news of the Republican National Convention will not be held in Jacksonville, Florida next month. The RNC was planning to hold four nights of events in Jacksonville with more than 10,000 people attending. However, the president now says this is not the right time for a big convention a small group of death of GOP delegates still formally plan to nominate Trump for re-election in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 24th. The Civil Rights division of the justice department is out with the report.

Selling examples of systematic excessive force being used against male inmates at prisons in Alabama whose NPR's Debbie Elliott officers frequently use excessive and at times deadly force in violation of inmates constitutional rights. The report says the use of batons chemical spray and physical altercations such as kicking and beating often result in serious injuries, and at least two deaths last year investigator say severe overcrowding and understaffing contribute to a pattern of excessive use of force by increasing tensions and escalating episodes of violence in a climate with inadequate supervision and no accountability last year. The justice department found that Alabama was deliberately indifferent to pervasive prison around prisoner attacks and sexual abuse Debbie Elliott NPR news.

The body of the lake congressman and civil rights activist. John Lewis will lie in state at the US Capitol next Monday and Tuesday Congressional leaders announce that yesterday Lewis died last week at age 80 after battling pancreatic cancer. Kyle Gass it with Troy Public Radio says services to remember the veteran Democratic congressman from Georgia are being held this weekend in Alabama on Saturday. The public will have two opportunities to participate in public viewing of the congressman in Troy Alabama close to screw up on a farm famously preaching the chickens and later and Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma in 1965 Lewis blood markers and Selma across the Edmund Pettus bridge on the way to Montgomery to protest for voting rights for African-Americans that event was later known as Bloody Sunday as state troopers beat marches back when they reach the other side on Sunday the congressman's body will be carried.

Over the bridge for final journey to Montgomery NPR news on Kyle Gass it in Troy, Alabama. Hawaii is bracing for Hurricane Douglas. It's expected to hit the island sometime Sunday with strong winds heavy rains and the dangerous Riptide. However, forecaster say Douglas is expected to weaken before moving through the area official say evacuees at shelters in Honolulu have their temperatures taken before entering as a precaution against the coronavirus currently Douglas is a major category 4 hurricane with top sustained winds of 130 miles per hour.

I'm Dave Mattingly in Washington.
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