6 Minute English - The Rosetta Stone

How the famous piece of rock became the key to decoding Egyptian hieroglyphs.

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Hello, this is 6 Minute English from BBC, learning English, and Rob will be unlocking the secrets of the ancient Egyptians pyramid Builders and the inventors of hieroglyphs a writing system which uses pictures and symbols to represent words from 1799, when Napoleon soldiers and ask the doc damaged, Rock any Egyptian coastal town of Rosetta Stone three scripts with faintly carved Greek demotic in the middle and hieroglyphs of the top today. The Rosetta Stone is perhaps the most famous Museum of jecht in the world. But what's actually written on, it is quite do. In fact, the Rosetta Stone contains a tax break, it describes an agreement exempting priests from paying taxes to the king.

Exactly. Which one some Let's test your ancient Egyptian knowledge with this quiz question. The writing on the Rosetta Stone is a tax agreements between the priests and which Egyptian pharaoh is it a Cleopatra? Be telling me or see rameses later on before the discovery of the stone. No skull ahead, being able to understand the strange symbols carved on the Great Pyramids. What is a Rosetta Stone Exhibition at the British museum to 20 years? Here he is telling BBC Radio full program in our time about circumstances before the discovery of the Stone.

People were exploring all sorts of means of trying to decipher, including find the link to script with Chinese to see if I dropped the paddle out. Because known from the pastor says that the Egyptian script contained, great mysterious Pearls of Wisdom, from the Egyptian philosophers attempts, to decide to take on the script. I think he failed.

Before the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, no one had managed to decipher hieroglyphs to work out the meaning of writing which is difficult to read contained, great pills of wisdom. Why is was sayings or advice. Thought it was the fact that the messages were written in three scripts including Greek a language. Scholars already knew that provided the key to finally Crack the Code between Egypt, ologist in Britain and France. To be the first to translate the entire system of higher dress. Champollion who became the first person to understand hieroglyphics since the ancient Egyptians themselves. Nearly two thousand years earlier.

University explaining more about this remarkable young Frenchman to BBC Radio 4, in our time estimation for Egypt. I think the story is he was encouraged by this by his older brother. So I think they would seem to be no holding him back.

When did Penelope Wilson? Cool. Champollion a prodigy. She means someone young with a great natural talent for something. In this case, studying languages fascination with Egypt and the encouragement of his brother. So some volume soon, got the bug suddenly developed a strong enthusiasm for something, then add a noun to describe exactly what someone is enthusiastic about. So, for example, the skiing bug for someone who loves to ski it was no holding him back, an idiom to say that you are doing something so easily. Be stopped. You finally finished. He ran through the streets of Paris shouting. I've done it before. Collapsing, unconscious.

Yes. And what did you say? I thought it was Cleopatra, was I right about it later than the correct answer, which was be telling me the pharaoh who ruled from around 300 BCE used to represent words in ancient Egypt, challenge was to decipher them to uncover the meaning of writing, which is difficult to read, or understand levels of wisdom. Why is words sayings or advice? Jean-francois champollion, a prodigy or young person with a great natural Talent OR suddenly became very enthusiastic about. There was no holding him back, nothing cuz stuff.

I'm succeeding and nothing can stop us from saying goodbye because of 6 minutes are up.

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