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NPR News: 05-14-2021 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, says people in the US who were fully vaccinated against covid-19, don't need to wear masks in most circumstances indoors or Outdoors. NPR's Richard Harris reports on the cdc's updated Guidance, the new guidelines apply to people who are fully vaccinated, which means two weeks after their final shot accumulated. Data shows that the vaccines are so effective that masks and social distancing aren't needed, the CDC says, but there are exceptions. The CDC still recommend masks in healthcare settings and in buses trains and planes. Do that is under review in the agency, says, rules for math, used in schools, and businesses will still be up to local authorities depending upon their circumstances. The CDC says people who are not fully, vaccinated could still wear masks, that will reduce the risk of spreading the virus to others around them and the CDC encourages, everyone eligible for a shot.

To go out and get one. Richard Harris NPR news later today. Republicans are expected to elect New York, congresswoman. Elise stefanik to be their number 3, l in the house she would replace Wyoming. Congresswoman, Liz Cheney, who was voted out of her leadership position this week over her continued criticism of former President. Donald Trump Jenny was one of 10 House. Republicans, who voted to impeach Trump after the January 6th attack at the US Capitol Building Chaney says she will continue to oppose him. President Biden is calling on Israel and Palestinian militants to the escalate the violence. That intensified this week. Israel has been bombarding Gaza in response to Rocket attacks from Hamas as NPR's Michele kelemen reports Biden says, he doesn't see a significant over-reaction by Israel. Biden describes his diplomatic efforts as a quote work-in-progress Secretary of State. Anthony blinken says, Israel has the right to defend itself against Ronica.

Text from Gaza. What he says the US is worried about a rising civilian death toll, Which is far higher among Palestinians and violence and Israeli cities where ultra-nationalist have provoked street fight. We believe the Israelis and Palestinians deserve equal measures of Freedom, security, dignity and prosperity. That recognition will continue to drive our approach. He sent a top state department, official to the region to call for a d escalation Michele kelemen NPR News Washington Boulevard of administration says it wants fire crews in the western us to aggressively respond to smaller wildfires this year. As a way to prevent another destructive Fire season. The change in strategy, was announced yesterday by the Secretary of the Interior and agriculture, much of the West including California remains in severe drought conditions.

This is n p. R news from Washington.

Arizona. Governor Doug Ducey says, the state plans to end Federal coronavirus unemployment benefits on July 10th, as Ryan heinsius with member station knau reports. The governor says the move is meant to boost hiring in the state, to see, says the $300 a week. Then if it deters, unemployed people from seeking jobs in Stead, the staple tap three hundred million dollars in federal covid relief to offer one time payments of $2,000, to those who return to the workforce full-time and a thousand for part-timers without the benefit jobless. Arizonans are eligible for a maximum weekly payment of $240. One of the lowest rates in the nation several other republican-led states have also recently stopped taking the federal pandemic unemployment assistance Arizona will also provide childcare help to those returning to work along with housing and education incentives. Like Community College, scholarships for NPR. News on Ryan. Hi to us in Flagstaff so we're days in Northern California. Say, a man is under arrest on.

Charges that he killed three people and wounded a fourth last year prosecutors say 37 year, old Ryan, Scott blinston is suspected of slashing the throats of two women in their 80s. And another in her fifties is also believed to have slashed. The throat of one victim's husband who survived after what he say, he worked as a tree, trimmer in the area, the number of new coronavirus infections along Mexico's, Caribbean coast has been rising for the past five weeks. Now, the governor there says, the resort region is at imminent, risk of returning to lock down, that would include Cancun and Cozumel on Dave Mattingly NPR news in Washington.
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