6 Minute English - Why are people collecting NFTs?

What are 'non-fungible tokens'? That's what Neil and Sam talk about in this programme.

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Hello, this is 6 Minute English from BBC. Learning English on nail, kinds of things for her birthday from stamps, and coins to comics and football stickers. Do you collect anything Sam? I used to have a big collection of Pokemon cards that have no idea where they are now, maybe you should start looking for them because all kinds of Collectibles that's objects that people want to collect a selling, the big money on the internet. It's all part of a new tech craze called non-refundable tokens or entities. For sure. Nick one-of-a-kind items that can be bought and sold like any physical object. Only exist in the digital world tokens can be his certificate of ownership for these sessions. I understand the token pot. What does fungible mean like money?

You can swap a ten pound Note for 2 minutes and it will have the same value. Something that makes it unique. Exactly. Imagine something totally unique like the Mona Lisa. You can take a photo of the painting or buy a copy of it, but that will only ever be the one original painting. I can see that the Mona Lisa is one of a kind and extremely valuable but it's not for sale on the internet and Lefty's alike. Autographed photos collectors want something. No one else has even though there's nothing physical, they actually own and keep massively a digital sticker or French football at Killian. Mbappe recently sold for twenty five thousand pounds, which reminds me of my quiz question, Sam in June 2021.

Tim berners-lee sold the original source code. He used to invent the World Wide Web as an nft at a charity auction, the sale started at $1,000. But how much did the school's code eventually cell phone? Or was it a 5.4 thousand dollars? A 5.4 million dollars or say 5.4 billion dollars. Hi. Stacy, 5.4 billion dollars. Insisting, that his invention should be free for everyone, but the world event is cheese is controversial. And not, everyone thinks such him should be getting involved technology editor at the inside, a website that she told BBC World, Service program, Tech tent.

Is an amazing singer and a teaser. Wild West know, everything associated with anesthesia Road, bought the internet in Estes of very new. And there are no rules controlling what can be sold and for how much. So, she describes them, as a wild West Plains a situation where people can do whatever they want, because there are no laws or controls like the early history of the western part of the United States behaving differently from what's normal, or expected. I'll send in a way that causes damage debate as Rory Cafe in giant presenter of BBC World. Service's Tech. Tent explains to some entities are a brilliant Innovation, which has promised to put

Open the cheapest, pyramid scheme with a damaging impact, on the environment because of the way the tokens are created a pyramid scheme, business checks, or scams. When money is obtained dishonestly, rat digital artifacts items, such as images videos and music that are produced and stored electronic versions. How much money did the timber? How much the NFC for the original internet school's code sold for at auction, C, 5.4 billion dollars.

Cannabis Alpha. Well, will you look for your collection Sam? Let's recap the vocabulary from this program will about nfts, which are digital artifacts or items that are produced and stored as electronic versions. Meaning they have special and unique characteristics. That cannot be interchanged with anything else sick situation without Loiseau controls dishonestly, trending, internet suffix. There's plenty to find all the BBC website, remember to English,

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