6 Minute English - Astronauts on strike?

Hear all about the Skylab astronauts’ disagreement with mission control.

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Hello, this is 6 Minute English from BBC learning English on nail. How do you finish watching that report yet nail morning, please. Make sure you can do the studio sessions for the week and show me so I can double-check. Okay by someone that's what it's called when your boss wants to control everything down to the smallest detail and I noticed and fun size 11 when I told you to use size 12 if this keeps up I might go on strike. It wouldn't be the first time someone has refused to continue working because of an argument with that boss. I don't want a repeat of what happened on the American space ship Skylab the subject of this program 3 us astronauts on the Skylab Space Station.

Agreement with mission control over their workload in an incident that has incorrectly been called the Skylab space strike. But before we find out more let me ask you my quiz question if that's okay boss go ahead of astronauts felt. They have been given too much work to complete during the space flight. But how did they protest that buses a ground control? Did they a pretend the Radiohead broken be Stop Shaving and grow beds or see fake the results of their experiments pretending the radio heartbroken which show them who's boss although floating in space without radio contact sounds a bit dangerous to me know Skylab was planned to be the fourth and final crude light to orbit the Earth in space and the sky Live Crew with Austin.

Study everything about space travel from its effects on the human body to how spiders make webs of BBC World Service program witness history how they communicated with ground control. We got our instructions over teleprinter about 60 feet of teleprinter message shut up and understand before you even get to work felt that ground control team was being particularly both see your Tripes 24 hours a day.

It's so many experiments to carry out in a limited time and space the sky Live Crew had a tight schedule a small amount of time to finish a joke detailing exactly that you tease for that day. They sound like real micromanages now or in other words always telling people want to do wanted to use his professional judgment to complete the work not be bossed around by Ground Control 24 hours a day an expression meaning all day and night sick. It was decided that they would take turns talking to ground control but one day or three of them miss the daily radio meeting on Sumner supposes. So they going on strike just talks that followed both crew and Ground Control agreed better ways of working in communicating and less micromanagement.

Incidence is Miss remembered as the strike in space Gibson against speaking to BBC World service's witness history and what he learned from the experience.

We all complain that we all learn something from it. Michael management does not work except when you're in a situation that demands it like I left off early entry and I think that's been passed the space station people live and learn the best way to go.

In the end NASA agreed that trusting people to do that job was the way to go the best method for doing a particular thing in the sky lab astronauts. But what's the correct about how they protest it in my quiz question. I asked how the astronauts protest it to that buses. What did you say? I sold the astronauts a pretended the Radiohead broken be unless that was just another experiment. Let's recap the vocabulary starting with micromanage control everything down to the smallest detail. What does Mike go on strike refuse to work the scream of astronauts had a tight schedule a small amount of time. They felt that by 24 hours a day.

In the end trusting people is the way to go the best method of doing something useful vocabulary here at BBC 6 Minute English and if you like topical discussions and want to learn how to use the vocabulary find in headlines, why not try out on you to view podcast that you forget. You can also download the app for free from the App Store and remember to check us out on Facebook Twitter and Instagram English.
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