NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-24-2020 11PM ET

NPR News: 07-24-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news on or Rob a federal judge has rejected an effort by Oregon's attorney general to restrict federal law enforcement agencies as a police protest in downtown Portland. Oregon public broadcasting is Conrad Wilson reports US District Court, Judge, Michael Bachman said the state like standing to bring the case in part because attorney general Ellen Rosenblum failed to show the interest of the state of Oregon itself had been harmed Rosenblum in our legal team argued this week that Federal officers in Portland OR Violet in the first fourth and fifth amendment rights of oregonians by arresting protesters off the streets and unmarked Vehicles without wearing identification and without a warrant or probable cause the judge said that although the case involves allegations of harm to protesters by law enforcement. No protester was a plaintiff in a statement Rosenblum said she was disappointed in the judge's decision. Noting that her goal was to ensure people's rights are protected from PR news. I'm coming to Wilson in Portland.

Infectious disease specialist. Dr. Anthony found she says for the US to safely reopen after being locked down for the coronavirus. The number of confirmed cases should drop below 20000 the day you told the Washington Post states that all have already reopened should reconsider in the states that have been trying to open particularly. The southern states would have gotten into trouble. I would say the first thing is you don't necessarily have to go all the way back to a complete shutdown, but you certainly have to call a Paws and maybe even a backing up a bit. He said it's essential that people wear face masks so that he does not support making that mandatory some 13,000 federal workers who are set to be furloughed at the end of the month have been given a reprieve NPR's Brian Naylor reports employees of US citizenship and immigration services will remain on the job for at least another month you in a suit

Is the federal agency that process is citizenship applications and requests for Refugee status and issues green cards because of the coronavirus pandemic. It says applications for its services have dropped by half. And since the agency is funded by application fees not Congress. It was bracing for a budget shortfall. But Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont Democrat does new estimates show Immigration Services is actually running a surplus and the agency assured him that the furloughs have been put off at least until the end of August. USCIS says it still needs funding from Congress to maintain its operations next year. Brian Naylor NPR news President Trump signed executive orders today designed to lower the cost of prescription drugs that include allowing the invitation of Cheaper drugs from other countries such as Canada and provide insulin at steep discounts to lower-income Consumers. This is NPR news.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued an emergency order today directing Airlines to inspect a critical engine part on the popular Boeing 737 Jets there been for reports of engines shutting down during flights. The FAA says the order affects about 2,000 twin engine passenger jets in the u.s. Fire investigators in Phoenix suspect the fire that destroyed the state's Democratic party headquarters. This morning was caused by arson from Member station. Kjzz, Scott Fork reports firefighters responded to reports of smoke pouring out of the party headquarters around 1 a.m. By mid-afternoon investigators reported that the fire was set intentionally.

Arizona Democratic party chairwoman Felecia rotellini says staff were all working remotely. So the damaged operations was minimal.

We're not going to let it be a distraction that takes our eyes off the prize and we're going to continue to work very hard to make sure we get Democrats elect it up and down the ballot. Nobody was injured in the blaze which struck less than 2 weeks ahead of the state's primary elections for NPR news on Scott fork in Phoenix President Trump's former personal lawyer. Michael Cohen was released from prison today. So you can resume serving his sentence at home. I judge ruled that has returned to prison 2 weeks ago was in retaliation for planning to publish a book based on experience is working for President Trump. The Federal Bureau of Prisons says the book Play No role in the decision returns going to prison. I'm Nora raum NPR

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