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NPR News: 04-02-2021 11AM ET

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My from NPR news on Korva Coleman the labor department reports that employers in the US added 916000 jobs last month that comes as more Americans received covid-19 vaccinations in more States lifted restrictions and fears. Chris Arnold reports. The nation's unemployment rate fell to 6% nearly a Million number and stronger than many Economist were expecting Construction in particular saw a lot of hiring with a gain of a hundred and ten thousand jobs manufacturing also saw strong gains. However, while the economy is clearly rebounding the country is still down around eight and a half million jobs compared to before the pandemic. So it's likely to take into next year to rehire the number of people who lost their jobs after the coronavirus cats and of course much depends on not having another big wave of infections which could set back to return towards normal for restaurant stadiums dentist offices and all kinds of other businesses Chris Arnold NPR news.

Week in Vienna with other signatories to the Iranian nuclear deal. They'll talk about the possible Return of the US to data cord around his maintain that us officials are not welcome at next week's meeting former President. Donald Trump pull the USA out of the nuclear Accord Andre imposed sanctions on a run in 2018 around says it will return to its nuclear commitments under the Accord. Once the sanctions are lifted officials in Taiwan. Say a train carrying 350 passengers has derailed at least 50 people have been killed in about 60 others have been injured and Piers Emily Fang tells us many people were traveling for the Easter holiday train apparently had a truck that had been improperly parked next to a mountain is east coast the crash caused some carriages to derail this long holiday weekend coincides with the tomb sweeping holiday during which people remember their ancestors and deceived family and taiwan's East Coast with a

Popular vacation spot NPR's Emily fing reporting India has confirmed more than 81,000 new coronavirus infections today. That's its biggest single-day jump in six months and we are going for a reports from one of the worst-hit Cities Mumbai infections per day than at the peak of the pandemic last year at Ortiz have commandeered private hospitals and nursing homes to make room for covid-19 patients apartment complexes where residents of tested positive or being sealed off and guarded by police through the night curfew, but cops are still open in part because last spring India's economy shrank 24% under lockdown and officials are trying to avoid that this time around Indy has administered nearly 70 million vaccine doses, but that's still less than 5% of the total population here. Lauren fryer NPR news Mumbai. You're listening to NPR news.

The Binding ministration is going to allow a freeze on temporary work visas to come to an end these include the highly-skilled H-1B visas used in the tech industry last June former President. Donald Trump signed a proclamation blocking entry to the US of people who were considered a risk to the labor market in the pandemic that block has now expired the final four in the NCAA Women's Division 1 college basketball tournament will square off tonight in Texas Yukon will play Arizona and the tournament stop seed Stanford play South Carolina, Joey Palacios of Texas public radio says the teams will face off in San Antonio Stanford head coach served as the head coach of USA Women's Basketball at the 1996 Olympics. That's where she coached South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley tonight's game reunites them as opponents for the second time Vandiver says Staley is an incredible player and Coach. She really has great.

Thanks, great understanding of the game. She was a tremendous leader of her team's daily says she's ready to take on her Mentor for it is very patient offensively Stanford and South Carolina faced each other in the 2017 final four where South Carolina one. I'm Joey Palacios in San Antonio the final four in the men's division 1 college basketball tournament will be played tomorrow night in Indianapolis. UCLA will face Gonzaga and Baylor will play the University of Houston.

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