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NPR News: 05-27-2021 3AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens, president is ordering us intelligence officials to redouble their investigations into the origins of the covid-19 pandemic and to report back to him within 90 days. The move comes amid ongoing speculation that the disease escaped from a lab in Wuhan China. Mine is chief medical adviser dr. Anthony fauci says, most scientists believe that disease was spread by an infected animal, but that the lab Theory cannot be ignored. We know, clearly, for example, with saws Covey one, that a bad virus went into a civet cat, which then transmitted into the human population with mares, it was a bad to a camel to human the intermediate host. If there is one has not. Yet been found found. She was among the Infectious Disease expert to testify before Senate panel on Wednesday, but it is gearing up for vote on whether to create an independent commission to further investigate the deadly attack on the US Capitol built.

In January and fear is Windsor. Johnston reports at the measure, which passed the house with bipartisan support is facing pushback from Senate. Republicans the legislation passed the house with 35 Republican votes, but it's failed to Garner the same kind of support in the Senate. With most Republicans following the lead of minority leader, Mitch McConnell who came out against the bill last week. Senate Majority Leader. Chuck Schumer is accusing. His Republican colleagues a backtracking supporting the idea of an independent commission to mostly opposing one and they can't seem to get their story. Straight would be evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. The legislation needs the support at least 10 Republicans in the Senate to pass when they're Johnston. NPR News, Washington, climate change activist of one of big legal Victory against oil, giant Royal.

That she'll NPR's Jeff. Brady reports that the company must cut its greenhouse gas emissions faster than planned, the district court in The Hague where shallows based ruled the oil company must reduce climate warming. Greenhouse gas emissions. 45% by the end of the decade based on 2019 levels, Sarah Shaw from Friends of the earth, International called the decision, a massive victory that likely will prompt others to file. Similar cases, investing billions, in low-carbon energy, including electric vehicle charging hydrogen renewable energy and biofuels. The company calls the decision disappointing and says it plans to appeal, Jeff Brady NPR news. ExxonMobil shareholders. Voted to replace at least two board members. With director, is considered better equipped to address climate change. This is NPR news.

Amazon says it's close to Warehouse construction site in Connecticut for the second time within a week after another noose was found hanging over a beam 8 nooses and all of them found there Wednesday. Siding came as nwacp officials. Prepare to meet with workers to discuss Safety and Security at the site. Amazon says, the in FBI is investigating the matter. There's mounting opposition to holding the Summer Olympics, in Tokyo, beginning in July at leading Japanese newspapers as the game should be cancelled because of the ongoing pandemic and PR stunt Goldman reports that some prominent Health experts are questioning the science behind. Japan's proposed covid-19 health and safety protocols with the Olympics set to start in less than two months. Japanese newspaper. Asahi shimbun says it's simply Beyond Reason to proceed both with the games and the Paralympics a month later, the opposition is notable since the paper also is an Olympic sponsor. Meanwhile, the New England Journal,

Medicine has published an article saying the international Olympic committee's plan to hold a games during the pandemic is not informed by the best scientific evidence. The article recommends, the World Health Organization, convene an emergency meeting to strengthen the science and create a true risk management approach to the games. So far, the ioc is maintained. The Tokyo Olympics are on Tom Goldman, MPR news. He was Futures are down slightly in after-hours trading. As investors monitor reports on the economy. Asia-pacific markets are mixed up. A fraction in Shanghai. This is NPR news.
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