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Neil and Sam talk about a woman's effort to keep her language alive.

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Hello, this is 6 minutes English from BBC learning English. I'm nail lost weekend. I was driving from London to Anglesey and Wells. When I saw a road sign written in two languages, it said welcome to Wales in English and below that it said, crossover in Welsh language the language spoken by the people who originally lived in a place rather than by others who moved back from somewhere else some children, speak Welsh in school and the local government has encouraged it spread, but not all indigenous languages have been so lucky as well. Be finding out in this program has a more than just words. They carry people's history culture and identity. So when an indigenous language disappears, so too does the culture

Yes, the dominance of international languages, including English has endangered other less spoken languages. So his my quiz question Sam. Did you know that nearly 7,000 different languages are spoken around the world, but how many of them are indigenous? Is it a 3000 B4000 or seat 5000?

Okay, Sam will find out the answer at the end of the program language. Speaker. Is Miss Coco. Gauff with Clay. She's from Canada or Turtle Island does, it's called by her tribe. She grew up speaking English. Instead of her native language initiating November. When would she only learned later as an adult? Listen to BBC World Service program, that conversation about how she felt budding and is she now demoing later in life?

When I realized that, the sounds that were coming out of my mouth for the same sounds that had come out of my ancestors. Now, since of years ago, I felt a deep sense of who I was and what it means to be anishinabek and it made me realize that my dream of learning this language. And passing it on to my children was now, accessible is not reachable attainable and, you know, I'll ask you a couple of months. I was able to understand one full prayer on that was said at a ceremony feast. And the me and the feeling of joy of being able to understand something in, at my own language. It was the the most profound sense of confidence.

Learning to speak the language of our ancestors gave mr. Galbraith. Leave a feeling of Happiness, pleasure or excitement. She now wants to pass it on to her children to post something on means to give it to someone. Usually, in your family who lives on off you. I miss speaking anishinaabemowin turned out to be the right one, as she explained to BBC World Service program, the conversation.

There's lots of bumps in the road, but it's going very well. My daughter is turning four and she completely understands the language. Put back into daycare, which she's only been there for, maybe a month, has really influencer her English. So I noticed she's speaking a lot of English. And so that was a little bit rough for the family, emergency home, where we only speak English, not been one in the home for there to be so much English. And only recently over the last week and a half. Have we really noticed her switch in her shift back into using the language?

Bringing up her children to speak her indigenous language. Wasn't easy. And mr. Gilbert said there was some bumps in the road, small problems or delays that slow down or stop things from developing to help us and they spoke only anishinaabemowin at home using a technique called emotion the process of learning a language or skill, but using only that and nothing else. This meant that Mishka garbage children spoke both English at school and a nation of a Moen at home. She noticed how they change between languages when speaking something known as code switching.

Michigan Government believes this not only helps a children's development but also gives them a sense of family history, as well as preserving her traditional culture, but she hopes they will pass on to that children in time. That many Will Survive into the future, which reminds me of your quiz question, Neil was my answer, right? How many of the seven thousand languages spoken around the world are indigenous languages?

Which was the correct answer. And what's amazing is that OVO indigenous peoples, make up under 6% of the global population. They speak more than 4,000 of the world's languages. Okay. Now let's recap the vocabulary from this program on indigenous. Languages language is spoken by the people who originally lived in a place rather than others who came later play is a feeling of happiness, or excitement, something usually in your family, who lives on a small problem of July, that slows things down and nothing else.

And finally, code-switching is the ability to change between two or more languages. When speaking.

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