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NPR News: 07-24-2020 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Jeanine Herbst or the 25 million out of work American citizen getting an extra $600 a week and unemployment money from the federal government, but that extra payment ends today in many states as NPR's Chris Arnold reports. It's not clear what comes next millions of people have been using that extra money to make ends meet and the biggest bill for most is there rat. So there's a lot of concern that cutting off that support will spark a wave of evictions Diane yentel is the president of the National Low Income Housing Coalition a catastrophe and if Congress does not act we will see an increase in homelessness in our country the likes of which we have not seen since the Great Depression whether or not to extend those payments at $600 or something less or not at all is a key area of debate is a divided Congress put together the next pandemic assistance legislation.

Arnold NPR news as protest continue nightly for nearly two months official say a massive new security fence surrounding the federal courthouse in downtown Portland could stay up until early 2021 Oregon public broadcasting Conrad Wilson has more there's a large fence that's been erected around the federal courthouse in downtown Portland and some documents from the Federal Protective Service shows something surprising the guy she be wildin to 2021 and it could cost over $200,000. The Portland Bureau of transportation is actually saying that the fence needs to come down because the federal government put it up without getting the proper permits and they say it's blocking a bike lane in downtown Portland closed since early. July will stay closed indefinitely report some encouraging coronavirus data did not convinced the governor change course.

Dulce said declines in the number of new cases reported each day. And the number of patients hospitalized for covid-19 aren't cause for celebration. But he said it is evidence that limits on large congregations of people are effective with the strategies that are working in Arizona and continue them previous order would have expired at midnight on Monday. The governor also announced that State Health officials will set benchmarks for schools to resume classroom instruction for NPR news on Ben Giles in Phoenix last month straight month of increases in June with sales up to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 776000 that increase follows a 19.4% jump in males May sales. You're listening to NPR news.

A Tit for Tat between the US and China is growing Beijing is now ordering Washington to close the US Consulate and change out hours ahead of the Trump administration's deadline for trying to close is Consulate in Houston February of State. Mike Pompeo defended the administration's decision calling the Chinese Consulate a hub of spying and intellectual property theft without offering evidence for trying to says it will keep its Houston facility open until further notice and do is 125 Us consulates in mainland China to the US also has a major Consulate in Hong Kong 3 protest Netanyahu reports police disperse protesters with water cannons and made arrest protest have been gaining steam over the last 2 weeks calling for the San Diego to resign because he faces corruption charges. There's also anger over the government's chaotic handling of a second wave of coronavirus infections last

Delete permitted protesters to block a main intersection. But then I tried to block the protesters from marching through the city police shot huge streams from water cannon and arrested 55 Israelis protesters have been mostly peaceful. But Netanyahu was accused them of trying to quote drag the country into Anarchy and violence Daniel Estrin NPR news Tel Aviv territory, but it has pulled off earlier Lowe's that I was down 69 points of 26583 and 75 points 10386 in the S&P 500 down on 12th on Jeanine Herbst NPR news.
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