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NPR News: 05-08-2021 12AM ET

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Live from NPR news on your ROM. The labor department reports employers added just 266,000 jobs. In April, far, fewer than many, said, expect the unemployment rate last month with 6.1% up from 6% the month before and less suggestive economy is being restrained by a shortage of workers and A disruption of the supply chain in the shortages and raw materials members of President, Biden's jobs cabinet, met Friday to discuss the prospects of getting Congress to pass the president's jobs plans, the leader of Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell said this week, there will be no support from his side of the aisle Energy Secretary. Jennifer granholm says, still keep trying and we're in process. This is democracy. This is supposed to work. She said, hopefully the parties can get together and then her words, go dig a top official at the Centers for Disease Control.

Call and prevention and a leader of the covid-19 response. Announced her resignation Friday, Doctor Nancy, missing a was a space familiar to the public in the early days of the pandemic. NPR's Selena simmons-duffin has more is ahead of cdc's national Center for immunization and respiratory diseases. She delivered a key warning to the American public on February 25th. 2020 about the novel coronavirus right now we as a family need to be preparing for significant disruption of Our Lives. Stuck spanked after that press conference. Then President Trump reportedly tried to get her fired and messing you disappeared from public briefings to remain. The leader in cdc's covid-19 response until a few weeks ago, when she was reassigned, according to Politico in an email obtained by NPR, she told her staff her

Last day at the agency will be May 14th Salinas. McStuffin NPR news on hearing started Friday on whether Amazon violated labor laws. During a union election, Steven bissonet from Members station wvhm reports, the National Labor Relations Board. Said, it could overturn the election. If the evidence backs up the Union's, objections the retail, wholesale and department, store Union to Amazon intimidated workers, by telling them, the Alabama Warehouse would have to close or layoffs, 75% workers at the unionized Amazon. Also had a mailbox installed at the warehouse for workers to drop off their mail in ballots. The union says that violated an order by the National Labor Relations Board against in-person voting. At the warehouse do you need says Amazon also, created the impression that it was running and monitoring the election. Amazon workers will testify after the hearing resumes next week for NPR news, I'm Steven bisaha in Birmingham, you listening to NPR news.

In Jerusalem, Palestinians clash with police Friday at the El aqsa mosque, one of the holiest spots and Islam Muslim, worshippers threw rocks and chairs at police who fired a rubber coated bullets. And stun grenades. Medics say more than 80 Palestinians were hospitalized more Crowds Are expected Sunday, which is the holiest night in the Muslim calendar. And thusly international says, it's reinstating Prisoner of Conscious status, for imprison Russian opposition leader, Alexei, navalny Charles, Maines reports that must be made Global headlines conscience status in February, so I can pass statements. That violated its rules against hate speech. The organization says it made a mistake in a statement and the city says it doesn't condone them his views but the Russian government could use their decision to further violating the voting rights of only serving out a two-and-a-half year prison sentence on charges. Both he and anise tea argue or politically motivated navalny is

I'm faced criticism over National statements made early in his political career targeting migrants as well as certain ethnic groups in Russia. Among his allies insist, those positions have evolved over time for NPR news on Charles means in Moscow, California, 37, arrested a bar owner for selling fake covid-19, vaccination cards for $20, each plainclothes, agents washed employees at the old Corner Saloon in Clements, cut. The cards fell in identifying information and laminate the cards and agent said that use two different color fence to fill in the vaccination dates to make it look more upset. I'm the wrong NPR news.
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