The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Mar 30: Paypal Enables Crypto Payments, Burritos & #BTC, Green Across the Board!! ๐Ÿš€

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From the Crypt media this is there a good Deli in my name is Matthew Beamer today on the show. We're talkin PayPal and crypto and green across the board that's coming up today on the decrypt daily.

Good morning. Everyone. Today is Tuesday, March 30th, 2021. I have construction at my house today. It is absolutely noisy in here. So get her some background noise. I'm really sorry. I also don't have power at my house. So people are doing the construction where the kind enough to bring a generator so I can power my laptop in the Wi-Fi so I can do the show today The Show Must Go On I said and they're like we got your back. So I want to say thank you very much to G & B Electric company for coming through with a generator so I can do the show today and now the important part those crypto prices.

Here Wego money talk at 11:10 Eastern Standard Time Bitcoin is sitting at $59,016.35 up 1.6% from yesterday that $1,841 out 3.2% binance at number three at $301.12 of 10.2% telephone number for Cardinal number 5 at 122 up by half a percent and polka dot number 6 at 3410 down 1.8% Total market cap person that 1.87 trillion dollars inching closer and closer to 2 trillion dollar market cap and dominance of 58.9%

First Commerce City today, I want to know what's going on. This Market. What is going on with the green? What are we looking at for the future? And I woke up my buddy Paul McNeill the crypto curator to talk about it. It's been a couple months now. Well, I'm sorry it's taken so long to get you back on but you know what we woke up this morning. There's green across the board. We saw 59 almost $60,000 Bitcoin when I woke up this morning and took a little back but why am I seeing this and why am I always seeing this when I sleep and I wake up and I have higher prices and not during the day in the day when we said my alarm for 3 a.m. In the morning get up so I can catch that phone.

Asia Asia is a week when the market was dumping. We thought that the borough Market was over it obviously isn't what do you what do you see right here? Good friend of mine. Brian Swann for most money. He sent two weeks ago, but he did see that the market was going to be bullish even while the price was pulling back. He maintained his bed and what I'm seeing from across the spectrum because every one of the most part is very bullish on where we're going and they don't believe we're anywhere close to a cop. I don't think we're anywhere close to a top-end and I know if you would just opposes for 2017 if it was March of 2017 group a $2,000 and we pulled back we went sideways for 3 months until we saw that 3 for $5,000 and then of course, we all know it went up to 20 which would be a 10x from 2000 to 20 and if we attend exit now we would be at

$590,000 if they were going to 590, where do you think we're going from everybody from the pile to Caitlin song to Willy. Woo, all of them are pointing toward that 300 plus level is where we're headed. So if it's still hard for us to come I'm not going to be 300,000. It's very hard to grasp that let me in. So where would this come from? Where would the money come from? Look at any six trillion dollars to the market cap of Bitcoin is no small feat regular of Six Trillion dollars is no small feat. Where was that money come from three different places. I can see that it's a good friend Michael Saylor. He is beating the drum and he's getting the corporation's off Miro if he continued get these corporations and it was predicted by I believe I can.

Netflix was coming next. Okay, Netflix Apple Facebook Google Amazon if it's a buyer's institutional organization hedge fund those guys are still coming in and now you got the Billionaire's waking up. They're starting to say hey we want to do a lot of money is going to be the last place in the Bitcoin ETFs. Listen, I think it's going to get approved this year. If that happened. They hold trillions of dollars behind those gate if those Gates come open we can get very happy. You said the Bitcoin ETF cuz that's where the next place I was going to go. What do you see that the future of the market looks like if a Bitcoin ETF comes in look it looks like the crypto space is following the stock market do people see the stock market growth stocks go down. We see the queen goes. Goes down. If you have an ETF you want to see that Bitcoins installing stock market in this is not a hedge against the institutions.

And I will give pay yes, that's what's happened up to this point Bitcoin and the stock market S&P or heavily correlated, but I believe that at some point that correlation going to break and that's what we're all waiting to seize money break. Now, we know that correlation with go has already broke. Listen people are dropping though and they're moving the Bitcoin bracket and small levels, but they are moved. So what would I see? What does ETF coming? I don't know if it's going to drop the market. I think it's going to come to Market up what it's going to be backwards gptc, which is already got a negative frame him so hard for them.

You know what? I'm always wondering in this is a thing that's on my mind if we see $300,000 Bitcoin, let's just say we see $300,000 big one. Where can I see a crap ton of Bitcoin millionaires anybody with you know, two and a half Bitcoin will be a millionaire. I don't know. Why actually that means what we talked about inflation, but what do you think that's going to mean for the economy? And I'm sorry for everybody that's listening you use baking the background is the crypto spaces in stop Miller do I even if I have destruction at my house, but what do you think that's going to do for the economy for people being?

Activity of some of the crypto space lately. I think that's going to stimulate the economy with these people that we're talkin probably a small portion of folks. It's not like everybody's going to be a millionaire but I will say I think they will stimulate the economy by purchasing a lot of high ticket items. I think the in addition to that. I think they are going to be philanthropic. I think that they will give to Charities and things like that. So I don't know he's going to see what that generation of millionaires is going to do for the world. Excellent curator when you hit that Millie Mill, let me know what you're going to buy what Lambo white McLaren or what private jet call Kathy Bates new show with talking the dope Bowl.

Is different for a company to say hey, I'm going to accept cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin or Litecoin or whatever coin then PayPal saying not only are we going to allow you to buy and sell and trade crypto-currencies also going to transact cryptocurrencies. It changes the game because a lot of people have PayPal you don't need to have any specialized knowledge to trade or buy or sell or pay with Bitcoin brother fraternities and it opens up the market dramatically and we're going to talk about that right now with the Crips journalist. Tim Copeland. Are you good? How you doing? Excellent, man, long time no talk and I'm happy that you're back here today because today is a big day PayPal wants his check out service with crypto. What does that mean? What is what is going on with PayPal just so it's pretty big news of game. And then this new product. What does is it enables people to spend the crypto they have stood in their PayPal wallet with any of the

26 million month it's a pretty big deal is if you're in the checkout process to buy something and you're paying with PayPal and you have enough crypto in your wallet to cover the amount, it will pop-up pop-up option being like you want and if you do take that and a Pacer crypto Bitcoin is is part of the crypt over where they could be cranky. Can you pay with Bitcoin cash asterium and Litecoin? So I'm a little skeptical with this opinion. Do you think you were going to use this and it do you think the people use his clothes with do you think this is a big net positive for the crypto space? And how do you think that that works together? I imagined that effect on people who use the service. I think I think it was quite interesting is up until now most of the ways to kind of get crypto. You have to go to a specific kind of cryptic Focus what it like coinbase to binance what it likes and and it can be very

Prettiest people. I mean comebacks that has the most immediate but even that is so people going to PayPal and they know to some degree though. It is regulated or at least you know, it's a big company offering the service and the company that submitted with so I think that was see potentially a lot of a lot of people turning up service and it'll be a lot easier for them to turn the money into crypto symptoms of Ashley paying with it having the option with the kind of a little bit much and I'm a little past customers in the US. I mean that's that's an incredible amount of businesses and people now there might be a correlational might not be with the price on today on this news. And the reason why I asked you this last question is because we see a lot of people in during a bull run in a lot of companies are in a Bull Run start accepting crypto are saying they were going to take crypto payment. We saw that the

Oakland Athletics is gonna start taking Bitcoin for their sweets and they have nobody to pay for me. I put a hundred in Corey's we see this PayPal news come out in the reason why I asked this is we see this often but then when people don't pay for it because it is a massive classic goes up in value. So they don't want to spend it. They want to handle it that then these companies start to drop the services. We seen that with a different company to payment companies over there over the years that stay say we can accept crypto and then they can roll it back because the cost in the maintenance everything is too much. Do you think that this is here to stay with PayPal has a bit of a difference of things and often do be directed companions. You got to have a Bitcoin address you go to send the check from your wallet baseball that sometimes I use like or whatever to do that service relatively easy, but you still doing Hulu blockchain stuff with PayPal obviously because you know actually making direct Bitcoin payments your it's the same as a normal PayPal.

You just take it doesn't Voice in the background. So I think that is a considerable difference in time. So the user experience and I could potentially see a lot of volume. Obviously, that's a completely different thing from having like a huge mouth volume of people actually paying with characters are making the record. I think you are going to see much how use case of it and and that will get people people familiar with cryptocurrencies you end up with the education around them and bring them more people into the space albeit indirectly or composite made going to depend on your views on encrypted and stuff. And I think one thing I noticed they have eczema Fiat money as specified versus double batch.

Decrypted I haven't always know what it means or is not really distinction to that money is just money. And now you having major companies are PayPal having just ahead of time that the element of phases August 8th whether or not you believe could be kind of seats up for payment or are they kind of veggie straws value is used by people on both sides, even the Bitcoin blockchain and two over that's very to beso PayPal will keep this around you or do you think that this is just an experiment on there be another part of the shoot amount for cryptocurrencies.

Like this this place is exploding and like everyone right now is expanding. So rapidly across so many areas are going to finance all of these kind of things that I think that is going to be significant adoption in many ways. It's very hard dick what things for what I ain't kind of what you deem good adoption of a deduction kind of depends on your velocity. So I sing in in times the amount of PayPal customers will hold and potentially spend a significant percentage of I think it will be significant to Denso the actual amount Tim Copeland journalists at the crib. Thank you very much for coming on the show and talking about this PayPal news.

And in today's headlines, I only picked this one article for today because it was the most important. I want to make sure that we highlighted this appropriately because of its newsworthiness Bitcoin or burritos Chipotle teams up with Bitcoin to celebrate National burrito day on April 1st and of this is important y'all because y'all can win Bitcoin if this is real cuz it seems as though this is because this news has provided by Chipotle themselves Chipotle is to give away $200,000 in free burritos and Bitcoin to celebrate National burrito day and I'm a read this for you and I apologize the construction. So if something comes in and it's loud in the background, I'm sorry Chipotle Mexican Grill today announced that will give away $100,000 in free burritos and $100,000 in Bitcoin to celebrate National burrito day April 1st, this occasion makes to follow the first US brand to offer cryptocurrency. Give away to customers the national burrito day Chipotle in this founder and CEO of coil.

Interactive game called burrito or Bitcoin in his experience of losing his log into his hard drive in a store 387 rescue mission to crack the code on a digital wallet how it works against a valid 6 digit code for a chance to win a free burrito or up to $25,000 and they may be surprised and delighted for the special offer from Chipotle. This contest officially goes live on April 1st at 9 a.m. Pacific time and goes to 6 p.m. Pacific Time burritos or Bitcoin by visiting burritos or There's a burrito 50 fans that win 500000 Bitcoin in three fans that win $25,000 in Bitcoin. So put it in your calendar April 1st 9 a.m. Pacific Time playlist

In win $25,000 in Bitcoin. If you went please send me an email Matthew Aaron at the Crypt. Co and tell me one because I want to have you on the show to talk about it.

Thank you for listening to this episode of the crypt daily. My name is Matthew Beamer, but don't forget to go to Apple podcasts like subscribe share and leave us a comment and remember Friday is our listener questions episode. You can send me an email at Matthew Aaron at the crypto Ico and it till tomorrow Happy houghtaling everyone.
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