NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-16-2021 3AM ET

NPR News: 07-16-2021 3AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens. President Biden says he's renewed. His concerns to German Chancellor. Angela Merkel about the Russia to Germany pipeline that's currently under construction. Mine says that he, Americold did not reach agreement on that issue, but do agree that Russian aggression has to be contained. We Stand Together by allies at NATO against Russian aggression. And while I, while I reiterated my concerns about nordstream2, since Merkel are after uniting our conviction, that Russia must not be allowed to use. Energy is a weapon to coerce or threaten its neighbors. Mine also says, his administration is still trying to assess how long to keep its ban on travel to Europe in place. The ban was imposed early last year after the start of the covid-19, pandemic.

Extremely high temperatures have persisted in the Northwest four weeks and I were baking the landscape to Accra stand, creating dangerous Wildfire conditions. The northwest news networks. And a king has more fun cork with the Washington Department of Natural. Resources has taken to calling the baked brush grasses and trees Napalm buyers that start or explosive even without Wind Court, says dry, fuels are partly to blame like trees that are accumulating, waxy compounds, and other flammable chemicals to try to survive in right now, is activity and dryness akin to the end of August, which is typically as dry as it gets and we still have six more weeks to go before, hitting that point. So it's only going to get worse, the forecast for Washington, Oregon. And Idaho calls for more. Dry weather with temperatures up in the 90s near Boise thunder. Storms could roll in next week for NPR news on and a king in Richland Washington.

For the eighth week in a row confirmed covid cases of risen across Africa and more than 6,000 people that have died of the disease as NPR's. In a 3%, increase over last week's told the World Health organization's Regional director for Africa documentary. Desumma Whitey's says the continents. Current covid wave is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, largely fueled by the Delta variant which was first identified in India. Rumor is he warns? That at least six African countries are now facing shortages of intensive care beds and she says demand for medical oxygen has also spiked even as several affected countries are producing. Just a fraction of the oxygen is required losing. Oxygen Productions. Isn't what he should now be quote, the number one priority for Africa, but she said I was getting vaccines to Africa is also vital since right now. If you were than 2% of Africans, are fully vaccinated. Eisenmann NPR news, newest Futures are mixed in after-hours Trading.

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Lebanese prime, minister Saad al-hariri, resigned Thursday, after failing, to form a government during the eight months he was in office or where we also says his party. Will not choose a representative to attend upcoming talks, with members of parliament to choose his successor. US Secretary of State, Anthony blank and calls the news disappointing. More than 60, people have died and dozens are missing from severe. Flooding in Germany and Belgium. The disastrous turned streets into rivers washing away vehicles and causing houses to collapse. Speaking alongside president bite in Washington yesterday, Chancellor Angela, Merkel expressed fear, that the full scope of the tragedy Is Yet To Come, Jeff bezos's, blue origin has announced the final passenger on his first space tourism Mission. Next week. Remember station wmfe, Orlando? Brendan Byrne has more. The fourth passenger will be the youngest to travel to space eighteen-year-old. All of her game and will join blue origin's founder, Jeff Bezos. His brother Mark and 82 year old Aviator

Bollyfunk on the suborbital. Mission launching from Van Horn. Texas. Damon graduated high school last year and took a gap year to get his pilot's license. What is the first paying customer on Blue? He's not the winner of the 28 million dollar auction for the first seat, that passenger who wishes to remain anonymous will fly on a future Mission. Due to scheduling conflicts, Wally Funk, will be the oldest person to travel to space meeting. The mission, will take both the youngest and oldest passengers in the outer space. With six decades between them, for NPR news on Brendan Byrne in Orlando, on which is an NPR Financial contributor. This is NPR.
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