The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - May 9: Weekend Update: Happy Mother’s Day

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From different media. This is the decrypt daily and my name is Matthew. Demoura in this is weekend, update on Sunday, May 9th 2021. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, listening to the show, not listening. And if you are a son or daughter of a mother, I think we all are. I think that's how things work. Please tell your mother. I said, Happy Mother's Day, my mother, happy Mother's day. Mommy, I call her mama llama, mama llama prices and I dedicate these crypto prices to my mother for Mother's Day. That's all I got her. By the way, I'm sorry. Mom is it that you get the crypto prices today? I'm just kidding. You know? I'm not like that. I got her something. Come on, bitcoin is sitting at a $57,592 down, 1.5% in 24. Aetherium is making his crime of the $4,000, but it's not there yet, it's at $3,836 up 8.2%. Finance point is making him climb up to $1,000. It's definitely not there yet.

What is keeps consistently going up? Is that $661 of 4.5% do is going to has got a shot, the jugular because it's bleeding all over the place at 44.5 cents down, 40% in 24 and we all know why, but we'll get to that in a minute and tell her the number five spot rounding off the top 10 wheel cardano, xrp polka dot physical in cash and like cornet number 10, total market cap for all of hypocrita to write 2.4 trillion dollars with a BTC dominance of 45% Wheely. The biggest headline up today is that Elon Musk was on Saturday Night Live, and if you watched his opening monologue, it was cringey. Oh my God, it was crazy. But I know why I hate. Make an ass of yourself and have a good time and yes, he spoke like those many times name dropped in the monologue name-dropped in the news named drive everywhere. Those Coin Dozer

Wait till you find said. Those coin is a hustle plummeting, the price now is that legal? Is it legal to pump those coin or dystos queen on Saturday Night Live? I am a lawyer. I would try to find a way to talk about this but I don't know why it would be illegal because those point is not a security, not accompany, it's just, I like this thing that exists every time somebody goes out on TV and says b Quinta Ponzi scheme. They're not getting sued or Bitcoin is the future. They're not getting sued as well. If so could you let must get sued for this? I'm not too sure but I think it's a damned big gray area and especially whose jurisdiction doesn't fall under the globe that you asked whose responsibility is those coin? I'm not too sure whose jurisdiction is Dogecoin, I am not too sure. Maybe he likes to get sued by everybody or, you know what, to be honest with you, I don't think anybody cares. All I can say is, if you're holding those going, be safe. And this is not Financial advice. Obviously doesn't never Financial advice, but we have

These kind of things over and over again, people expecting some kind of News until people start buying an emerald, that news doesn't happen. They sell off. And remember those coin is at $0.40 today. It's not $0.05 at 7 tonight to sense. It's not a penny. It is at $0.40. That's phenomenal. Everybody for the space and never thought those Queen would go to 40 cents. Let alone a dollar or $2 and it's not over. It's a Saturday Night Live skit. Do you think that just because of that, everything we do is quit is done. If that's what you think about those clean and your investment or the market in general, that Elon Musk go on a Saturday Night Live, a show that is going to re-watch it until the morning to get the clips on YouTube. If you believe those comments by Elon Musk on Saturday Night, Live to destroy the Hedge against the financial system, the Global Financial system in traditional Finance, then we are in some pretty weak shit. So don't worry about it, don't worry about it. However, Robinhood should be worried about it because after

Allama said, it was a hustle. Everybody started selling selling on Robinhood selling all over the place. Crashing Robin Hood and overwhelming their servers by the influx of people trying to sell the top. Robinhood tweeted, we are currently experiencing issues with crypto trading. We're working to resolve this as soon as possible for the latest updates, check status. and a little under an hour later, they said crypto trading is back up and running these kind of things, piss me off because people are relying on these exchanges to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies, especially after some kind of big breaking news happened, that's when you want to buy, or that's when you want to sell. So, if the trading platform goes down, I think there should be some kind of liability there. They should send you an email and said, hey, we notice that you're trying to sell at this time, the prices this time, we will honor that price and we will make up the difference because we messed up. And I really hope there's some kind of legislation that comes from government or at least a consensus from the

Companies that say we need to fix this, y'all just can't go down and people want to sell. It's unacceptable I'm going to finance Finance is now headed by CEO. Brian Brooks, who used to work in Washington as the office of the Comptroller of the currency and he came out in the Ethereal Summit and answered some questions. And he said that, it's a u.s. is on a hiring spree. They need to compete with coinbase. Which means coinbase, you went direct listing great for you. You have competition on your Tales. They saw there was a big upside to go in a drug listing I think and they're like where we want a piece of that. So do we see a binance direct listing in the future? Why don't know about that. But I ain't do know that they're about to 5x their staff driving about a hundred people. So if you listen this and you think you have the chops to work at Van asselt us, send an email or see where they're hiring or send me an email and do some even though cuz I don't know how to get you to binance that us, but I do know that if you make this leap to try to go into a new emerging technology business or industry or probably to future-proof your job.

For quite some time. And finally ft x exchange. We know that they're changing the name of the Miami Heat Arena 2 ft x reader or something like that. And also during the Ethereal Summit Power by the crib address, you didn't I was like, hey, you guys how you wasn't going to pay for this and 19 years? What if this is just a flash-in-the-pan, you're only a two-year-old company. Like, you guys got the funds to actually getting this for the next 19 years of naming this Arena and the CEO San manga free said, yeah, we got loads of cash and don't worry about that. We can pay for that 19 year contract right now y'all. Don't worry about that. Of course, I'm paraphrasing. I don't want to read the whole article to you but in general he just said I'm rich. Don't worry about it. We like those ones way, we're paid for, we had a great year. Thank you, cryptocurrency. Anyway, thank you very much for this episode of the decrypt daily. My name is Matthew Bomer, don't forget, you can send me an email. Matthew in at the group that CEO and don't get to go to dinner for Converse. Diemer, for, and check out my campaign. Thank you very much and I will

See you tomorrow. Happy Halloween and Happy Mother's Day.
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