The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - May 23: A Low Time Preference is Key

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Come look at media. This is the decrypt daily. In my name is Matthew Deemer today is Sunday. May 23rd. 2021, it's bloody out their wrists slit. No bandage Blood on the streets. Today, I open up the news and every headline is about the blood, so my save you a little time today and apply little, anguish of reading all the headlines. And having all these so-called in here quotes, experts, tell you why the streets are bloody, I would rather be optimistic. I would rather read you quotes and crippled Twitter to kind of make sense of it. And at the end of the show, I'll read the crypto prices. Let's not forget today. Baron Rothschild and his famous quote

buy when there's blood on the streets, even if the blood is your own and we always here by when is blood on the streets, btfd by the effing dip but what if your bloody

What if you sold? What if you panicked? What if your pro folio is just wrecked look everybody I know is down 50% or more from their all-time high. So what do you do with this? So I guess this is the time where you look at yourself, where you look at your friends, we look at cripple Twitter, and you go. How am I going to play this? Am I going to wait, am I going to pick you late? Am I going to buy? Am I going to seize the day Carpe Diem and that's up to you about? Obviously this is not a financial advice, I'm not a financial expert. So don't take anything that I say here as anything you should do. This is not what I'm saying. What I am is trying to pose more optimistic Solutions or ideas that are that are usually popping out of the mainstream media. When this happens, Michael Saylor, he tweeted in an hour ago,

I'm keeping my laser eyes.

He's not panic selling comp tweeted a gif Jif or GIF. I don't know how you say it it. It's been a long time to be ice a gift. It's all noise, and a person meditating, in the middle of a street Plan B, he tweeted, and using his more analytical approach recording oxalates in the dark blue band around the stock to flow model value by everything is like, today, are rare in parentheses q1, 2019. When I wrote this article article, March 2020 due to covid. And now close parentheses life is all about choices. And then he treats his doctor flow model and where Bitcoin is in the dark blue band of averages. My boy, Paul McNeill, the crippled curator, who's been on this so many times. Said this, to me this morning, he says, I love this. It watches all the crap out. When the Bulls go Bears, then we are good. I watched this three times. I don't think this time is any different.

What is different is all the predictions seem so certain they were going to hit 200k in 2021 and finally. See zi Jiao. Co-finance says, I've been through a few Cycles from 2013. If you can hold, I've got no Financial advice for you. The fact that matter is, is that we've seen ups and downs in the market. And if you're new to the space, which the only reason why you're panicking right now waiting is because you are new to this base. If your older the space, you have bought that even the top last time a $20,000 you're still in profit. And if you bought the top last time and it goes below, $20,000 below your break. Even then you're so used to handling that. You probably don't even care.

So I guess his podcast of optimism is for the person who got into space in the last couple months, but the top it is now wondering, what am I going to do? I just lost my money, I could have put that money back into something that's more useful for my day-to-day life right now.

Huddle before I read the prices today and yes, it's going to be a painful one because we keep going down. Just look at this in a bigger picture as everyone always says. I'm crippled Twitter just zoom out and if you can do that and have a low time preference I think we're going to be okay and no those crypto prices.

Bitcoin. It's in that 33000 + 3450, $8 down, 10.3% in 24, 30% in 7 days at $1,933 down, 60% to 24 and 47% in 7 Days. Telephone number 3, Dogecoin number for a 29.3 cents down. 13% in 2004 and 42% in 7 days and Cardinals. 2017 down 22% in 2004 and 50% in 7 Days, rounding off the top 10 funniest coin, xrp, internet, computer, polka dot, and usdc crypto space, rat 1.37, trillion dollars which is a far cry that from what we were about a couple weeks ago about a $20 more, and the BCC Thomas has climbed up to 46.7% for we go today. I just want to say just close the portfolio's, turn off this podcast for a little bit, just

Don't let it bug you out. Don't capitulate. Do not sell your crypto because you bought it, not because you can get rich overnight. Not because you can make a quick Buck. Because you believed in something, because you saw something different. And if that's not what you saw, good you should be selling. And if you saw something different, if you saw that, this could be a future Tech or future store value or some kind of hedge against inflation. You like the decentralization aspect of it, you like the cap circulating Supply you liked. It is not a government entity that's making your money stick. We Believe stick with your gut and until tomorrow, happy houghtaling. And remember, this is not Financial advice.
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