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NPR News: 04-06-2021 12AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens the Minneapolis Police Chief testify did Derek chauvin's murder trial in Monday Chief. Medaria arradondo told jurors that show them violated Department policy by kneeling on George Floyds neck after Floyd hit stop resisting and was in distress to continue to apply.

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that fat is in no way shape or form is anything that job is my policy is not part of our training and it is certainly not part of our ethics are our values of a fire chovan and three other officers days after George fluids. The other officers are still facing trial the Supreme Court is dismissed in a lower court finding that former President Donald Trump violated the First Amendment rights of Twitter users. He block from his account NPR's Bobby Allen reports that the justices decided that the case is now moot as an official source of government information and roll that Trump blocking critics was silencing Free Speech, but now that Trump is a private citizen and permanently banned from Twitter. The Supreme Court has found there's nothing left in the case and its order the lower court to dismiss it and a concurring opinion Justice Clarence Thomas caused some controversy Thomas suggested that Twitter Banning Trump presents a quote glaring cancer.

And that social media companies should lose wide legal protections and be regulated more like a public utility like a telephone company Bobby Allen NPR News San Francisco. The Supreme Court is also handy Google make a major victory in a case brought my computer tech company Oracle in a 63 ruling mix the two ruling that is the justice is overturned a lower-court decision that Google violated copyright law by using Oracle software code to build the Android operating system, Tennessee, man is being held on charges of trying to provide support for the Islamic State Management. Allen Carpenter was arrested nearly two weeks ago Brandon Hollingsworth of member station k u o t explains the charges against him in the world of online Pro Isis propaganda Carpenter at Tennessee native is known as Abu Hamza Federal prosecutor say Carpenter is the head of a luta win Publications a group dedicated to translate in the Islamic States writings into English. He's been on

FBI's radar since 2015 according to court records a grand jury indicted Carpenter for allegedly attempting to provide material support for a designated terrorist organization. And he was arrested in late March is slated for trial June 1st. If convicted Carpenter could face up to 20 years in prison for NPR news on Brandon Hollingsworth in Knoxville. This is NPR news.

North Korea is opting out of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo a website run by the north Sports Ministry says the decision is an attempt to protect its athletes from the global pandemic move is considered a setback for hopes of Reviving diplomacy with the North in 2018. The only young sent 22 athletes to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, which helped initiate diplomacy that the South and the United States the rate of covid-19 vaccinations is picking up in France NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports that a top EU official says herd immunity from the blocks 450 million citizens will be reached my Mitchell. I says two million people were vaccinated in France last week and mass vaccinations in stadiums will begin in the coming days. The eu's vaccination campaign has been hobbled by a shortage of dosas only 11% of EU citizens have received the first dose of a vaccine by the European commissioner in charge of the blocks Maxine deployment sheet.

But don't says that is changing while the EU only received 14 million doses in January and 28 million in February, but don't says a hundred million doses will be delivered in April May and June. He says doses will ramp up to 120 million a month by July and 200 million by September Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris NCAA Title by defeating Gonzaga 86 to 7373 points is the NASDAQ Rose 225 on Shea Stephens. Mrs. NPR news.
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